This is an incredibly rough draft made for NaNoWriMo. There are many imperfections as it is word vomit. Edits will be made once this story is completed.

The cafe is like a long meeting hall. How can anyone be intimate in such a place? How could anyone even remotely read in here? People of all shapes and coloring lingered about. It was loud but not as loud as the hallway outside the Transporter. It's more a quiet murmur of chatter. Red letters that state "Order Here" hover over a stark white counter. Two males stand before it, one with peach toned skin and another who would pass for being Eosrian. There are what appears to be two Navi's near them, one human looking one with butterfly wings and another with horns and bat wings.

"I believe that coffee is the best drink," the Eosrian looking man said.

"Yasri, perhaps your view is falsified? Can you not agree? Tea is the best," the peach tone man said.

"I do not see the value in your mixture of hot leaf and plants water, Chael!"

"Um, are you two going to order?" I ask interrupting their conversation. They both startle and turn to face me.

"Which one is better coffee or tea?" The peace colored man who is probably Chael demands of me.

"I drink both, coffee for stimulation and tea for peace. May I order if you two are going to keep arguing?" I assert myself again.

"Uh sure. I am Yasri, born on Eosri but I work at Calper and attended University there."

"And I am Chael of Calper," the other informs.

"I am Alyriel of Eosri," I introduce myself. I side step them and start going through the screen to order a drink.

"Oh! It is good to have a fellow planetman with me!" Yasri says. I manage to find the same mixture of hot cocoa and coffee that I adore so much. I order it and then swipe my card through the card reader.

"I heard there was a total of thirty-five of us who passed the exams from Eosri," I tell Yasri.

"That is absolutely terrifying! Other than a few planets like Vellser, no one even gets near that number. Most are lucky if they gets maybe five. Thirty-five Eosrians!" Chael whistles in amazement before ordering real quickly. "Damn, the Great Library must be kicking themselves for never bothering to test Eosrians before!"

"Eosri does stay closed off from the universe and the Federation. It practices isolation to keep its people away from being defiled by the greed of the universe," Yasri states before he too orders his drink.

"Alyriel your drink is ready," Syren states inserting herself. She flies back to mingle with the other two Navi units. I really take notice for the first time. They are of the Dragon and Pixie Navi units.

"These AI Navi units are really handy. They have easy access to all systems that have a connection to the Quantum Datanet except for the secure Databanks and systems kept in house," Chael states.

"Is it bad that Eosri is so isolated?" I ask Yasri. The three of us walk down the long counter to the end. My drink is waiting for me there with my name written onto the cup. I grab it and take a sip.

"It is not bad I would say. It is not good either. We are entirely self-reliant which is great. We are not dependant upon any source outside of Eosri, except perhaps in metal. But we do have mines already beginning to be set up with careful consideration of its impact upon the environment. But we have little to worry about being so deep into the territory of the Federation of Janos that war has touched Eosri or even the Holis System. We are not on the Frontier of space or on the outlying systems." Yasri stops speaking as both Yasri's and Chael's drink arrive. Yasri takes a big gulp of his drink. His eyes are closed and he looks so peaceful.

"That still doesn't quite answer my question."

"If you give Yasri a chance he will ramble on forever and not get to his point Alyriel. He needs to highlight his points faster. What I think Yasri is trying to point out is that Eosri is wonderful in that it is entirely self-reliant. It's isolationist policies are both a benefit and a curse. When you have been here for at least over a month or so, let us revisit this conversation about the differences. I think it is best experienced and not told," Chael explains.

"Sure sure! Oh, is the isolationist practices why the Great Library Testing Committee been to Eosri?"

"Right on."

"Eosri's policy that was enforced by the Holis System was a block on immigration except for those of Holis. Eorsi allowed citizens of the Holis close to greater access than those who are not citizens. All visitors are carefully monitored. Non-citizens of the Holis System was allowed access to the Wellness Communities. They are designed to be restorative towards mental healthy," the Dragon unit speaks up.

"I never realized we were so secluded," I mutter to myself.

"All of the Holis System is to a point. We keep ourselves. We do not fight in the war that is taking place on the Frontier with the Kragtu and of course with Empire V'hol." Every child grows up knowing the history of not only the Holis System but also the Federation of Janos. We also know of the war but it seems so unrealistic. How could anyone kill another human being? My heart is feeling squeezed at the thought of this. My breath comes in sharp. My visions blurs for a moment. What would it be like to lose my mother or father?

"Your biometrics are off Alyriel. Do you need help?" Syren pops up and at the same time Chael asks, "Alyriel are you alright?"

"Yes, yes I am." I am breathless. How strange is death? I have never thought of dying before. I have never seen it.

