I held you in my hands

You took my breathe away

Panic and confusion

A loss to my dismay

I wonder

how was I to know

The blood on my hands

was yours to sow

When I heard it for

the very first time

I knew that

all I wanted was

what was once mine

I held you in my hands

And I was unaware

of what I was to do

but stop and stare

I heard your cries and

your feeble heart

But fate meant for us

to be apart

There is not a day

that goes by


I do not wonder

what went wrong

I never heard

your heart

like a pretty song.

Why could I have not known

what I wanted

until it was gone?

I have no one to tell

and I feel so alone.

I could have

clothed you

fed you

loved you

like all the other mothers

I would have

been your keeper

Maybe not of this world,

but of another

My love,

I know,

In peace you go

So wait with your

cherubic patience

for me, maybe


sweet, sweet

tiny baby.