"Lunaria warns Sokara that Exalt Arcturakos will be assassinated. The plot is thwarted, but Lunaria is revealed to be a woman - and one with knowledge of the future."

Opening Narration

The Garugi

Cool narrow wind sliced through the heart of Castle Delyrus, stars bursting to their brightest elements on the backdrop of the Delyran evening. Sokara carefully pondered on his thoughts, worrying for his sister even though they greatly removed her out of trouble caused by their bickering neighbour, Gudora. His brown cape gracefully danced to the wind, arms crossed in deep perseverance against the marble railing of the castle's balcony, enthwarted with royal red banners displaying their city crest in green.

Whatever dealt Garea's interest in the Arcane Emblem caused Arcturakos to play a great role in their deal. Suffice to have it destroyed by his fellow vigilant friends, Sokara emitted out his sigh, loudly to capture a figure approaching him in timid concern.

"Sokara? What are you doing out so late?" It was none other than Marco Rubio, the famed Dracoknight Tactician found from the Delyran wayside. As much as the jet black haired newbie fully evolved to the family of Shepherds, Sokara could only conclude something well mysterious about his behaviour. Sweet and potent to the point.

"Oh, hi, Marco. Just... duelling with some unpleasant thoughts..." The brown haired Shepherd continued his worried sighs, Rubio astonished at the sight of the captain drowned in sorrow like Arcturakos would whenever she was under pressure from foreign enemies. His skilled almond eyes captured a star twinkling bright in the northern hemiskreis, feeling Ragnarok in great radiancy to reflect back the moonlight from it's superior hilt. Armour clinking in accordance to face Rubio with fake sympathy, Sokara continued his reason, "Tomorrow we march to Regna Kagia to request additional soldiers. But there's something you should know first."

A slight pause halted the torches, flames flickering to measure their silence. Rubio beared his pose, a hand to his chin while patiently awaiting his captain's final decision.

"...Not everything said by Garea was a lie. The last exalt, my father, waged war on Gudora for many years. The violence..."

As if a rock thwarted his forehead, Sokara certainly felt his head throbbing from the word 'violence'

It was a temporary rush of tramutized memories, a feeling that only affected Sokara, Koshka, and Arc's memories. The Shepherd managed to sustain the tiny attack to his body as he fairly ignored the oncoming pressure points pinching his forehead any further.

Rubio saw it all but very well kept his sightings hidden deep in his heart.

With slight irritated irk, Sokara continued with deep difficulty, "It was a brutal campaign, ending only with his death 15 years ago. Gudora rightfully remembers their suffering, but his war was no kinder to his own people. As the fighting dragged on, our army became more and more diminished. Farmers who could barely wield a pitchfork were conscripted and sent to their deaths. Soon there was no food at all, and the kingdom began to collapse. I was young, but I remember those dark times. ...I know how they affected Arcturakos."

Hoots kicked in, accompanying further support of the tranquillity spiralling between them. Rubio undeniably shook his head as if Sokara was the last person he had standing on the very grounds of the ancient Royal Nagas. With his fingers lacing his tactician robe, Marco inhaled deep sympathy and honestly reasoned out his statement, "Such an experience would change anyone."

"Indeed. When our father died before her 10th year, he left Arc quite the legacy... Gudora's desire for vengeance... Our own people's unbridled rage... My sister became a target for blame on all sides. Her own subjects began to hurl insults-and stones. She still bears the scar from one... But she never let them see her pain. Only Koshka and I understood."

Rubio dunked the info rapidly into his head as if he wanted to dispatch this information to someone important. The dracoknight tactician verily readjusted his stance, his faux fur boots made from grade A Delyran leather gave him the rugged wits to scrap off the useless parts such as 'Becoming a target of blame' and 'Her own subjects hurling stones'

Clearing his throat faster than the rainstorms beyond the abandoned fort, Marco once again suppressed a sigh, "It must have been so hard..."

