None of the characters are real. It' is entirely fictional. If any person or any incident resembles reality then it is entirely unintentional. -The94thRiverII

A Day In My Life


When I woke up, it was darkness that greeted me. There was the constant ticking noise from my bedside clock. A look at it showed it was nearly three am in morning. The Sun was yet to rise so I leanned back to my previous position,. It was then when I felt it, something, very soft and warm, was pressed against my back. I slowly turned around and almost jumped out offf my own skin.

There lay beside me the most beautiful girl, no, not girl but woman I had ever seen..She was sleeping peacefully, her soft shiny hair sprawled around her head, her long eyelashes resting, her tiny nostrils flaring little everytime she breathed out. Her cheeks got heavenly pink glow on them, natural blush, now one doesn't goes to sleep with make up one. Her soft full lips forming a smile. That probably indicated, that she was having a good dream. She had her hands together under her chin. As my eyes roamed southward on her form, my breath got caught in my air pipe. One of the straps of nighty had slipped iff in her sleep and that had exposed her creamy shoulder to my gaze.

Who was she? What was she doing in my bed? Do I know her? Is this all just a dream?

I reached out to her and my fingers brushed her cheek. Her skin felt so soft, almost like silk. Then I pinched myself, Oww that hurt! So it is reality! I panicked and slowly slipped off the bed. Then i ran to the kitchen. In no time i had drained an one litre bottle half way within a quarter of a minute!

When my breathing was normal again, I placed the bottle back in the fridge and closed it. Several thought wwere running inside my head aat was her identity? Whybwas she here? What wwas I going tell Mom aand dad? And other realtives iif tthey ffound out? I live iin aa joined family. So there are lots oof ppeople in the house. As my eyes fell on top of the fridge my heart leaped up from my chest cavity.

There on top of the fridge inside a photoframe rested a photo which had two people in it. One was the beautiful woman from my bed room and the other one was myself. Slowly I looked around the room and there on every wall our photographs could be seen together. Most shocking was our wedding photo. I never had seen a more beautiful bride, I tried to look closer ander stumbled into a stool. A china vas was on the stool that got shatter as i stumbled into the stool. The silence of early morning was shatter with the noise. There I could see the photograph me had a ring I was wearing. Wedding rings? May be..

I was thinking these when I suddenly felt soft touch on my shoulder. I turned around as if i was thief in my own home and life. I looked at her face, second time for the day, this tim awake. Her eyes, dark brown, gleaming like jewels, warm and concerned at the same time. A faint smile was tugging at the corner of her lips.

I stammered out, "Who are you madam?"

"Oh no! Not again! " The woman gasped, her eyes went worried and afraid from loving and warm.

In a flash she had wrapped me in a gentle yet tight embrace as she mumbled against my chest, "It cant be happening again! Please don't do this to me!"

It didn't felt wrong or awkward as if I had a muscle memory of these hugs from very long ago. It delt as if she belonged there, in my arms. I felt her tears soaking through my shirt and almost instinctively i wrapped my arms around her delicate quivering form.

I wasn't aware when my parents had arrived there. When i found out that he'd seen me with that beautiful girl in my arms, mum was beside her.

"Oh it was you two! I thought it was cat." Mum quupped looking at us.

I let her go and turned tobmym and asked, "Who is she mom? I cant remember her.."

The girl wailed in despair and launched herself onto my mother. Mum took her to the kitchen, i could her her sobbing from where i stood. My father was looking at me, then he started, " that wasn't really good idea to hurt her the way youbdid son! As for who is she, she's your wife. " he finished.

"Those pictures are real? Then why i can't remember her at all?" I asked him, fear was creeping into my voice very fast.

An hour later we were sitting at the tea table, Atreyee, my wife, was seating opposite to me. I was starring at her openmouthedly. She was most beautiful girl i ever laid eyes on, but her beautiful eyes were now puffy due to the amount of tears sge gad shed for me.

Dad started, " As far you have told me you saw her in your drawing class when you were in nineth and she was in fourth. It took you many years to ask build up courage to talk to her. Then years later you brought her home with you. It is now nearing second anniversary of your wedding. "

I sat there, unable to say anything. Why did this happened to me? According to my parents I love Atreyee, but i can't recall her. Yet I was falling in love with her all over again.

"Well we'll now take our leave. You two go to your room." Mum ordered us. We walked back to our room.

"So I've been after you for a long time?" I asked joking.

She just nodded with a smile, "Yes nearly for nine years according to you."

Rest of the early morning I spent knowing her all over again.

The day went by, but I couldn't dare to take a nap, what if I forget her again...

At night when we again went to bed, she said me something I had shared with her. It was back when I couldn't get enough courage to talk to her, on those day something strange used to happened, whenever I forgot about her she used to come in front of me.

She said I once told her about my wish, a childish wish that I had made back my younger years. I wished to forget her forever, to see her forever.

Those words now haunt me, what if I again forget her tomorrow? And she would have to do it all again. That would be painful!

My Doctor said to my family, that I suffer from Dissociative Amnesia. In this condition a person often forgets everything about a person or a inciden or himself. In my case I forgot my love. They say it needs a trauma to triggerbthe condition, but in my case it was my foolish wish that to day has lead my and my family's lifebto this endless torment.

I dont know how many years I'll suffer from it. But I wish that one day ill remember my Atreyee, and hold her in my arms and tell her while looking at her lovely eyes and tell her that I love her, I love her with all my being. My eyes are now hurting, don't know what will happen tomorrow, will I remember my love or not. But I knew this the love of my life will help me getting around all my troubles. Slowly my eyelids start tto draw nearer, the last thing I saw before my vision went black was Atreyee's smiling face.

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