Written from an idea inspired by a song called "Prism" by Elijah Bossenbroek. And, of course, one of the best friends a person could ever ask for.

My Prism, My Compass, and My Mirror

When I look at you I see so much, because you are so many different things. But there are times, when I look at you, that I see something very specific. It is so clear and so defined that I am left in a state of awe and wondering how in the world I ended up with someone as perfect as you.

I have so many varied experiences to draw from, so many memories. They are all valuable in their own way, and yet some just somehow become more precious than others. They become that one thing that defines everything else. And they stay strong and vibrant in our minds for untold years. I have three specific memories that have done just that. These three things are the very things that have left me in shock and most confused about how we ended up together.

The first one on the list is when I had been so down and depressed for so long. It was so hard to see any light, and what light I did see was muddied and weak. It went on for too long and one day you decided that you had had enough and so you came over to visit. You pushed your way into my house, arms full of grocery bags, and you had one of the biggest smiles on your face.

I had protested and had even tried to shove you back out the door, but you barged your way in and set up shop in the kitchen, pulling items out of the bags and outlining to me just how the day's events were going to go. You talked of junk food, of sappy movies, of random games, and of just plain talking. You completely ignored my attempts to talk over you, to tell you that I wasn't in the mood and how I just wanted to go back to bed. Eventually I gave up trying to talk at all.

That was when you finally went quiet.

Soon, you were shoving a cup of hot tea into my hands and you were steering me towards the nearest soft piece of furniture that held two. I obeyed your prodding hands and moments later we were seated on my loveseat, each with a cup of tea and a heavy silence hanging in the air.

You didn't talk for a while; you just sat there next to me and leaned your shoulder into mine. You were merely there.

That was when I finally started to talk.

I talked about how I didn't feel like I had a purpose, how everything seemed to go wrong. I talked about how everyone else seemed to be so much better, how they could do so much more. I talked about how I wanted to just feel like I fit in somewhere. I spewed and spouted and I ranted and raved and you just sat there and listened to it all without saying a word. You just let me let it all out.

When I finally fell silent, you took up your part with a natural grace. You told me how I had so many wonderful qualities. You listed each and every one. You told me about things that I had done for others just because I could. Again you listed each one. You told me about all of the things that you loved about me and the things that I had done for you in the past. You certainly tried to list them all, but in the end your voice began to crack and your eyes took on a sheen that spoke of unshed tears and you broke off.

But you had said enough.

You had showed me that there was light to be seen. It was my own light. You showed me that it was just as bright as ever and that it was still growing stronger. And you showed me every aspect of that light. You broke it down into its elements and laid them out before me for my personal inspection.

You became something to me that day. You took my light and revealed every shade of color within. You became my prism.

The second on the list is when I had been offered a new job and I did not know what to do. It seemed just like the thing that I needed, but I had not looked into all of the aspects of it. I had not taken everything into account.

You saw my plight and you appeared at my door. I answered my ringing doorbell to find you standing on my steps with a notebook in hand and a bag over one shoulder. After I invited you in you sat me down at my kitchen table and you spread out handfuls of papers that had been in your bag. We talked for hours that day. We debated and compared and argued and eventually agreed. The job had looked promising but had turned out to be too much for me.

You had taken the time out of your busy schedule to come out and go over every single detail with me so that I could see which path in front of me was the right one. You saved me from taking a job that would have broken me.

You became another thing to me that day. You pointed out my path and laid down my course. You became my compass.

The third and final thing on the list was a day when we sat together on a swing near a lake. We had been there for an hour already, just watching the clouds and talking about whatever came to mind. It was so very relaxing and it brought into my mind the previous times that we had spent time together and I talked about all that you had done for me. I raved about you, I praised you, and I just about dropped at your feet with gratitude and then I told you that I wished that there were more people in the world just like you.

It was then that you did something odd.

You told me that you were going to introduce me to someone who met those exact standards. I was confused but I followed along when you tugged at my hand. You led me down a path and through a small stand of trees, and then you led me out onto the beach that bordered the lake. You took off your shoes and told me to do the same.

Once our feet were bare, you led me out into the water, until it almost reached the bottom hems of our shorts and then you stopped me and pointed down at the water.

Then you introduced me to my reflection.

You told me that the person who met those standards was me. You said that I had done so much for you in the past and was still doing so much.

You became one final thing to me that day. You showed me just who I am and how I affect others. You became my mirror.

And so I am now so very grateful to know that you are my friend and that you see me as the same. Because I cannot see myself as able to face what life throws at me without you at my side; and all because you have become three things to me.

My prism, my compass, and my mirror.

Thoughts? Opinions?