"I cannot claim to know how she does it, Marco." Sokara turned around to speculate at the dimmed carpet of green, the courtyard frankly frolicking with rosebushes and torches on tiki stands. The dracoknight tactician swore in his mind, digesting the sight infront of him.

Men rarely did cry unless pained themselves by thier tramutized past. A crystal tear of clear white, trickled down Sokara's cheek, dark brows niching to a squint.

"I could not greet such hostility with warmth and patience. While our people mocked and vilified her, she reached out and healed them. She brought soldiers home to their families. She ended the war. And when Delyra's spirit was mended and the people "forgave" her? ...She never resented them for it. She represents the best part of the halidom-the part most worth protecting. She IS peace. But some men would take advantage of that. Men like King Garea. The day he understands peace will be the day death gives it to him. ...So perhaps I must be death's agent. Arcturakos would never order him killed, nor would I wish her to."

Rubio had nothing to perceive. As long as Sokara stayed in good radius to his fellow Shepherds, that could fix his heart back into a spar of swordplay.

Feeling consent to warm him up, Marco began to stride to Sokara's side before a voice beat him to it.

"Well spoken, sir."

Sokara turned around, exhaling the sound to the familiar voice, "Lunaria..."

The Owl masked Swordsman respectfully bowed on one knee, "Good evening to you."

Shell-shocked at how this mysterious figure could teleport at ungodly times, Sokara took his bolt from the blue at greater heights and blinked in sheer revelation, "How did you get here?"

Hefting up a small smile, Lunaria merely pointed south towards the surface of the courtyard, her blade conjuring up a reflection of her entry. "The cleft in the castle wall, behind the maple grove. You wouldn't think I would appear right behind your back."

"There? But how would you...? Ugh." Sokara inhaled his greatest mistake while muttering out excusable jargon.

Rubio panned out the castle map in his humming thoughts and decided to drop the pin on the captain instead, "You know the place, Sokara?"

As heaving sighs would courage the disdained mutters and rubbing forehead temples, Sokara nodded out his sarcasm, "Yes. I bashed in part of the wall while training the Shepherds. It's only a small hole, and I'd thought it was well concealed, but..."

"Your secret is safe with me." Lunaria placed his gloved hand on the man's shoulders, draining away his headache. It seemed that Lunaria would serve as Delyra's best healer right next to Euriki. "I came here only to warn you."

That jolted Sokara into attention. "Warn us?"

"The exalt's life is in danger." Lunaria treasoned out, dragging their gazes to the waxing moon, the spectacular shine radiating a frowning portrait of Arcturakos on it.

"What, Arcturakos? That's absurd!" Sokara retaliated in deep distress, floummuxed at mention of the Exalt partaking in free adoption. "She's guarded at all hours."

"What if... What if I told you I have seen the future? Would you believe me? A future where Arcturakos vanishes from the face of Delyra. Here. Tonight?"

Rubio blinked back perplexion, much to remaining his guard and carefully listening in. As if the world was going to diminish past the full moon was a complete understandment.

Finding this absolutely absurd, Sokara shook his head in disarranged belief and denied his fact of the future. Stepping forward, he pointed an accusing finger at the swordsman's chest, a silent stare in his mask foretold his sketchy nonsense, "Seen the future? Have you lost your wits?"

"Yes, I expected you wouldn't believe me." Lunaria softly pushed Sokara aside, his vivid owl vision scanning the courtyard in a graceful arc. "So allow me to prove it!"

Quick and agile as a Pegasus staunched in flight, Lunaria drew out his blade, his agile movement locked instantly on an assassin bursting from the overhead trees.

Sokara tensed to place his hand on his own Ragnarok but was halted by Rubio.

With several Sol daggers lashed out from the Assassin's hands, his speedy pace charged directly for the brown haired icon. Lunaria carefully measured his distance and smirked at his enemy's false start.

"Bad move. Yah!" Hurling Ragnarok into the air, Lunaria staunchly leaped after it, directing it's boomerang attack on the Assassin's back. Resulting the motionless body into an instant kill, Rubio felt astonished on how Lunaria took him down in one hit. Even Sokara would not be able to master the Boomerang trick like the agile Owl.

