(Known Ákardans)

Sokara (Stormfang)- a shepherd from Delyra who wields the legendary blade, Ragnarok and plans to stop the Garugians from getting thier hands on the Ataraxia Emblem. (The just Delyran prince, brother of Arcturakos and Koshka, captain of the Shepherds and Exalt after chapter 11.)

(Motto: Eternal shepherds of Solaris!)

Koshka- sister of Sokara and a brave Delyran. (The sprightly Delyran princess and younger sister of Arcturakos and Sokara.)

Demiri- a Delyran shepherd and Guardian Dueler. (The royal retainer for Arcturakos, Sokara, and Koshka and lieutenant of the Shepherds.)

Eleanore Kendora (Lunaria)- daughter of Sokara and princess of Delyra after Arcturakos was executed. Currently wields the Ragnarok after she inherited the blade upon Sokara's death in the time of the Spring Wintercress.

(Motto: Hope never dies out.)

Tenaki- a talking fox born in Knem forest and brought to Delyra by a hunter when he was just a cub. Full grown into a restuarant manager of the Ruby Fox in Crodantis, he joins the Shepherds in chapter 5 where he easily befriends Sobek and wields "Firefox", a Ruby Infused Glass Longsword forged and bought from the Equinox store in Delyra.

Senpai- Born in Aragary and raised in Delyra, a studious Shepherd Mage and Spellthief who wishes to research all that interests her. She is the first spy on the avatar.

Arcturakos- (Enlightened Truth) a pacifistic current ruler of Delyra; older sister of Sokara and Koshka until an executive threat from the king of Gudora caused her to free fall as a suicide farewell.

Gendembi- a Delyran shepherd and Mystic Knight. Friend of Sokara. Rides Taragon, a stallion that was used for the chariot races in Arena Kagia.

Euruki- Battlemage and priest of Kagia whose appearance often causes people to mistake her for a man.

Sobek- (Snapperhook)- Valkyrie knight and Thief of Durene. Joined the shepherds in chapter 4. He loves candy and always enjoys giving his friends a nickname.

Sokara- Grizzlypaws

Avatar- Feathers

Koshka- Noisy Mouse

Tenaki- Redtail

Demiri- Sketch

Senpai- Sly wolf

Eleanore- Hooter

Gendembi- Hoofy

Corasta- Penny

Nimbus- Speed Cloud

Zorkowa- Lady of Wind

Kelamus- Little one

Robion- Baskin Robbins

Corasta- A clumsy but dedicated Shepherd and Pegasus Knight. (Potential queen) Rides Zaphira, a wild pegasus tamed in Aragary before becoming long time companion to Corasta.

Nimbus- (Speed Cloud)- an extrememly skilled Cavalier of Crodantis and shepherd of Delyra. (A well-meaning Shepherd Cavalier with a voracious appetite.)

Zorkowa- Windwalker and guard of Gate Riproris.

Kelamus- messenger for the shepherds. Unfortunatly gets killed in the middle of chapter 15 where a hoard of Duranian bandits seized her life and kept the tiny parchment which included a small message to Sokara concerning Arcturako's death.

Tharles- a fisherman from Port Wenox.

Gylex- mercenary of Aprelux and wields the axe, Gauwill. Rides Astraios, a tamed griffin found in the skies near Crodantis. A thick-headed Shepherd and Sokara's self-proclaimed rival.

Ascald- Ruler of the west of Regna Kagia

Hardo- Ruler of the east of Regna Kagia

Kelli- stage dancer of Kagia.

Segui- An advisor and traveler from Wenox.

Robion- a Kagian fighter and best friends with Kelli. Wields the Striker blade "Hawkus"

(Motto: Strike swiftly, aim true.)

Maline- The Avatar's maid.

Jade- Maline's friend and battle mage of Delyra. The captain of the Delyran Pegasus Knights and Arcturakos's bodyguard.

Gallus Ferdinand- a Delyran castle guard.

Hugo Balle- friend of Robion.

Marc Leth- friend of Robion.

Lillian- Flowergirl from Cresta. Partners up with the Shepherds in chapter 17.

Rikkert- A young Delyran Shepherd Mage newbie who desires to be treated like an adult rather than a child.

Elmeri- merchant from Delyra and shopkeeper.

Elek- A prodigious Pegasus Knight with hidden feelings for a certain individual.

