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She was a pawn.

A pawn of an unjust government who was embroiled in a cosmos-spanning war that cared little for the troops it sent to die out on the far reaches of their territory.

Earth had been colonized and assimilated into the Collective Alliance, a force of thousands of free worlds and empires all working for the common good. The members shared knowledge, wiping out disease and poverty across all the worlds. Earth was now a shining utopia, laughing in the faces of those who had said it couldn't be done.

If there was one problem, it was the sense of brainwashing loyalty that the Alliance demanded of its member planets. Any race or planet that harmed one alliance member was instantly labeled as an enemy to all the planets, and all the resources of the entire Alliance were demanded to defeat the threat… threats that some of them had nothing at all to do with.

About a decade ago, the Alliance planet of Iechilia had been razed to its core by its neighbor Xestrestea in an act of interplanetary war.

The Alliance raised an uproar and declared war on Xestrestea, sending two ships from each of its member worlds towards the planet.

When the massive fleet arrived they saw that a Dominion fleet, supplemented by allies, was awaiting them.

The battle ended in a costly draw for both sides, as the Dominion declared its support for Xestrestea, saying that Iechilia was preparing for war and that the preemptive strike was justified.

So the two great superpowers engaged in a galaxy engulfing war in space and on the surface of thousands of planets.

No diplomacy was tried, no attempts to sit everyone down were brought to the table, and this was war until one side surrendered.

That was twelve years ago now, and it was why she was flying in an Earth-built Starfighter for a pointless fight.

It wasn't that the cause for the war was wrong, it was just that war was automatically the only option for the Alliance, and they insisted upon pulling ships and bodies from the other side of the galaxy.

The battlefront alone was confined to a small space along the border between the two Empires, yet even far off planets such as Earth had to send ridiculous numbers of ships and supplies to the battleground, in order to "Present a united front to the enemy."

The war wasn't showing any signs of slowing down and neither side had achieved any decisive victory, only prolonging the bloody stalemate.

So she, Ruth Kacon, was now flying towards a battlefield where she wouldn't be able to make one shred of a difference, and she would most likely never see Earth again.

She was just a pawn her commanders moved, not understanding the larger game that was being played at all.

Her head turned to look at the Starfighter flying next to her, and she smiled behind her helmet.

The fighter belonged to her partner, Trask Gulforth, and he was the only reason she wanted to survive the war.


They'd met at the training academy as pilots, and had become good friends over simulated battle sessions. He was smart… almost to the point of rivaling aliens who pure function was brainpower, and had an in-depth knowledge of all things tactical.

Space, Air, Land, Sea, on any planet you could name, with any faction and with any sized army. He would be able to give you a strategy to survive at the least and thrive at the most. You could throw in any variable and he'd have an answer.

It took him a few minutes to analyze the battle, but he could do it… if he had the time.

She was more of an on her feet thinker, able to notice subtle changes in the midst of a battle and direct her forces accordingly. She was able to be at peace between all the noise and chaos of a dogfight or an assault on a fortified position and made rational decisions changing her plan at a moment's notice for a new development.

They built off of one another, with him leading the simulation as the battle started and her making changes as the battle progressed. They used their strengths to compensate for the other's weakness, and it was effective.

High Command noticed.


The week before they were shipped to the battlefront, they were called into Command and told that they were now a unit… never to be apart except in the most extreme of circumstances. They were, for all intents and purposes, one person.

They were then each given an ingestible biochip that would connect them on an emotional and telepathic level, enabling them to communicate information under any circumstances.

Then they were shipped to the front lines a week later.

Ruth took a deep breath as the instruments on her fighter alerted her that they would be leaving hyperspace in about five Earth minutes.

She closed her eyes for a moment and prepared for battle. Information was sketchy at best, so preparing for a battle seemed like the best thing to do.

The five minutes passed far quicker than she wanted, as the reinforcement fleet leapt out of hyperspace.

No lasers flashed by her hull, no sounds of battle filled her comlink, and the Alliance ship they had come to reinforce rested peacefully in the blackness of space.

After a scan around the vicinity of the ship and being scanned in turn, the fighters were allowed to dock while the bigger ships floated into formation alongside the other cruiser.


The next week passed by, teaching them the rules of life in the Alliance army.

The ship was a battle station in itself, with a crew of 1,600 humans and aliens, and each of them were divided into two man teams. They would eat, sleep, and go into battle together… and were rarely apart to promote unity and healthy competition.