"I do trust this proof will suffice?" Releasing his blade from the fallen assassin, Sokara could only witness in shock.

"Yeah..." Numbed at his heart, the Shepherd re-collected courage to calm his nerves down from the Assassin take down and carefully watched Lunaria sensing his radius.

The bushes drowned in shadows rustled to their obtrusive reveals, several Assassins flowed into the fray, unsheathing nothing but a flurry of Sol daggers clasped between their gloved hands. Lunaria measured his second mark to counter the oncoming attack but weighed out his failed chances on his scampering foot. Falling across the ground with a hard thud, he regained his strength to clamber back up on his two agile feet, only for the assassin to slash his owl mask in two halves. Gasping femininely over the shocked result, Lunaria urged himself to hide his face both form revealing his identity and blockade from Sokara's lunging strike.

Lunaria's base armour clinked in eagerness, his pose of light concern hovering over a ramshackled Sokara. Even Rubio fonded over in revelation towards the crossdressing newcomer.

Stunning brown hair began to untangle into a plethora of silky brown locks. Vivid almond brown strikingly matched Sokara's, her confident smile turned into an eager grunt.

"Wait, you're- You're a woman?" Sokara overdunked his mind, plaintively stumped over the fact that this woman might resemble familiar traits to someone he knew and dearly loved.

"Consider me quite the actress, too." Lunaria chuckled into a timid smile, acting as if she knew them from day one. Sheathing Ragnarok, she relaxed visibly thanks to Rubio's frightened expression. "Honestly, I'm surprised you didn't figure it out until just now."

"Uh." Sokara grunted in difficulty, taking in the beverage to digest whatever his mind distartled sight.

Faster than a Sniper's arrow, the ground shook in violent cracks, the distant rumbles jolted the trio's boots. A certain gasp from Lunaria brought them running towards the heavy smoke gathering in near proximity.

Castle Gudora CG

"Remember, I want the Emblem in my hand and Arcturakos dead on the floor. Let nothing distract you from either purpose." Garea sipped on his Devil Plum swishing around a copper grail, a metal rare in resource to Gudora's blight deserts. The old Madking sat in his deflated throne, brainstorming on his wonderful plans to retrieve the shield from Delyra's grasp.

"As you will." An Assassin judgmentally bowed down in respect, scampering away from the scene.

Garea heartlessly finished his beverage, a loyal gesture of flicking the grail and letting it twirl around Aegis's Scimtar lance was a fine notice for the absent Dark Flier to storm back in sheer temper.

Somewhere near the outskirts of the Madking's humble abode, Sobek stealthily unlocked one of the castle gates with a makeshift key from Shiida's crystal lace, an immidiate wedge in one of the castle clefts brought several guards passing by him. Loudmouthed talkers discussing about Garea's plan.

"Woah, woah, did I just hear that right?" Sobek's shock brought his thoughts into cautious whispers. "We're to KILL the exalt? I'm just here for the plunder. You know, line my pockets with some royal goods."

He then pocketed some whippersnappers, in hope for his best of raiding several Gudorian market stands.

"The exalt's such a sweet lady... Sure, I'll rob her blind, but I'd never harm her!"

He then went in.

Castle Delyrus CG

"Arc!" Sokara called out in urgency, his heart beating rapidly in two. Running through the Castle's Vault where Delyra's finest weapons were stored, Arc was busy dismantling the Emblem from it's acute stand.

The brown haired Exalt felt on the same page as the captain, apprehension lacing her foreboding face. The shield started to radiate in urgency, every slot except for Hoperl started to glow lunar blue. A defiant signal of treasuring value since the dawn of the Royal Nagas.

"Sokara! Take Koshka and flee while you still have time!" Arcturakos shoved the shield into Sokara's hands, the Ragnarok wielder questioning his mind on what kind of madness was going on.

More important lives were settle into safe haven than a lifeless shield labled as 'Divine Protection'.

