She came to him in the middle of the night. Humid. Summer. Pitch black all around her. Every light was off and not a noise was heard.

Well, except for the light snoring from the bedroom.

She walked to the bedroom door, like a cat. Graceful and silent. He was sprawled in nothing but a sheet to cover his dignity. He was handsome but not model quality. Fit but not hard like a lot are. Just the right amount of soft fat just barely covering his abs.

She glided over, her black, slick number seemingly floating with her her. She smiled as she watched his face. Soft, sweet, peaceful. She brought a long, slender finger down his cheek. She made sure her claw was gentle.

This woke him, but not immediately. He yawned, blinking his eyes open. She grinned when she saw the color.

They were blue.

Looking so innocently up at her, barely awake. Not realizing just yet someone seemingly broke in. He went to shout when she put a finger to his mouth.

"Shhhh. I am not here to harm you." She said softly. He swallowed, terrified. The woman was slender but filled out her dress. Her hair long and dark and floating. Her eyes were like the ocean. Dark and dangerous but you wanted it to swallow you whole.

"W-what are you gonna do? Who Are you?" She smirked, leaning down and kissing him, softly, gently rubbing circles on his chest, gently playing with nipple.

He melted into her. He had no idea who this woman was, how she got in, why her hair is flowing and why she wants him of all people but damn did she feel good.

It was like sunlight hitting your skin. Warm, tingly and you want more.

So much more.

She deepened the kiss and he moaned. He thought he felt claws but mentally waved the thought away. He didn't think too much on it when he felt blood rushing to his cock, making it harden, quickly. He pulled away, feeling embarrassed. She smiled softly, tangling her hand in his hair softly. "Oh my sweet. You have nothing to be ashamed about. "

Her hand slithered down his chest, tickling over his abs to her destination of his warm, hard cock. Wrapping her slender fingers around it. He gasped. She grinned, leaning over him. "Just enjoy." Before he could reply she crushed her lips to his, stroking him as there tongues battled. He groaned into the kiss, wrapping his arms around her quickly, holding her. He moaned out, turning them over and starting to take her black dress off.

She gasped out a laugh. She loved when they took over. When they let go of their embarrassment and control. He suckled her neck and kissed down her chest as he lowered the dress, reveling full but perky breasts. He took one in his mouth like a starving man, suckling on it and abusing it.

She moaned, arching into him as he abused her nipples. Biting and suckling till he kissed and suckled his way down her stomach, taking her dress off completely.

She spread her shapely legs for him and he bit his lip, kissing her belly button and feeling her womanhood. He almost paused, finding it cooler then the rest of her. He ignored it and rubbed circles over her clit. Making her gasp and whine with pleasure. He finally push two fingers inside her and he stopped.

It was ice cold.

Before he could question anything she flipped them over so quickly he had no idea what happened but then she was lowering herself on him and even with the cold it felt amazing. He gasped. Gripping her hips as she started riding him, moving her hips up and down while he thrust up best he could into her.

The two made a good pace. Steady and hard and so good. He moaned and wrapped his arms around her. She allowed him to.

Holding onto him she let him do more of the work, letting him steadily thrust hard and fast and hitting all the good spots. She moaned in his ear, whining when he whined into her ear. "Oh god...I'm gonna cum." She panted, smirking. "Let go. Come inside me. I want to feel you." He gasped, tensing, gripping her so tightly he worried about cutting into her skin with his nails but this was the hardest he's ever cum in his life.

He swore he blacked out.

Then suddenly his alarm was going off for work at 8am. He jumped, turning it off, finding himself on his belly. He looked around the room. There was no trace of the woman.

Was it just a dream? It sure as hell didn't feel like it. He could still feel the after sex buzz flowing thru his veins. He sighed, rubbing his face and getting up to get ready for the day.

When he got to work he put his suit jacket on his chair and looked at the files placed on his desk. He inwardly frowned. He had a lot of work to do.

"Knock knock." He's friend said from above the cubical. He looked up, seeing Chad. "Hey Chad." "Hey, you coming to the bar with us tonight?" "I don't think so. I have a lot of work here." Chad groaned. "Com'on. You can let some of it go for a night." He looked up. "I've been doing that. That's why it's piled up."

Chad came around and leaned against the entrance way of the cubicle. "John, com'on. It's been like two weeks since you hung with the guys. You need a break before you work yourself into the ground." John thought about it, groaning. "Fine, but I'm not getting wasted. Just buzzed." Chad slapped the cubicle wall in triumph. "Sure. Fine. Great. I'll let the guys know. Who knows, maybe we'll even get you laid." Chad started to walk back to his cubical.

John let out a sarcastic laugh. "Yeah. Just what I want: a meaningless night of sex with the risk of STDs. " "Exactly." Chad said before spotting the boss walking down the pathway, quickly going back to his seat.

John wasn't sure exactly how much he felt like drinking, if at all. This gave him the chance to discuss his freaky sex dreams. He wanted some kinda of answer. Now that he thinks back on it he knows he felt claws and when he penetrated her it felt like walking outside in the middle of January. Cold. Very cold. And yet it didn't turn him off. In fact he liked it. A lot.

The day dragged by. The echo of keyboards never leaving his head until he stepped foot outside, loosening his tie and walking to his Toyota.

He got inside, groaning. It was the middle of July and 100% humidity. He turned the car on, switching to the AC when he got a text. He looked, seeing it was from Chad.

"Still coming to the bar?"

"Yeah. Just gonna go home first to change. "

He got out of the parking lot and right into traffic down the road. He groaned. "Com'on!" He sighed, putting on some music.

Finally he got home and changed into some shorts and a tee shirt before heading out again.

He got to the bar, finding his friends from the office at their table. Chad waved him over. John walked over quickly. "Sorry, ran into traffic." Bob chuckled. "No worries. Shit happens. Now did you guys see the new girl in accounting?" The next one to speak up was Jeff. "Oh yeah. I'd like to crunch those numbers with her, if you know what I mean." A lot of them chuckled at the crude joke. John hosted raised his hand for a waitress. "Can I get a bud light?"

She smiled, writing it down. "Of corse." After she got everyone's order she walked away. A few watching her walk away.

Once everyone had a beer or two in them John brought it up. "So I had this sex dream last night." "Was it the dominatrix again?" Chad asked. Everyone laughed. John rolled his eyes. "Actually, no it wasn't. I actually thought it was real at first but this girl was way out of my league." "So what happened?" Bob asked.

John continued. "She came into my room. Her hair was floating, her dress to. And she was in black. And she felt amazing. It was know when you walk out into the sun and it tingles and burns just right? But the weird part is I thought I felt claws. But the even weirder part is when I entered her she was cold, in there. Like ice and I wasn't turned off. God did it feel real." "Shit man. That's crazy." "Dude, the weirdest part is I remember being woken up. I remember seeing her, wondering who she is and how she got in but then everything happened and next you know I'm waking up for work. I could have sworn it was real." "So I had this sex dream to and..." Chad started on his own story. Now that the subject had come up. John felt better getting it off his chest but it was still the strangest experience he's had.

Until two nights later that is.