She awoke to terror. Her chest felt numb and fragile. The last thing she recalled was the man who approached her. Her waking vision was blurred and she coughed liquidly. She tried to keep herself from falling from the upright position she was in, only to slip as the rain covered the strange cubicle she was in. Looking up she squinted, she was inside some strange shower that was pouring over her. Her body was covered in a flimsy gown except her chest which was wrapped in a strange tank top that was extremely tight. She coughed again and to her horror blood came out. She screamed for help, but no one answered. She pounded on the clear glass of the cubicle she was in but no one helped. She pounded harder, and the glass shuddered. As it shuddered steam started seeping from the showerhead that rained liquid upon her. Looking up she screamed and pounded upon the glass more, but her pounding became weaker and weaker.

Outside the cubicle a man sitting with a laptop in hand watched as the pounding continued, weaker and weaker until it finally stopped. He wiped a bead of sweat from his forehead and sighed in relief.

"Good thing that actually worked. I'll have to figure out better protocols for this. Once the serum's completely kicked in, she'll be able to get out before that gas does anything."

A woman standing by the cubicle glanced at him in amusement. "Yes, you'll need safety measures, considering what you've done." She turned to leave the room. "Contact me if you need anything else, Mastermind. It is always a pleasure to help my villains out." Then in a puff of black smoke, she vanished.

"Hmmph! Showoff. As if I need to be in debt to you anymore than I am. Ah well, this project will get me exactly what I need, even if it doesn't come in the form I wanted."

He looked over at his prisoner and smiled, "Soon my tests will be done, and you can wake up for good. Once Stockholm's sets in, I won't have to worry about a thing."

The Hero II woke up. He stared around him blankly, listening for any threats that could have woken him. Everything seemed as peaceful as the Establishment's main building could be, for running a group of superheroes. He got up deciding that it must have been a dream that startled him awake so suddenly ignoring the chill that seemed to run down his spine. Prescience was not an ability he possessed after all, so it was nothing he need worry about. Deciding that as he was up, though it was three in the morning he might as well start his day, he got up and put on workout clothes. Although Hero II was an all around generic hero, [with superstrength, flight, and invulnerability being his main powers] if one somewhat stronger than most, he still took it upon himself to work out of a morning. Many of the other heroes who were members of the Establishment thought it was bit overdoing it of Two, as they affectionately called him to differentiate him from his predecessor-Hero I- but never called him on it as everyone had their own little quirks and if Two wanted to act as though it was necessary to maintain his abilities through exercise than who were they to say anything? Two was well aware of the fact that they all saw it as his quirk but never let on, as it was his way of feeling normal. It was not well known after all, that Two had been born normal, without even the gene for powers. A mad villain had created his powers, but had foolishly not prepared for the possibility he could escape with them. Hero I had taken him in, completely unaware of how to use his powers, and shown him how to live as a powered. Two shook his head bemusedly, in the time he had been ruminating about his past he had made it to the gym.

"Did the mists wake you?"

Two smiled at the brown haired woman in the gym.

"No, Doe, I just woke and felt like starting my day early."

Doe smiled, "Early is good, although I am late for I have not yet slept."

Two listened closely as she spoke; had he not had super hearing, he would have needed to be closer for she always spoke in near a whisper.

"Why haven't you slept? Are migraines troubling you again?" The woman whose powers allowed her to warp reality itself smiled and shook her head.

"Something has happened, and the One said it was important. The mists of the city had an odd tinge to them that spoke of sorrow and screams."

A chill crawled up Two's back once more but he ignored it, as he nodded politely and left Doe to her own devices. The One was a part of her odd beliefs. Most heroes, however were convinced that Doe was just projecting her reality abilities onto her beliefs and ignored it whenever possible.

After an hour, Two left the gym, ignoring the fact that once again, his special workout had not left him tired nor even feeling like he had worked out. To this day, the Establishment had still not been able to determine his strength limit.

He then went to his office, turning on the lights as he went, so that he might get some paperwork done. The Establishment was part of the government, and Hero II was one of the leaders of the Establishment, thus paperwork always existed. He sighed. Paperwork was dull, but his outside shift wouldn't start for a few more hours. He decided as he had extra time this morning, he would work on next year's schedule.

The Establishment, as any workplace does, ran in shifts. Each full-time shift lasted eight hours, unless something unusual occurred, or a hero was injured in duty. There were part-timers as well, but their shifts usually varied. Some part-timers only worked when they ran across trouble, and were only listed so as to prevent being mislabeled a vigilante.

Two muttered to himself as he worked, not even noticing as other members of the Establishment came in to work in their offices and desks as the day moved on.

A villainess smiled as she retired for her daily sleep. The heroes were working as usual, her many villains were plotting, and not far from one of the Establishment's many buildings, a new villain was being created. She allowed herself an evil laugh. I knew recruiting that man while he was drunk was a good idea. Who knew bad college shenanigans would lead to such a useful villain in my collection?