There's plastic toys and artsy shit

Hand drawn comics and memory cards

Trinkets from Dallas

Clothes from Shreveport

Photos from San Fran

Bruises from Houston

I keep stumbling on

relics of our past

I'm trying to move on

But I keep tripping over

Memories of you

Mr. Cash once said

We build on our failures,

Well I'm building a palace

On top of every broken

Part of me

You left your mark in

I'll make myself at home

Put everything away

And just when I thought

I had gotten rid of it all

A piece of you will stare

Right back at me

I keep stumbling on those

Parts of our story

I'm trying to move on

But I keep finding these

Memories of you

I can't sleep, he keeps screaming

Thunder clashing my heart racing

Please just let me be dreaming

But I can't sleep, he keeps screaming

Please let this have some meaning

Wolves howling, my mind pacing

I can't sleep he just keeps screaming

I've heard friends are

The greatest treasures of life

I've found priceless jewels

flawless diamonds

And I think you're just plastic

I used to stumble on

Relics of our past

But I've moved on and

I've torched those

Memories of you