Vigur- a Delyran shepherd and skyguard. A thick-headed Skyguard and Sokara's self-proclaimed rival.

Dakota- a Delyran shepherd and skyguard.

Skyler- A prodigious Pegasus Knight with hidden feelings for a certain individual.

Laurel- second battle mage of Delyra

Donmax- Durenian bandit who joins the shepherds after the disappearance of Kelamus.

Gwilian- Durenian bandit who joins the shepherds after the disappearance of Kelamus.

Shepherd Children:

Eleanore - Leader and eldest of the Shepherd Children. Daughter of Sokara and lieneant heritage of the Delyran royalty.

Edelin- the daughter of Vivienne from the future, and can potentially be the mother or sister of Reuben. Edelin became timid and meek as a result of many years of testing. To counteract this, Vivienne developed a special talisman which created a much more brash and somewhat violent persona for Edelin whenever she wore it. Edelin joined Eleanore and the other children during their journey into the past to prevent the ruinous future.

Ridgar- is Skyler's son from the future. Ridgar can potentially be the brother of Reuben. Ridgar was once a happy, but somewhat shy child. He had pride in his parents and bonded well with Rhaegos,his pet Drakowing but his parents were often off fighting Sirens to protect their country. Ridgar eventually lost his father, and later his mother. After Skyler's death, Rhaegos flew back to Ridgar and stayed with him for the rest of his life. He also received Skyler's wedding ring and has worn it ever since. Eventually, Ridgar receives word from Eleanore that she and the other children will return to the past to prevent the ruinous future. Rigar, however, felt that no matter how hard they try, destiny cannot be changed.

Inari- is Maline's son from the future, and can potentially be the brother of Eleanore or Reuben, should Maline be wed to either Sokara or the Avatar (Marco) respectively. His birthday falls on February 22. According to his in-game profile, Inari is said to be, in spite of looking intimidating, more likely to burst into tears than bust out a weapon, alongside being the most likely to incur friendly fire.

Larendalle (Urchis)- She is the future daughter of Elek and the potential sister/mother of Reuben. If Elek married the Avatar, otherwise she is an only child. In her childhood, she grew up in the shadow of her mother's legacy. Despite her best efforts to show any sign of prodigious skill, her attempts were considered inferior to Elek's natural abilities.

Alys- the daughter of Dakota. If Dakota marries Sokara then Alys will be Eleanore's sister, if Dakota marries the Avatar, then Alys will be Reuben's sister. Otherwise she will be an only child. She is trained by Dakota to become Delyra's best knight.

Galen- is the son of Koshka and the cousin of Eleanore from the future. Galen's supports and conversations with Edelin during the Hot-Spring Scramble reveal that he is a bit of a writer, and always tries to write other characters into his stories the way he sees fit to do it. He is quite proud of his heroic lineage and bears the Mark of Solaris on his arm, proving that he and Koshka are of Delyran Royalty bloodline. Galen has an "uncontrollable sword hand" which apparently seeks battle.

Eryeth- He is the son of Kelli, and a character from the future. In Legends Awakening, he can be the brother of Eleanore or Reuben, depending on if Kelli marries Sokara or the Male Avatar (Marco). In addition, he can also be the father of Reuben if a female Avatar marries him.

In the future, Eryeth was shy, much like his mother, Kelli. However, Kelli wished to help him overcome his shyness by having him talk to girls. Unfortunately, this made him a womanizer in the long run. Kelli also trained Eryeth to dance and fueled his desire to become a dancer himself. Eryeth soon joined Eleanore and the other children to return to the past to prevent the ruinous future.

Cillia- the daughter of Corasta from the future. If Sokara marries Corasta then Cillia will be the sister of Eleanore, if Corasta marries the Avatar, then she will be Reuben's sister. Otherwise she will be an only child. Cillia is Corasta's daughter from the future. In the past she used to be a "girly-girl" according to her conversation with Larendalle in the Harvest Scramble. Cillia grew up with the stories of the "Generation of Heroes" or the stories of her parents and their friends, even if they were not all entirely accurate.

