She wakes and there's a black square underfoot. Finally; she can't wait anymore when there's no pike to sharpen or practise with. Its ungodly length binds her back uncomfortably straight and she strains her shoulder and grasps it awkwardly.

There's a game now and she's not attacking, not yet, so she can't swing. She lets it go. Instead, she checks the board. Black square, and she knows she's a pawn. Not the edge, so not the king's side rook. Nowhere near the edge. She counts the squares.

Queen's pawn. Of all the rotten black squares to be a pawn on.


Written for the Diversity Writing Challenge (at The Writing Cafe), e8 (2500,4999 words) - write a collection of scenes from a world not yet used for other pieces you're working on. Totally unrelated to my other chess fic in the works.

A collection of drabbles that will hopefully, in the end, knit together and tell a tale while being entertaining enough in their own right...or that's the idea.

The chapter titles will change in the drop-down menu as the chronological order works itself out. Hence why they're not labelled here. I'd have to keep on going back and changing them. :D

Would love feedback (except on length; it's 100 words for a reason/experiment). Especially if it's too heavy on jargon, any particular snippet is too boring, or something or other's too plain confusing.