For Want of Jam

Written By: William Logan Bailey III | Edited & Published By: Riley Miller

Chapter One

Robert Maxwell Canton was not a man you would like to meet.

The youth of twenty-one stood a respectable six feet and four inches, towering over most men. His eyes were green, and piercing, and caused many a man who meet him to be rather unnerved – even at his gaze. His hair was brown, and kept short and neat, a sense of composure and tidiness radiating from him. While his appearance was rather formal, and more than a bit intimidating, it was Robert's attitude that was the greatest deterrent one had to meeting the man.

Curt, rude, formal, and with almost no patience for anything not related to whatever business Robert was conducting, the man's abrasive, sarcastic disposition was the greatest factor in his despicability. He spoke for only two reasons: to conduct business, or to reprimand someone for not doing so. He was always looking for ways to help his father's company grow, and carried out all things he was asked to do without question. He called all other pursuits 'Frivolous' and 'unimportant', though some staff of his family's residence had seen him reading on more than one occasion. He found working with others to be a hassle, as nobody could keep up with his work, and he didn't car for people in the first place.

All in all, Robert was just a young man with no tolerance for anything but his work…

Or, he was. He isn't Now…

Not Anymore.