Yiraloth- He is Elkos's son from the future, and a member of the Roskinsian race. Yiraloth can potentially be the brother or father of Reuben. As the son of Elkos, Yiraloth was born in the future as the first human-roskinsian hybrid. This made him a clear sign that the Roskinsian would survive. Unfortunately, he lost both parents at a young age. Though Yiraloth has immense pride of his Roskinsian heritage, he also feels like he's burdened by his "Last Roskinsian" status. Upon arriving in the past, separated from his friends, Yiraloth searched for strong allies to protect him and eventually stumbles upon the Stonewall Knights, whom he stays with until the revelation with Eleanore at Carrion Isle.

Egelard- He is Laurel's son from the future, and can potentially be the brother or father of Reuben. His Summer Scramble pre-battle quote also reveals that his mage hat belonged to Laurel as well. Egelard returned to the past with the other children to prevent the ruinous future. However, due to anomalies in the time travel process, Egelard was transported 3 years before Eleanore's arrival and thus made him older than Eleanore despite being born after her.

Oriel- Future Daughter of Tealgra, Oriel was born as a half-breed Roskinsian and is proud of her Roskinsian heritage. Oriel is a unique Roskinsian, unlike Tealgra and Elni (and potentially Reuben) With her parents killed in an Siren attack and despite all this, not one of her foster family was ever grateful nor did they ever acknowledge her. Oriel lived feeling alone and unwanted, only wishing for her parents to return home. Eventually she joined Eleanore and the rest of the children to return to the past to prevent the ruinous future.

Sungjack- a baby Fursona who stands up to see the last of his kind who happens to be Tenaki, the last fox on Akardos.

Elni- a Roiskinsian of the Royal Nagas. Currently sleeps in the Divine Mast located near Athecea and protector of all 5 gemstones for the Ataraxia Emblem (Shield of Solaris)

Divine Dragon of Flames, Solaris- leader of the Royal Nagas and the rest of the Roiskinsians who first discovered the continent of Akardos. Her divine dragon form was revealed during the Solar ritual on Mt. Destiny with Sokara. Otherwise she stays in her human goddess form for most of the times.

(Known Fonáxi)

Krotos- King of Gudora. Born in Graxalon, raised in Gudora, he proudly wills to awake Garuga in order to seize all 5 gemstones of the Ataraxia Emblem shield along with the extinction of Solaris. Wields the blade of Garuga known as "Oblivion"

Aegis- Queen of Gudora and wife of Krotos.

Stormcrest- a Mercenary of Cresta and servant of Krotos.

Avatar- An amnesiac male/female tactician left in the fields of Delyra in order to travel with Sokara's group, finding a perfect opportunity to slay the exalt and gain the shield under Krotos's order. Wields the Keris dagger, Silverlight and the Battletome of Redemption, Stormrage.

Goose- a lousy bumpkin from the countryside of Terabia. Joins the shepherds of Solaris in chapter 23.

Gawin- friend of Goose.

Silvermoon- a female battle mage of Aarekiryn and servant of Krotos.

Vojar- Warlord Brute from Shep Glaria. Wields the axe, Grey Foxe.

Blavoi and Zlavoi- twin rulers of Cresta

Segarus- dark mage of Estria. Wields dark type tomes only and is a second spy on the avatar. He is known as a crow freak and sends out his personal messenger, Argos/Rikarus the alpha raven to spy on the avatar.

Vivienne- dark mage of Cresta. Wields dark type tomes only and is a third spy on the avatar.

Sargon- Emporer of Fonaxe.

Zo'an- Sargon's tactician.

Mig'ron- One of Sargon's generals.

Jesse- One of Sargon's generals.

Aborek- General of Fonaxe who pursues Sevalia to Fonaxe Harbor.

Agratheil- General of one of Sargon's fleets.

Karadok- A bigoted Fonaxi general who invades Kagia.

Yirien- The former dynast of Athecea and the older brother of Sevalia.

Sevalia- Former princess of Athecea and the younger sister of Yirien.

Dragon of Eternal Shadows, Garuga- an Titan Hydra dragon believed to run on a computerized chip that could only be decoded with a special numerical code in Rune that was thought to be written somewhere but long known by Stormfang and Lunaria after Krotos's defeat in the Shadow Wastes. The code is written on the hilt of Ragnarok where Solaris grants the shepherds to be fighting on Garuga's spine where the chip is located. The chip in the end was later stored in the Shield of Solaris (The Ataraxia Emblem) after the start of the time period known as the Emblem of Eternal Ends.