Eosri (based on a dream I had)

The aurora lights dance over a small village on the warm tropical planet called Eosri, the Dawn World. This is my home, the place I have lived all my life. The stars are beginning to fade as the golden light of the sun begins to arise. This is the most magical time where the world seems quiet and the clouds hang heavy around the mountains. I watch with baited breath as the aurora lights seem to brighten, become richer. It is a dazzling display, a last Dawn Dance that I get to see. I am leaving tonight after Sundown to a new planet where the lights do not dance like this.

I am going to miss not only all my favorite spots in the village, but this miraculous moment that happens every dawn and sunset. This is my favorite time to be alive. I will no longer have to arise before dawn to see the Dawn Dance. Everything will be different now for better or for worse, but I have woken to new horizons. Eosri and its dancing lights do not hold the dreams of my heart anymore. Tears are welling in my eyes and I try to blink furiously to get rid of them. I do not want to miss this. No recordings can do justice to this feeling of being here in this moment. I know I must let go but I am desperately clinging to this moment.

"The wings of my heart have taken flight and the stars shall be my anchoring light. I will embrace this twilight ship and go forth," I whisper the poem that I recall suddenly from a university class. I am enjoying this moment but the Dawn Dance draws to its close. The colors begin to fade like memories do. The feelings will always linger in the back of the mind, the magic, the awe of this divine moment. I ease myself from the branch that I have been sitting on. My focus settles onto my body in motion as I carefully climb down. My bare feet touch the ground and I grin. I slip my shoes on and make my way down the mountain into the valley. I touch every tree and branch as I pass whispering my goodbye. I am letting go now so that I may take flight into the horizon that awaits me.

It is a painful experience this goodbye. I have never truly had to say goodbye in my life. The population of Eosri never ages and very rarely dies. Even when we part, we are like the dancing lights, hidden away for a time in sunlight but always there. Our roots are as deep as the trees but we do not remain in the same spot for all our lives. We are the dandelions whose seeds will flow with the wind, taking root where the wind blows us. The dandelions never leave the atmosphere like I am.

I stop along the man made trail inhaling deeply as I do. Will the planet that I am going to have these flowers? This question I have thought in this past. I burst into tears as I deeply inhale again. It is time to move on, I must be on my way to the Transporter. I name the flowers silently as I pass. Goodbye Lilac, I say in my head. Goodbye Honeysuckle, a favorite treat sometimes. My eyes wonder pass the flowers to the canopy. The wind blows the branches gently and the sunlight jitters across the leaves. I breathe deep and wipe my tears away. I go for one last run down the trail.

One, two, three, inhale. One, two, three, exhale. This is my inner monologue. The feet know where to go having run this trail so many times over the years. I arrive back at my village with my body covered in sweat. My gaze sweeps around lingering for the briefest moments before I begin to walk. I keep reminding myself this is the last time I will walk down this street. I am not sure why I have to remind myself to this painful fact, but I do.

"Alyriel!" I stop to come face to face with my brother. He looks tired with deep shadows under his eyes. Has he not been sleeping enough?

"Eluitan...you are here?" Eluitan rushes forward and embraces me tightly. My eyes close of their own accord. His body is warm from lingering long under the sun, and smells of sweat and dirt. His arms tighten to the point of almost being to constricting.

"I am going to miss you little sister," Eluitan whispers in my ear.

"I know," I manage to stutter out. There is a lump in my throat. I want to swallow, scream, do anything to get it out but I cannot. It is a pressure that has been slowly building day by day as the week has drawn to the close.

"You are going to go to an amazing place Alyr. This is an incredible chance," his own voice is choking on emotion. I can hear it, the stone in his throat. I want to sob. Have I not done enough crying for my whole family? Have all of us not cried enough? I suddenly do not want to go, but I must. I must go to realize the dream that I have, that we all have. It would be a great celebration if a Scholar of the Great Library emerged from Eosri.

"I know it is a great dawn that is upon me. I am grateful for this chance to attend the Dyn'sera College. I wish you could come."

"I wish I could go as well. It is terrifying exciting this journey you are about to go on. We will be a message away little sis," Eluitan promises to me and pulls away. Eluitan strokes my hair gently and smiles with the emotion that is choking us both. I grasp his hand focusing on how large and warm they are compared to me. My brother is the sun that my small immediate family revolves around. I am the moon or perhaps my brother is the planet and I and my family are the moon. Now it is me and I carry their dreams with mine into the distance. How strange it is or maybe it is that we are both stars but I am coming into my own now.