"I believe Alyriel is suffering from the same shock that I have felt when I came to Calper," Yasri informs Chael. Yasri places a hand on my back and guides me to a chair. His hand is warm. It is not cool like Zhim's. It must be a biology difference between Zhim and us. We of Eosri must be naturally warm. They sit at the same table as me their eyes trained on me.

"I am fine, I assure you," I assert. I grip the table harshly for a moment my knuckles turning almost white against my skin before I let go. I am real, I am here. Life is just a bit abnormal.

"It is a shock to the system but we are adaptable. Shall we go play a game of Prime Shuffle?" Yasri says.

"Um, sure that sounds great." We take our drinks with us. Yasri and Chael show me the way to the game room. We manage to find a game table to play Prime Shuffle. Yasri selects the game we are to play from a list of options and the number of players. Then we sit down and a small screen flips up. The hologram in the middle make a whirring sound and it lights up. The cards shuffle across our screen before flipping over to reveal them.

"Since I haven't see you before, this is your first day here, yes?" Chael asks as we begin to play.

"It is!"

"Then we will have to show you around. There is a really cool dance club outside the complex if you would like to go later," Yasri states.

"That would be fun!" Chael laughs at my exclamation.

"Then we shall go, it opens up in three standard hours from now." I find myself falling into an easy camaraderie with my fellow Holis citizens. I learn that Yasri is interested in being a diplomat and that Chael is interested in ecological business ideas. He wants to carry the ideas of the Holis system into the others.

"What are you interested in doing Alyriel?"

"I have been studying a bit of everything. I have not really decided on any kind of major. I have no found my passion yet. I started off on mathematical sciences then switched to life sciences. Chemistry is really fascinating but I have fallen in love with nanotechnology. I have not quite decided where to go though. Thermodynamics was an incredibly fascinating class...I could go on but I do not want to bore you. I have spent long years in college," I admit. Truth was I had a passion for learning. I wanted to learn everything I could.

"You know out of the three of us you are probably most likely to pass the Student to Scholar program," Chael said. I tilt my head in confusion. It clearly must have shown because he continued, "You love to learn. I see the way your eyes light up. Perhaps being here you will find your passion."

"I would like to do so, but it is almost time for the club to open."

"God take it! Let's go! Hurry hurry. Draco order an airlyft for three will you?"

"Sure thing," it says. We rush out of the complex together. Twilight is beginning to dawn upon N'irvor. If I was on Eosri I would get to see the dancing lights begin to dance fiercely and vibrantly against the sky. My heart aches for the only home I have ever known.

"It is a Purple HCC2, right this way." Chael speaks up distracting me from my heart wrenching thoughts. I want to go home so badly. Draco leads the way to the airlyft. We hop into the vehicle together. It is a strange circular vehicle with seats that allows us to sit facing each other. The seats feel velvety soft. The door closes and the interior lights up along the floor. The ceiling lights up with little lights that change colors reminding me of the Dawn is a small table in the middle with another hologram. It whirrs and lights up and music begins to play. It is a strange rapid paced music.

"Pretty neat huh? The HCC2 is a better model than the first one. It allows everyone to sit together instead of being divided into sections," Chael says.

"It is all so much!" Chael and Yaris both laugh at me.

"Do not worry, remember your Navi is there to help you. I wish I had a Navi when I left Eosri for Calper!"

"Hey!" Chael cries out and whacks Yaris in the arm playfully. Yaris laughs uproariously. It is only a couple minutes before the HCC2 vehicle lands. We exit the vehicle to the landing area. The walking street is filled with action, awash with sound and light. There is someone spinning in the ancient tradition of Poi. Another group of people are playing music from instruments and there on the corner are people in circle dancing around a system. The various Navis' are flying about their owners and interacting with each other. It is like being in a festival with everyone being creative, dancing, singing, making music, even dressed up as characters.

"Welcome to the Performers Street," Yaris says. "Reminds you of High Summer Festival, yes?"

"It is! This is incredible! How did you guys learn about it?"

"We did some serious networking when we first got here," Chael said glancing about. "This way."

We arrive at a building with glowing letters that says "Fun House." It is a splash of abstract shapes and colors that clash. Fun House? There is a man standing at the door his arms crossed. His eyes are scanning the street.

"Hey there, we are back for more and we brought a newbie," Chael says to the man.

"Newbie? Ah! You brought a pretty one to the club!" I blush at this. "What a beautiful skin tone, not like those pale star people out there and not like fruit boy over here."

"You are not being nice!" Chael states but there is no sense of outrage in his voice. He looks amused, his brown eyes are shining.

"I'll need your Student IDs," he says. We hand him the IDs and he swipes them through a card reader. "You guys are all set to enter."

