"Wish upon that star, my dear, and we'll have this night forever."

"Silly man, one night is never enough, as I'd rather be granted the rest."

A velvet dusk settled behind the black, clouded atmosphere. Plumes of gray swept toward the horizon by a wind that lacked a needed chill were lit by harsh, blood-red pools of liquid flame, spilling up the crater walls.

"I'll take whatever time god gives us, and cherish it for you."

"You'll take far too little for my liking, despite serving my memory."

The veil of smoke hid from the world the two souls within destruction's lap, staving off the darkness that was an end to far too few nights spent together. Above, the final stars of a show that ended too soon swept across the sky, falling into nothing.

"I'd stay until the next one comes to take me with you, my dear."

"And forever you would wait, for none would be so cruel."

Clasped in hands unwilling to let go of anything anymore was the soul of twilight itself, dark as night yet sparkling like the sunset, and broken as the heart that cradled it. He held it to himself as much as he held it to her, pouring every wish his soul could give into the fallen star.

"Yet cruel they are to leave us like this, and crueler they've been to make it so."

"The world knows why it takes a life; a second cannot change its mind."

The white-stained-red lay still beneath the shadow of black-burnt-blacker. The hot, dusty ground seemed to grow colder as slowly as her body did. Slowly, but still far quicker than was right, by the judgment of one man forced to vainly wish against it.

"Then damn the world—forget its cruelty. We'll rid ourselves of such nonsense, and make our own heaven."

"Ah, my love, but heaven is a long way from you, no matter how closely you hold me."

The broken star, cold as stone since it fell from the eyes of the sun, slipped from a numb-fingered grip to touch the earth a second time. The fire-lit crater was silent, save for those loving whispers from one life to the next. His tears joined the other upon the ground.

"Forgive me, as I cannot trust my mind anymore, but will I still meet you there?"

"I have no doubt that I will see you again. The stars can never take that much away."

He lay his head to hers, daring one last kiss. Her lilting gaze fell closed in the moment. There in the heart of the night, as the fires dimmed and the clouds abated, their gazes met once more.

"How am I to go on now, with no light left in my life?"

"Silly man, I'll hold to your soul until my memory fades for good. Until that time, you must never give up, for that would mean forgetting."

Eyes slid shut for a final time, and a heart played its last beat. The night sky above, clear and bright as night could be, revealed the heavens in all their glory. He grasped the sun-shed star in his fist—the one that struck the light from his life—and tipped his head to that sky.

"A wish not even the gods could grant, is it?"

There was no answer to be heard. He lost the will to challenge the fact in any way but sending the star back to the sky it came from, crying out in vain as it sailed away into the night.