"I am afraid. I have never been so far from home before." My voice is the barest of whisper heard only by my brother and the breeze that sweeps by us.

"You will be swept off on this journey. Face it with the same courage you did when you went to university. The only difference is you are going by yourself, but look to the stars. Know that I too will be looking at the same stars from the opposite side. Come, let us go, the city awaits you. Mom and Dad are already there."

"I suppose so." I glance around at the town. The buildings are built to look part of the landscape. I remember in Ancient Earth literature class we read about elves. Our buildings remind me of those elves. We blend with the natural world aiming to be one irregardless of our technology. Goodbye, farewell, my favorite spots. So long to the people of this simple town in the valley between mountains. I lift my head up with my heart pounding in my chest. I am strong I affirm to myself.

I follow my brother into the center left of the town where the Transporter awaits for us. A crowd has gathered and familiar faces of friends, family, and teachers peer out. There are tears in their eyes. Everyone begins to clap and loud cheers arose up. Sobs break free as I grasp hands and settle into quick embraces. There are a flurry of kisses on my cheeks and palms. There is a flurry of words.


"Good luck!"

"Do not forget to take pictures!"

"You better write letters!"

The tears will not stop coming. I promise and I promise to each person and tell them, ask my mother, ask my father. I will send everything to them. This heart of mine is swollen with emotion like my red puffy cheeks. How ugly, how beautiful is this moment filled with tears, love, and hope. I am beloved and supported. This is what it means to be Eosrian. We are a proud people of the land, proud of our culture, our way of life that is filled with love and support so that one may achieve all that they can. I am an Eosrian and always will be. This people, this planet has shaped me to be the individual I am today.

I step into the building and look back at the people who raised me and cared for me. The community is responsible for raising the child into a mature individual. This is part of the Eosrian way of life. I cup my hands in front of my face.

"Thank you everyone! I love all of you so much!" I shout out to them. There is another loud cheer from the crowd. I smile feeling full of emotion but gilded with happiness. I turn my back to them.

"Are you ready Alyriel?" The Chief of Staff for the Transporter asks.

"As ready as I ever will be!" I give a small smile and she smiles back at me.

"Follow this way, please." My brother and I follow the Chief of Staff away from the reception area, leading us down a long hallway. Our small village has only three transporters. We are not overly big or important but also entirely self-reliant. The Chief of Staff waves her hand in front of the door and it slides open silently. My brother and I step into our individual circles in the middle of the room. The room is all gray. There is no color except the white circles. The door closes shut with a click.

"Please be advised to step into the circle now," an electronic female voice says over the intercom.

"Identifying subjects. Female, Alyriel. Male, Eluitan. Subjects identified in circles." I breathe deeply.

"Please remain in circles while the system is linking," the female voice informs us several times. "System is linked. Begin Transportation."

Transportation is a strange process, one moment you are in one room and the next you are in-between. It is a strange sensation in-between. It is like being in a tunnel and wind is rushing very fast past you. The next you are back in a room once again standing in a circle. This room is different with the walls painted to look like the city. The floor is the same with a gray floor and white circles. The door slides open and an attendant steps in.

"Alyriel? Eluitan? Right this way please," the attendant asks us. We follow him down through the hallways into a waiting room. My parents are waiting for us there. I rush to them hugging my Mom first and then Dad. I am not calm.

"Ah, Alyriel, my beautiful daughter. I am so proud of you," Dad tells me.

"You have said that for the millionth time."

"Well I shall tell you a million and one times then. I am so very proud of you." Dad's voice is rich with the same emotion as Eluitan's earlier. Mom is misty eyed.

/ This is where it ends. Day One is Done.

Terminology / Places

Eosri – Alyriel's home planet. It is an anarchist planet based heavily around farming and nature. It is a protected planet due to it's natural resources. It is also considered a treasure and is often used as place to heal. It lies deep within the territory so there is little to no chance of war or terror attacks.

Holis System – Contains Eosri's home planet but is also a system of liveable planets and moons, that are part of the Federation of Janos.

Federation of Janos – Contains several systems including the system of Janos.

Dyn'sera College – A college people attend who will go into various organizations for different Federations and such. This is to inspire cooperation. Any who wish to become a Scholar of the Great Library must attend this college and a few others like it.


Alyriel – The Main Character. Ah – lyr – e – el.
Eluitan – MC's elder brother. El – lu – e - tan