However, they were the only mixed gender partnership in the entire ship, so this made them a target for some… rather vulgar gossip.

Upon them denying the gossip was true, dozens of males repeatedly tried to woo her, but she brushed them all aside. She needed to focus on Trask and their connection, not another guy, as she had promised him that no one would get in the way of their partnership.

And she always kept her promises.

Ruth and Trask had one noticeable difference between them, while they were both very smart, she was much more muscular than he was. Ruth had trained her entire life to fight, and her strong arms and legs showed it.

Trask was about her height, but long, lanky, and awkward. He could shoot a laser well enough, but any form of physical combat was too much for him.

Oftentimes, the jealous males would then take the anger of their rejection out on Trask, often insulting him… saying he wasn't good enough to be the partner of a beautiful woman like her.

The men didn't understand how deep their connection went. She had learned to detect even the subtlest changes in his emotions and moved swiftly to fix them.

So in short, anyone who picked on Trask, got her fist in their face… repeatedly, because she always knew when he needed her.

So when they sparred with the other teams of recruits, both mentally and physically, she paid special attention to anyone that teased them. Then she destroyed them.


She entered their room after a long training session, noticing that he was on his datapad as usual. They had been told by the Commander of the ship that they were taking part in an air campaign against the Dominion world of Tospion.

So Trask was already researching the world, its inhabitants, and the reports of what Dominion forces that were on the world. She could practically feel the data connecting itself in his mind, and she leaned over to hug him.

"Sorry to interrupt" She smiled "I'm going to grab a shower, then hit the bed."

He smiled back, leaning into her touch. "Okay Ruth, I've got a few notes to take then I'll join you."

Ruth kissed his cheek, looking at the two bunk beds that took up the side of the room. The top one was made and seamless, while the other was built for two.

The biochip that connected them emotionally had a small downside, they often felt the other's strong emotions and were influenced by them.

Her anger at the bullies on the ship combined with his anger at not feeling good enough for her had influenced them strongly… cumulating in several passionate make-outs in the engine room, and a decision to give at least some truth to the rumors that they were more than sharing quarters.

They were lovers, and it only made them stronger.

As she came out from her shower and climbed into bed, she felt his arms encircle her and knew that no matter what she'd keep him safe. Because he was her only constant.

The next day, the entire ship was abuzz with the excitement of battle as the crews checked out their fighters and the small fleet leapt to hyperspace.

Ruth and Trask flew side by side through hyperspace, comlinks were down for security reasons, but their mental facilities open and ready.

The timers on their ships blinked, and Ruth exhaled.

Good Luck Trask… I love you she thought, trying to keep her voice steady.

She felt his chuckle as he replied. I make my own luck Ruth, but I love you more.

Then they exited hyperspace, and everything fell apart.

The four capital ships spread out and descended into the planet's atmosphere, unleashing turbolaser and missile blasts onto the planet's defenses, well out of range of the ground lasers.

Then their Starfighters swept down, peppering the defenses with missiles and bombs as ground lasers and tanks opened fire.

Dominion soldiers leapt into starships and the air soon became thick with dogfights as transports landed on the grassy surface, charging towards the Dominion base, and the main bastion of resistance on the planet. If this was taken, then the planet could fall into Alliance hands.

Turrets popped out of the ground and opened fire as the white armored Dominion soldiers rushed out of the base, taking up positions behind tanks and walkers as they opened fire.

Lasers and rockets zipped back and forth mixed with the screaming of soldiers and the deafening sounds of explosions as Starfighters crashed into the open area between the two sides.

Ruth swerved her fighter as a burst of antiaircraft fire erupted in front of her, and turned around, blasting away at the cannons with her lasers.

A satisfying explosion filled her viewport as her weapons hit their mark, and she pulled up for a victory loop.

Trask had ducked low over the battlefield, shooting his missiles at a cluster of Dominion tanks that had pinned down an advancing column of Alliance troops. He rolled as he fired, letting the lasers from the tanks zip past him as he soared above the explosions.

His eyes drifted towards the battle screen in his fighter. Casualties were light and the Alliance was handling anything the Dominion threw at them. They would win the day, he knew it.

"Attention blue squadron, this is Command. An airfield on this planet has been supplying fuel to the Dominion fighters, we don't want any reinforcements coming from the field, so take it out."


Ruth heard the order and complied. Transports were dropping off Alliance tanks and heavy weapons anyway, and the Dominion air defenses could be handled by the other squadrons.

She could feel Trask's frustration through their connection and instantly moved to calm him down.

