Ask me about my feminist Agenda

Recently Marvel released a comic.

The comic's protagonist was a female.

A femme fatale, super spy, who could kill you with a look.

And on the cover of the comic was her,

her and her shirt.

Her shirt that read "Ask me about my feminist Agenda."

When I saw this I saw nothing wrong.

I saw no controversy I hardly even though twice about it

commenting no more then "It was drawn well."

But I've recently discovered that people were mad

that she said "Ask me about my feminist Agenda."

And the writer of the comic was appalled

by the hate she received over social media

for a simple cover.

And I was appalled when I made an Instagram post

about my thoughts on feminism and I posted

"Ask me about my feminist Agenda."

And what I got in reply was #FeminismIsCancer

Like Equality is a disease,

Like wanting equal pay

and equal minds and equal rights

is a sickness we need to cure.

The definition of Feminism is:

Any person who believes in the social, political and economic equality


Not just woman.

So I say again "Ask me about my Feminist Agenda."

And you say all modern feminism has achieved

is killing babies and police words

well what you call baby killing

I call Pro Choice.

What you say is 'too far'

I say is political correctness

and like your grammar, I'm only too happy to correct you.

And when you mock me and say I'm a Social Justice Warrior?

I say damn straight.

So go ahead, ask me about my Feminist Agenda.