This is a short story my brother wrote for one of his assignments, and I really liked it ;) So I thought I'd post it here so you guys could tell me your opinions!

The Choices We Make Influence Who We Become

"Are you kidding," I mumbled to myself, "I have plans to go to play soccer." Of course I would never say this out loud. When my mom asked me to do something I had to do it. That was simply the way it went in my house. My job for the day was to take my grandfather to his appointments. As a child, I worshiped my grandfather. I sat on his lap every chance I got, enjoying the deep rumbling of his voice as he talked to those around him. He was a jovial man, delighting others with tales of adventures he went on as a young man. The stories fascinated me as they were often filled with humour and a funny ending. My favourite thing to do as I sat there listening was to take out his pocket watch and play with it. It was a beauty – gold with wonderful engravings. He had gotten the watch from his father as a gift when he was about my age. As I got older he became a smaller presence in my life. I was busy with school, soccer, and getting together with my friends. In the last few years he had become forgetful and frail, no longer the boisterous man he used to be.

As we left for town, I helped grandfather into the car with an angry face, disappointed at what I had to miss. I had to take him into downtown for a doctor's appointment, then to the bank and finally as if that wasn't enough to visit a friend he wanted to see in Nanaimo. It was going to be a long, torturous day for me. During the drive, grandfather started talking to me about his young life, before he married my grandmother. I think he was trying to tell me that he remembered what it was like to be my age. Like always, I sat there nodding, trying to act like I was paying attention and really impressed. He continued on about his past for the whole ride to Victoria, until I finally found a parking spot for the medical clinic. "How much time do you need?" I asked. "I won't be more than an hour," answered Granddad. I thought of going out for some coffee but then decided to stay with him throughout the appointment.

After the appointment, I took him to the bank a few blocks away. The same thing happened again. I helped him out of the car, helped him into the building, and once he was done back into the car. It was already noon by the time we were done with the two appointments. Our next destination was Nanaimo. I really didn't feel like going. I asked granddad really nicely if he could see his friend another day. Off course, grandfather explained that he hadn't seen Henry for over a year now and he had to see him today. "At our age," he argued "you might no have a next time." Guiltily, I agreed but mostly because of the free lunch I would get before heading to Nanaimo. As I dipped the fries into the ketchup, Grandfather came up with a new topic. He started explaining to me how we got to Canada and why. As he was talking, I listened carefully and this time, I wasn't acting. After he finished explaining the hardships he had to go through I looked at him differently. He had lived in poverty and faced discrimination in order for his family to have a better life. If he hadn't I wouldn't be here, living like a do. I am so lucky to live in a nice house, the best education, the best parents, and a good environment in general.

That lunch we had together really made me appreciate him. After picking grandfather from Henry's house, we started the hour-long drive back to Victoria. Grandfather was really happy with me for helping him out with his appointments and he really emphasized that for me. As he was telling me that, he pulled out the pocket watch I had loved and admired as a child. He politely handed it to me, "It is yours," he quietly whispered. I sat there, surprised and asked, "Are you sure?" "It is yours, just remember me in your prayers."