We're winning, and a quick detour from the plan will not lose the war.

Yeah, but I don't like it. He responded, calmed down nonetheless as the twenty fighters sped towards their new objective.

The airfield was an eyesore on the planet's surface, but the fighters had not launched. Ruth smiled behind her helmet. Perfect targets.


Missiles streaked out of the fighters and smashed into the sitting planes, turning the airfield into a wreck in a matter of seconds.

Ruth exhaled and led the squad around, feeling Trask's relief at getting back to the battle, getting back to the plan.

Then his fighter suddenly sparked as his left wing burst into flames.

Ruth! I've got engine failure!

His voice was like a shout in her mind and she forced herself to push it out, panicking now wouldn't help him. Even though she'd been over his plane at least two dozen times, failure was an impossibility.

Trask, listen carefully, I need you to land in the field… just land and I'll come for you. She attempted to send her calmness to him, needing him to make a rational decision.

She cursed as her screen lit up, some Dominion fighters had encountered them, and the survivors of the airfield were already sallying out.

"Trask land!" She shouted into her comlink, not caring who heard.

"I've lost the engines… I can only steer." He groaned "Ejection button was damaged."

Ruth's eyes widened in horror as she watched his fighter spiral and crash into the ground, exploding and kicking up dirt on impact.

Her emotions were overwhelmed by his for a brief instant, fear and love mixed together, but then her anger shoved them all aside.

Sabotage was impossible, but a stray shot from a Dominion fighter was not.

"Blue squadron keep those fighters off of me! I'm going for Trask!" She growled, opening fire with her lasers at the soldiers around the airfield. Every Dominion soldier she cut down only added to her rage as she landed her fighter by his, opening the cockpit and drawing her pistol.

She screamed as she shot the surviving Dominion troops, keeping them away from Trask's plane. Lasers whizzed by her head, but she didn't care… all she cared about was getting to her partner.

Explosions from above signaled that Blue squadron had cleared the skies, and already a medical shuttle was descending onto the field.

She shot the last Dominion trooper in the head and ran towards Trask, pulling back the smoke filled cockpit with a strength she didn't know she had. She took off his helmet and reached towards his neck, unwilling to believe he was really gone.

After a tense filled moment, then another… she felt a weak pulse.

Relief crashed over her like a tidal wave as the medical shuttle landed, letting workers out who pulled him from the wreckage and loaded him on the shuttle.

She re-entered her fighter and lifted up, flying back towards the remnants of the main battle, which was an Alliance victory.

But at what cost?


He was in a coma, hooked up to machines and tended to by doctors, who could do anything but couldn't seem to wake him up.

When they boarded the frigate, she had rushed to his side immediately, absorbing the reports the doctors gave like a sponge. His legs were badly damaged in the crash, his internal organs were fine and the bleeding had stopped… that was all they knew.

Every moment she couldn't be with him, she was in their room, taking advantage of the benefits of Alliance technology. Thanks to minuscule cameras implanted inside every fighter, soldier, and weapon she was able to reconstruct a three-dimensional hologram of the battle.

She had been the first and last person to check on his fighter, and nothing was wrong with the engines or any other component, so she re-watched the battle, again and again, trying to discover what made his ship go down.

And there it was!

The point of impact, when his ship had first had problems.

Something had definitely struck his engine, it was a small projectile, but that could do the job. Now her eyes scanned the battlefield, prepared to see who had fired that shot… who she would have to kill.

The shot had, curiously, not come from the airfield. It had come from farther off… much farther. She scanned the battlefield for snipers, although a sniper bolt, even from a high powered gun, would have had to strike the engine at precisely the right point to trigger a crash.

The Dominion snipers were all aiming away from the airfield, as were the Alliance ones.

Except for one man.


The best sniper on the ship.

His sniper rifle was aimed towards the airfield, and a quick rewind of the hologram, so she could follow the path of the shot, showed that his blast had shattered the energy line of his fighter, the line that provided energy to all the systems of the ship.

He had shot her Trask down, and what was worse… she knew why.

Veagnilae was a Kharadon, a species notorious for using pheromones to get what they wanted, and Veagnilae wanted her.

She'd brushed him off the same as the other males, but he wouldn't accept a no. He had even cornered her in a closet and attempted to seduce her, and when her will proved stronger than the pheromones he'd attempted to take her by force.

Thankfully, Trask had sensed that she was in extreme distress and had arrived with three guards, and they stunned him before any physical damage was done.

