To the men of Salem:

I hate to be a nuisence, but it must be said that your names have forever been tarnished in the world. This letter has been written in the year 2016 and sent back to you to show you the error of your ways. It has been said that you believed that a woman who thought was a woman of the devil, that a woman who had a figure was as well. Perhaps as you read this, you can understand where you made your error. Your prolix accusations and hopes for genial wives who tend to your every need are put to shame in the modern world, where women hold positions of civil power and ascend the social ladder quickly and with relative ease. Your attempts to rid the world of underappreciated women was rather unprosperous. Your home is now part of a large nation, a nation in which women hold seats on senates and councils. Women are doctors and surgeons, inventors and artists. They think for themselves and no harm comes of it. Perhaps you are rather disinclined to repent. Perhaps this will make your antifeminist efforts double, however time has a way of working things out. This is how the future is. You can make your choice to accept it or forever be in denial.

Thank you for your time,

~A 21st Century Woman~