Sokara immediately retaliated in urgency, his stressed out tone caused Arcturakos to glance up at him with clouded tears. A fierce yank took her yelping across the marble tiles, Sokara pleading out his cause, "No! We're not leaving you! Just stay where it's safe!"

"The assassins should scatter if we can defeat their leader." Rubio assessed, flickng out his Arcane tome to foresight Krotos.

Dragon's Gate

A shadowy figure stood between the pillars of the sacrificial well. How he pleased Garuga to steal numerous souls from innocent Akardian citizens and preciously treasure the Titan Hydra dragon at heart. He was just a Dark mage, rogue to Garea but viewed as a stunning leader of the Garugi. Many tome wielders of the Mage classes would arouse unconscious at how he was able to cope with the mercenary armour yet savagely wield a set of Dark type tomes, the unsettling skill would make Aegis retaliate in curses. The long extra spikes shooting out of his massive pauldrons and gloves were extracted from the fallen roskinsians during the Titan War. Roskinsian elf ears twitching in disgust, Krotos grunted out of self reliance and flicked out his Vortex tome. A purple aura began to swirl into a small portal, conjuring up the situation at Castle Delyrus.

"Hmph! Two assassins and the little princeling still there? ...Wait. Some of these actors do not belong on this stage..." Krotos carefully surveyed Sokara eliminating Assassins one by one while Rubio simply adored his Arcane tome mirror with a sober glare. The Dark mage smirked in satisfaction to the dracoknight tactician's successful camera pan.

The Arcane Emblem being escorted into the hands of a fleeing Arcturakos.

"Ho ho! Can it be?! After years of searching... Tonight, fate truly piles gifts at my feet!"

His endless laugh dived down the well, purple lines spiralling down in effect to Garuga's awakening.

Castle Courtyard CG

The three breathlessly caught up to Lunaria, the female sword wielder blinking cautiously towards her blade. The Triquetra branded on the middle Hilt of bronze began to radiate in urgency. Rubio took notice of this strange behaviour.

"Magnum Ursus is gleaming..." Lunaria extracted her moment into minutes, studying the spatial effect of proximity between the sword and the shield. "There is always a way to find hope. You just only have to believe in it."

Sokara justified this reason to Arcturakos, who merely nodded in concern. Whatever the grand connection is to Ragnarok, it must lie somewhere near the east of Akardos. Sighing plaintively while placing his hands on his hips, Sokara blustered out his concern, "What's wrong?"

Lunaria cleverly hid the glow with a simple hand, her agile glare at the castle doors mustered up a sober hiss, "Nothing of your concern."

"Fair enough, seems like nothing is ever with you." Sokara sensed doubt behind Lunaria's ambition towards Arcturakos's life in severe danger.

Feeling disturbed by Lunaria's antics, blades immidiatly clashed. The first time strike to hold each other down was a well approachable cause for Arcturakos.

"Tell me! Where in Solara did you come from and why are you mirroring my weapon?" Sokara felt his Ragnarok lowering under pressure from the dominating hold down. Lunaria merely expressed herself as a silent figure from the Delyran wayside, and brought up an uncaring tone, "My apologies. I thought you already knew from the Stormfang heritage. Hint word. Brown."

Sokara winced in difficulty. So many scenes of catastrophe and introductions of new friends. However, there was no time to waste. Plethora of rustling figures whooshed over them and bounded their stealthy trek towards the castle gates. Turning to face her, the captain remarked under stern commands, "Just stay at Arcturakos's door. We'll handle the killers."

Just before he could charge against the Assassins, Arcturakos caught his arm and whirled him around in distress, "Sokara, please! Flee while you still can! You each have but one life, and I do not wish it weighed against mine!"

"Sister." Sokara could only utter out words of sorrow. The minute silence of foreboding sibling sensation didn't last long until a figure jumped from behind them and took down two assassins.