Still, the emotional damage was part of what had pushed her into Trask's arms, and this only fueled Veangilae's hatred of him.

Command had promptly reassigned him to sniper support instead of fighter duty, and within a day he was off the ship.

Ruth's fists clenched as she watched the hologram one final time, to make sure he was guilty, before rushing to Trask's bedside.

She was able to enter the medical room, and the doctors left them alone.

Smiling, hoping she could feel how calm she was, she sat down and watched his face, noticing how peaceful he looked.

A scaly hand suddenly rested on her shoulder, and she jumped, turning to face the Kharadon that had ruined her life, and her partnership.

"Hey Ruth" He smiled, not reacting as she shook him off, "I'm sorry your partner got shot down, but I just want you to know I'm here for you… in case he doesn't make it."

Ruth inhaled the sweet and heavy smell of his pheromones, letting her anger flare and burn them away from her. Her will, supported by her anger, was far too strong for him.

She stood up, realizing his plan, he was planning on comforting her if Trask died… counting that she would leap into his arms because of it.

Her mouth opened, ready to deliver a scathing and obscenity filled retort, when her fist abruptly lashed out, smashing into his jaw and knocking him backward.

"Trask will survive, and I don't need your comfort… and never will!" She yelled, letting her anger bask in the small victory.

Thanks to her yelling, doctors and guards rushed into the room, grabbing Veangilae and forcing him out at the end of a stun pistol.

"Sorry miss, he got past our security, but he won't again." The doctor added as he turned to leave, knowing the tense situation between the Kharadon and Ruth.

Ruth sat back down and reached out to grab Trask's hand, calming down as she squeezed his fingers between hers.

The machines he was connected to let out a loud beep, and the doctor paused, "Miraculous… his vitals are stabilizing. And the biochip is starting to show increased levels of activity."

"We're connected" She replied, increasing her hold on him, striving to feel his emotions in her brain again.

"His biochip was damaged and rendered inert during the crash" The doctor said, taking notes on his datapad "But it's responding to you, almost as if it wants to connect again"


Ruth stayed where she was, holding his hand tightly as doctors and medical droids wheeled in and out of the room, operating on him again.

They sounded optimistic as they took their reports, but her eyes stayed locked on his. She sent message after message into his brain, hoping to further kick start the damaged chip, hoping for an aFinally,

After three hours, his eyes opened, and the two brown orbs smiled at her.

He was alive.

You okay love? She asked softly.

With you here I am. He responded.

She winced a bit, his response was… different. It wasn't like a gentle pressure on her mind, it was louder.

And coming from inside her own head.


She didn't understand a word the scientists and lab coats said about their new condition, and she didn't care at all. All she knew was that it added to the depth of their relationship.

When they tried to use the chip to connect like normal, they didn't share information, his thoughts and memories instead entered her mind almost giving her a second brain.

It took some getting used to, but the new level of comfort made up for the sad fact that he would spend the rest of his life with a robotic lower half.

His legs had been too badly burned during the crash to be repaired, so he had been given two robotic ones. They looked and felt almost the same, but she knew he hated them.

They lowered his speed, reaction time, and he couldn't perform all the precise maneuvers that a normal leg could. The worst of all, he couldn't give her children.

Ever since they had gotten physical in their romance, children had always been a topic of conversation for them, and now that dream had been shattered.

She didn't mind that because their new connection kept him safe.

She didn't have to watch out for him on the battlefield, he was inside her head, which meant it was her body taking the hits and in the most danger, she was his shield.

And every time she took a risk or threw herself against an impossible obstacle, she envisioned Veangilae shooting him down, and then she pulled the trigger.


After two weeks of their new connection, Ruth found herself happy with the results. Adding his long-term battle planning to her short term actions almost instantaneously, made them the greatest fighters in the Alliance.

Ruth and Trask soon became legends, with many pilots joining their squadron or giving them leadership roles of their own squadrons until the pair commanded all the fighter and bomber craft available to them and led the fleets to greater victories against the Dominion.

Still, being the leaders was exhausting, and Ruth eagerly looked forward to the days where they could both just climb in bed and sleep off the stress of the day in each other's arms.

This was one of those days.

Ruth had her arms and legs securely wrapped around his as they lay together on the cot. He was in her mind now, and his presence was a warm comforting blanket around her stressed and angry brain.

She wished she could thank him, tell him that their new connection was everything she could ever need, that she loved how much they could understand one another.

Especially how he could stimulate the pleasure center of her brain at will, making her stress just melt away under his mental touch. But the words just wouldn't come out, try as she might to make them.

