Chapter 6


Robert Maxwell Canton was becoming a better man.

After his escapade in Morocco, Robert began to change. Slowly, but surely, he shed his aloof personality, made friends, changed his clothes every so often. He visited his father shortly after his adventure, and the two had a heart-to-heart conversation which jumpstarted Robert's metamorphosis. He became polite, kind, and generally a pleasant man.

Soon, Robert's Father got word of an important convention between many important figures in his field of work, potential investors and partners to be found. As a sort of "final test", Robert was asked to represent him and his father at the convention, to which Robert agreed immediately.

He would go to the event eight months after his change of heart, on a flight headed for Sydney, Australia. He would go to the Ivy Ballroom, where the convention was held- though he soon realized the word was not the right one to describe the event, "Negotiating dance" was a better term to describe it.

He would shock everyone there with his newfound happiness and manners, something that still surprised himself. He would walk through the crowd, find an old friend, and reminisce on the errand that changed his life.

His recollection would end, and he would chuckle to himself, wondering how something this life-changing could stem from a man who wanted some jam.