"I knew there was wisdom slipping in with those rogues." the fursona stood up while sheathing Firefox. His whiskers twitched in defiance towards their enemy units. "Look at how these man-spawn claw at each other like savages! I will repay my warren's debt and then wash my hands of their race."

"Another assassin?" Sokara shook his head one more time to recognize the Shepherds' march to Kagia. But to no time waste, he shook off his memories and decided to attack the hooded Fursona. His stealthy jumps got him countering around Sokara, as fast as a Pegasus in flight. Even Rubio remarked on how fast this fire rabbit was.

"Hold!" Just before Sokara could strike him down, a blade interfered with his downward swing. The inferior clang sounded above the castle, bringing a chourus of crows flapping though the air.

Lunaria carefully sheathed back her Ragnarok, "Tenaki is not your enemy."

Sokara grunted lightly in understandment towards another recruited Shepherd. "Right. I know him from the day we marched to Regna Kagia. He's the last fursona on Akardos. Or it has been stated."

Tenaki's whiskers fairly twitched in perseverance as Lunaria stepped forward to study him in silent concern, "I know... of him. And I knew he would come here tonight."

"Quite the prophet, aren't you?" Sokara smirked while Lunaria wordlessly passed him.

The female Ragnarok wielder stood her ground and glanced over at Rubio, who was settling an oncoming perplexion. "As you say. And I swear to you, Tenaki is an ally."

"...Good enough for me." Sokara exhaled in relunctant nods and bustled up his orders. "All right, Shepherds! For now, we leave this fursona be."

Demiri caught his sense of reckless start and countered in ridicule, "Is that wise, Stormfang?"

Sokara merely hunched up his killer smile, a certain gesture that would relieve anyone's heart including the weeping Garugi. Carefully eyeing the brown haired blade wielder, his almond eyes softened to the warmest brown, "Lunaria has earned our trust. She enjoys her secrets, I know. ...Like her gender, for one. But she's also saved our lives. Twice. And that's enough for me."

Collecting his tremendous praise with her eavesdropping ears, Lunaria returned her gesture of thanks. Fingers curved into a spiralling owl's claw. "Sokara... Thank you."

The brown haired Shepherd seemed to digest her kindness at heart, albeit her agile skills in boomeranging her Ragnarok and mysteriously appearing in flickering gaps of time. He then posed as if danger was ahead, raising his own Ragnarok above him like a hero's bow, "Now, to the matter at hand: driving these scoundrels from our castle!"

As luck would bramble down the hills of Delyra, a certain thief born from the Durenian wayside cameoed his return stealthily behind the bushes.

"Nngh... Damn and double damn... I hate it when things... go sour..." Sobek whispered in frustration, cautiously stooping low behind a set of branches to evade danger from the oncoming Assassins flooding the castle like anchid parasites.

A clumsy step ahead and he was already limboed to arrest by a golden sword. "Drop your weapon, or die where you stand!"

"Easy there, Grizzlypaws. I'm not here to hurt anyone!" Sobek meekly heated his cheeks, using his right hand to lower down Ragnarok's tip while his left hand was still suspended into the air.

"...Yet you run with a band of assassins?" The unsatisfied sober look caused Sokara to cross his arms. Definitely not a good sign to Sobek. The thief witnessed many guards and patrolling strangers utilizing this gesture, a common gesticulation that is not be messed with.

"Believe it or not, just trying to make a living. I'm a thief of Durene, see?" He meekly waved an Onyx key in front of Sokara's tedious frown. "Bust open doors, crack into chests... that kind of thing. This lot said they wanted to break into some kind of vault. Nobody said anything about murder. I'd just as soon set this one out."

Since Snapperhook was an early recruit to the team, the thief did not act like he was supposed to be with candies bombarding his clumsy attire, whippersnappers glued to his waist while a set of lollipop sticks stuck out of his furry pauldrons. He resembled one of the mice that scuttled through hunger and emptiness.

Sokara checked it off his list with a hand to his chin. "Hmm... Then perhaps you'd be willing to prove your good intentions?"