The guys lead me into the Fun House. There is a small reception area that is well lit. "Coat Check" is painted onto the desk. Two women behind the desk wave at Chael and Yaris. I follow Yaris through the corridor that dims slowly. It allows our eyes to adjust to the dimly lit room that we enter. It is a cascade of lights, sound, and the crowd. The bass is pounding in the room and I can feel it enter my body. I am ready to move, to dance, to fling my body about. My eyes dart around taking in the room.

The ceiling is a screen that swirls with stars and colors that move. Light up polls dot the dance floor that darken as people swing around and grind against them. Everyone is dancing and some are dancing with the beat and the others seem to be swinging around in strange ways, dancing to who knows what. On a raised dais there is a bar with people milling around it drinking and sitting at tables that glow different colors. The Navi's are all about flying in the air performing aerobatics. There wings glow a starkly in contrast to the dim light. The uniformity that was familiar in Eosri is thrown out the door with this strange creative bunch.

"Let's dance!" Yaris grabs my hand and drags me onto the dance floor. "Chael get drinks!"

The music is strange with its odd electronic sounds and heavy bass. The bass makes my heart pound. I slowly begin to move finding the beat. I share a laugh with Yaris as we dance in a modified form of Eosri's traditional dances. The beats are familiar and not at the same time. They are the same fast paced beats favored by the newest generations of Eosri that I am counted as. I try a few of the moves that I see people doing moving their arms in a jerky robotic fashion. Chael comes over with three bottles and hands us the drinks.


"It is strong and goes down smooth," Yaris says in my ear. I take a sip and warmth runs down my throat. I shiver at the feeling as it settles into my belly. I blink staring for a moment. There is no strange aftertaste. It tastes like water. My eyes widen in shock and I let out a little gasp.

"It tastes like water!"

"It is warming for the soul! It sets a fire into you," Chael says before he chugs away the drink. He gives us a grin and whirls around. I chug the drink in the same manner. Warmth hits me instantly and my body feels feverish. The world seems to be drowning in sound that is a touch to loud. It feels like the sound has surrounded me in cocoon. Chael takes the bottles from us and disappears into the crowd back to the bar. The music switches into a familiar popular song that had even reached Eosri. The crowd screams out in excitement. My body feels like it is weightless moving through water. My eyes track after images of Yaris and Chael. The world seems to fade in and out with the sound surrounding us. Yaris comes back with more All-Clear. I glance up and spot the bluest eyes staring out at me. The person turns away before I can get a good look at them.

"Drink up! Cheers to us! May we graduate as Scholars!" Yaris shouts and we click the bottles and guzzle it down. My head feels fuzzy and the world seems to be moving without me. I loose track of the guys and mixing with the strangers. I keep dancing and my body feels feverish with energy. I whirl and exchange dancers and I my hands are in hers. She is the one with ocean blue eyes that I seen earlier. Her cherry red lips part into a smile and then speaks.

"Hey! Are you from Eosri?" Her voice is smooth. Her lips leave my ear, hot breath trailing along my cheek as she pulls away.

"Yes I am!"

"Me too! I lived in the Northern district! I got into the SCIS Program last year when I was attending the Capital University of Holis," she tells me leaning in close again.

"I lived in the Equater District. I just got into the Student to Scholar Program." I give the information up, quid pro quo. Her arms slide around my shoulders and the sound drowns away. My heart is beating hard and I wonder if she can hear it. She is so beautiful and there is only her, this beauty who is dancing with me. Her hair is beautiful like that shimmers like warm sunlight on a summer day and her skin is the same warm cocoa as mine.

"I figured as much! I saw the campus begin to come alive and all the new faces enter," she says. Her eyes are bright and she takes the lead guiding me into an intimate dance. Her fingers dance across my skin leaving a trail of warmth. The beauty presses into my body grinding herself there for a moment.

"I am Kixeri," she whispers her name against my skin and I shiver. I find myself brave and as she lifts her head up I catch her lips in mine. They are warm and liquid, mine. We linger for a moment caught in this passionate moment.

"It is nice to meet you Kixeri. I am Alyriel." I tell Kixeri as I pull away. She smiles at me with her lips parted. Her pupils have dilated leaving only a blue rim.

"Well Alyriel will you be my partner for tonight?"

"Yes I would like that," I answer my heart pounding and liquid warmth pools in various areas of my body.

"Good, then let's dance." Kixeri muscular body slides against mine and we begin to dance intimately only separating for brief moments. My body is on fire. I wonder if Kixeri burns with the same passionate fire? I glance into her blue eyes and they are ablaze. Her body is hard and mine is soft and yielding. Oh my! Oh my, Kixeri is so beautiful and must be a heart breaker. We dance together and my heart only continues to beat with excitement. Kixeri is all I see right now. We stop at the bar and Kixeri buys more All-Clear. It would be a bad idea I am sure but right now it does not seem to matter. All that matters is this beautiful female before me with those blue eyes and beautiful lips made for kissing. We chug the All-Clear and the world blurs.