Who knows, what lies beneath The covers of good and innocence and good and love?
When all masks fall,
They show their teeth,
And who you thought is a pure dove,
Are devil's spawn in human skin,
Who don't belong in our kin...
Yes, Quis est mendax, and people's pain and sorrow,
Do not infuse us all with grief,
And we continue with our POV,
And we exclude other beliefs...
We all live in our cozy place,
A place, where you believe and love yourself,
We put our feelings in a box,
And hide it deep inside a shelf.
So we forget...
Bombings, terror, starving, pain,
What good from THAT we, humans, gain?
A private life& Gods, who needs that?
Let's check all things he ever had:
Photos, money, journals, PASSWORD!
Now let us barge into his life,
And leave his privacy on a knife:
Just one wrong move, and it is gone...

Power, lies, manipulation,
This is all that rules our nation,
Everything's controlled with fear...
You don't know, who do you trust,
So that the trust won't be disgust...
Hateful, cruel, evil schemes,
Bloody, gory, dark, dark themes...
Get lives destroyed, to live off yours...
Constant plots and clever ploys.