"Beg pardon?" Sobek was busy fidgeting with his ear. After drastic amounts of knocking it off, a small gummi scaled dragon popped out from it's hive.

"We need all the help we can get to save the exalt's life. You appear capable of sneaking past our enemies, and we could use any information you have about our foes."

"Oh, right-those good intentions." Sucking madly on a Wolf Saffron flavoured lollipop, Sobek stood up and extended out a hand, "Fine then, I'll prove my sincerity... if you sweeten the deal."

Sokara noted a bronze ring on the thief's hand, marking that out from his wishlist. "You want gold? ...Fine, you scoundrel. Let me just-oops."

A turquoise silk pouch with a gold ribbon drawstring tumbled over from Sokara's blade case, Sobek greedily inhaling the lush scent of Eagle Buckthorn.

The gasp of concern was worth it. "Looks like you dropped something. What's in the satchel, mmm?"

After examining the bag from every side, Sokara felt embarrassed and hurriedly snatched the pouch away from the thief's dangling hands. "Nothing-candies for my little sister. I'm sure you-"

A lightning bolt broke from the blue, trapping Sobek into a romantic affection against the C word. "Caaaandies? As in, sugar caaaandies?"

Sokara blinked uncomfortably and dragged his awkward moment on the orange haired thief, "Well... yes. I assume they'd be sweet? But-"

As fast as Tenaki hopping across Falcon Claw Road, Sobek's hand yanked Sokara into catapulting hand shakes. "IT'S A DEAL!"

Flustered from the daze of Snapperhook's sheer excitement, Sokara gathered his courage and blinked back to express his shell shocked agape. "...You'll risk your life if I give you... a bag of candy?"

"I said 'sweeten the deal', didn't I?" Sobek found an ant crawling on the red planet of his furry pauldron system. He wearily flicked it off and assumed as if it didn't happen. Growing excited again, he slipped an arm around Sokara's neck, "Don't get me wrong, I'll take the Nerado, too. Later. Unless you've got more of these. ...Have you got more of these?!"

The brown haired Shepherd softly pushed him aside with an awkward gulp, "Um... I'll ask Koshka."

"Arcturakos was supposed to be an easy target... You will pay for interfering in my designs!" Krotos diminished the light purple portal and forebode danger arriving ahead to Castle Delyrus. Pacing around in impatient shuffles, the Gudorian Dark Mage halted his word on the tip of his tongue and seized interest in his only dark hierophant. "Well, well... Ha ha ha! Oh, I know you... Submit to me, and perhaps I might honor you with the truth!"

After the incredelous laugh, the results brought up his only foreboding mistake.

Without showing any regret to the Shepherds, he dramatically whined out his mock up defeat.

"No... This is... all wrong... How could... you have known the plan..."

Sokara charged for Krotos before Ragnarok transpierced the empty space before him...

Castle Delyrus Grand Hall

"Thank the gods you're safe!" Arcturakos protectively hugged Sokara before bowing infront of her with respect. The exalt waved it off with a warm smile.

"It is you I have to thank, Sokara." her graceful almond eyes vividly spotted out hate speech scribbled over a cluster of Abyss Leaves.

"I beg your forgiveness, Stormfang!" Jade bursted out her failure to defend castle grounds, "I failed in my duty-they should never have made it into the castle in the first place."

Her silent wailing clamoured into loud sobs, pushing herself against Sokara's waist. Despite her tiny height, Koshka gazed at the fact of traiting the same Delyran Royalty even if they were tasked different classes.

A gentle hand ruffled through her silky black strands, "Peace, Jade. You couldn't have known what was coming. Only Lunaria could..."

"...Lunaria?" Arcturakos hacked the name as if it had a stellar description similar to hers.

Sokara felt awkward for a moment and franctically looked around in search of the brown haired swordsman, "Yes, I would speak more with... Um... Marco, where's Lunaria?"

Rubio measured out his reason, "Hmm... An excellent question. She was here a moment ago..."