But as they lay together in the dark, she knew that he knew.

The next day, alarm signals woke the fleet officers as Dominion ships, at least ten cruisers and a frigate, burst from hyperspace and launched an all-out attack on the still slumbering Alliance force.

Shields were raised and battle was given as the Alliance force of dreadnoughts and fighters responded, and soon Ruth was up in the air, taking command of the starships.

Her ship cleaved through Dominion fighters like a hot knife as she weaved through missiles and lasers, returning fire with her own weapons as Trask advised her.

She and the ships under her command flew rings around the Dominion fighters and filled the empty space between the capital ships with explosions and debris.

Still, despite their valiant effort, the Alliance capital ships were taking a beating from the Dominion Warships and were already beginning to pull back into the planet's atmosphere.

"All fighter squadrons, protect the capital ships! Fall back and keep the bombers off of them!" Ruth ordered, moving her ship down to blast a Dominion bomber to pieces.

Her eyes flickered upwards to focus on the ship Trask was on, watching the battle from a viewscreen, and she kept her fighter between any bombers that attempted to destroy it.

Ruth, I'm fine focus on the battle. Dominion Gunships are heading your way!

She shook her head and turned, opening fire on the gunships.

The cube-like missile platforms moved forward, already firing their powerful weapons at the engines of the fleeting Capital ships. Their missiles let off blue trails as they smashed into the engines, causing massive explosions.

Ruth opened fire again, cursing as her lasers were deflected by powerful shields, before firing off a pair of her own missiles.

The struck gunship exploded as she swung around for another pass.

Other fighters fired their own missiles and torpedoes, destroying the gunships before they could sluggishly attempt to dodge, but they had done their work.

One capital ship had already overloaded and was falling to the planet's surface in pieces, while a second was in flames.

Laser bombardments from the Dominion ships lanced down, slamming into the already overloaded shields of the remaining Alliance Dreadnoughts, and it was evident they weren't going to last much longer.

Ruth, I'm evacuating the ship… In escape pod now… see you in a bit

The words cut through her already overloaded brain and she panicked as his presence left her head. Instantly she flew towards the ship he was on, gliding past debris and other pods as the rain of Dominion lasers pelted them and the ground.

Then the ship exploded, and her fighter was tossed around like a leaf in a hurricane as she struggled to regain control.

Questions bombarded her head and she only wished that Trask was in her mind to answer them. Was he alive? Was he okay? What if he was caught in the blast? Escape pods weren't that strong!

Emergency signals from the unscathed pods flashed on her screen. "Fighters, teams of two, pick a pod and rescue the survivors." She ordered, taking a breath to calm her voice as she sought to search for Trask's presence, willing her biochip to find his again.

Then she felt it!

The familiar presence hit her like a thunderbolt. Ruth, I'm okay love… my pod is at coordinates 360 by 210… can't wait to see you…

Then he was gone.

Ruth located the signal of his pod, seconds before it blinked off her screen. "No… no Trask!" She screamed, pushing her fighter's engines to the limit as she zoomed towards the coordinates.

She soon saw the pod and landed her fighter, leaping out and seeing two figures, one standing over the other.

"It's a shame, your pod will be destroyed in action and a cruel Dominion EMP blast ruined your useless legs. Ruth will be sad that her partner was found shot in the chest, but don't worry. I'll take good care of her… give it a week, and she won't even remember you."

Ruth drew her pistol and took aim "Veangilae! Step away from Trask."

The Kharadon turned, black eyes blinking and lips curled, "Stay away Ruth! I'm killing your pathetic partner, and you'll be mine at last!" He grabbed Trask and held him up, like a human shield "I'm a sniper, but I'm going to enjoy breaking your puny neck by hand."

Trask swung his arm back and drove his elbow into Veangilae's stomach, knocking the wind out of him as Ruth fired a warning shot.

"On your knees! Now!" She roared.

Veangilae drew a pistol of his own and aimed at Ruth "Fine… If I can't have you, no one can!"

One pistol shot rang out, and the Kharadon stumbled backward with a smoking hole in his chest.

Ruth rushed over to Trask and helped him up. "Sorry Ruth… stupid Kharadon hit me with an EMP."

She covered his face with kisses, happy that no one else was around to witness him kissing her back.


About five minutes later they pulled apart, both of them overwhelmed by the feeling of being alive. Even with the war and the battles and the almost pointless bloodshed, they were both alive and okay.

As long as that stayed the same, they could handle anything.


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