"...Not again!" Heart racing in urgent despair, Sokara dashed off with out a single trace of goodbye. The rest of the Shepherds including Arcturakos could only grip silence in superfaction.

Grass crushed with every step she took. Sorrow gripped her heart but neverthless shewed it to anyone but herself. Halting with confidence, she turned around to gaze at the castle once more. The sight of gray shrouded under the aura glow was never a forgetful memory. Smiling, she continued her path until urgent footsteps behind her halted her trek of silence.

"Going somewhere? You have a bad habit of leaving without saying goodbye, you know."

Turning around, she found Sokara intercepting her thoughts. Both of them stood under the stars of the castle courtyard, Hazel Chervil trees swaying lightly to the breeze.

"Yes, I'm afraid I was born with few bad habits." Lunaria coldly reasoned, feeling Sokara tensing up to her cause.

"Good ones as well-you saved my life, as well as both of my sisters." A chuckle escaped from the Shepherd's killer smile, Lunaria unable to digest humor. "Is there some way I can repay you? Some favor I can grant?"

The brown haired swords owl softly sighed before showing forth her tiny smile, "Hearing you offer a reward is enough."

With a curt pivot, she faced away from Sokara and continued to walk her path. The capitan of the Delyran Shepherds felt as if this was of importance and spread out his urgency at a higher level, "But there must be something..."

Blue metallic boots halted across the rocky path. Lunaria blinked in seldom confidence and faced him as if in a inferior duel, "I already have what I came for. History has been rewritten."

"And what future averted?" Sokara's tense grew to deep despair. Lunaria noted this as 'tumbling concern'

"After the exalt's untimely assassination, the Arcane Emblem would be stolen. This, in turn, would lead to a great war, and soon to the end of mankind itself. ...But I'm sure that sounds like madness to you."

Still, Sokara chained invisibly to Lunaria, not letting her go for a single second. The act of searching answers behind questions was the sole purpose of the Shepherds and a prideful duty to attain peace through Akardos.

"...Strangely, not that I have planned out. It doesn't. Somehow I know I can trust you. And I hope someday to repay your favors."

Albeit Ragnarok mirroring Ragnarok, both blades began to glow green before dimming according to Lunaria's farewell, "Perhaps one day you shall. Until then..."

Stabbed by guilt in accordance to the buffering breeze, Sokara could only grunt in reliance to the mysterious masked wielder.

Meanwhile, Tenaki was amazed at the fact that he was being praised by the certain exalt of Delyra.

"Brave fursona, there are no words enough to express my gratitude." Arcturakos inhaled a bright smile from the anthomorphic fox wielding a royal blade.

Tenaki's jet black ears pricked up in curiosity, "So you know our true name?"

"I'm sorry, but what's a fursona?" Rubio felt uninformed in everything he saw. Tenaki unleashed a doubtful glance as if it was obvious on what he actually was.

"I'm fursona. The... The last fursona. We are foxy hybrids mingled with rabbit ichor. Most of your kind calls us "beast" or "coney" in the midst of their hunt. I only helped because my warren owes Delyra a debt. Don't think us as enemies, you and I!" Tenaki jabbed a playful finger at Rubio, causing him to limbo backwards until he fell to the floor. Arcturakos and Koshka held in thier laughs. Tenaki sarcastically crossed his arms in non chalance, "Besides, you were hogging for those pies at the Ruby Fox. Can't reckon why you forgot about me all of a sudden."

"I don't understand..." Marco's amnesiac brain kicked in once again.

Tenaki sighed deliberately and started from the top, "Yeah, it's precious little your kind seem to understand. It was man-spawn like you that invaded our warren and slaughtered my people."

"What?!" Arcturakos's shell shocked fear deepened far superior over the furry restaurant owner. "Is this true? Who would do such a thing?"

"Ha! Don't act so shocked. You are all the same. Right down to your base, desire to ruin and destroy all your touch-even each other." Tenaki exaggerated his chuckle into several clicks of his teeth.

Measuring out her calm sorrow, Arcturakos gave out a gentle smile and tailored the fursona with slight backdrop story, "...There is truth to your words, perhaps. I'm told that, in fursona society, everyone is treated as an equal. Mankind could learn much from your warren. The words may come too late and mean too little, but I am deeply sorry. We have stolen your friends and family and made the world a lesser place."

Jade immediately retaliated into squeaks of pressured flashbacks, "Your Grace-you had no fault in this!"

"You claim to be blameless, and yet you would apologize? Pah! Your words are wind to me." Tenaki raised an sarcastic brow, feeling potent on the fact that Arcturakos meant no harm to him, even though his species was wrecked out of existence.

Still, the exalt beared his words and suppressed a sigh of gratitude, "I know... But they are all I have to remember for."

After a sincere amount of tranquillity, the vines on the mural grew a tad inch to the right, thorns seeping into view. Tenaki shook his head in honarary return, "...You seem sincere, man-spawn. You feel my pain as your own. ...I've never felt that before. Look at me. ...See what I am. I will never trust mankind. But you... Perhaps you truly are not like the others."

The exalt confirmed his gratitude, "All I ask if a chance to earn your trust."

Folly near Castle Gudora

Krotos cursed over his failures for retrieving the Arcane Emblem. Shifting himself over to a dark void, he carefully watched the Delyran gang embracing in victory over a lousy shield.

"Nngh... How?! My purpose is too significant... to be thwarted... here... Aaargh..." Clutching his head as if maintaining a massive headache, the Gudorian Dark Mage unsheathed Oblivion and allowed the Fang of Garuga to slice through the vortex.

Krotos held his breath for a cautious second.

A shadowy figure stood in place of where the vortex hummed in front of him, revealing it's lower body conjurned with a black and purple robe.

Krotos... the whispers casually entered his hollow ears as if wind suddenly had the ability to take over anyone's mind.

Krotos grunted in difficulty but nevertheless allowed this invisible intruder to possess his body.

"What? Who are you... Where did you... come from?"

I am the power that compels you. You will not perish here. It is not written. You must live on to author a destiny greater than you know.

"I-impossible! It can't be you! It can't be..."

I am the wings of despair. I am the breath of ruin. I am the Titan Hydra dragon, Garuga...

A pertified scream tore through the folly before the whispers left his motionless body.

Castle Delyrus CG

The Delyran league were almost to moreover in regards of escorting Arcturakos safely away from Delyrus. Koshka sprouted no remarks while the others vivdly shared thier opinions.

"It will take time to investigate how the assassination plot got so far. We have no leads at present." Jade sighed with fashioned sorrow, the little pegasus knight tending to her armor wing like she would do on Corasta's pegasus.

"It was Gudora! I'm certain of it. They'd do anything for the Emblem." Lashing out his raged complaint, Sokara softly eased at the sight of the exalt giving him a sorrow gaze. The Shepherd immediately disputed to her with urgency. "Arc, you can't stay here. Come to Kagia where it's safe."

"And leave the people undefended? War is at our borders, Sokara. Do you expect Delyra to stand against Gudora without a leader? They must know their exalt stands with them."

Backtracking his thoughts from the castle courtyard that evening, Sokara and the others re visioned Arc's statement. Of course, if the main icon of Delyra was absent from her throne, it would be rather obvious free to the other nations to hoggle over it.

Time raced as Sokara's grip on Arc became more urgently fair, "But if something happens to you? What then?"

Arc could only feel pain and silence coursing through herself. Demiri stepped up with helpful advice, "Your Grace, perhaps you might relocate to the eastern palace for the time being? The other kingdoms would know nothing of it. You would be safer."

"Yes, please. At least that. I can't leave for Kagia with you right in harm's way." Sokara rubbed his temples tiringly, the common gesture of the certain Shepherd falling into franctic situations very easily.

"...Hmm. Very well." Arcturakos wisely hummed in thought.

A sigh of relief conducted Sokara's mind as he let loose his killer smile, "Thanks, Arc. I mean it. We'll escort you to the palace before we head north to the border."