I pull my shirt close around my arms and shiver, feeling the cool air on my skin. "Why are windows so effective…" I roll my chair back, standing up on my cold feet and grip the edge of the window with just my fingers. For a second I wait, staring out into the night and I feel the cold breeze gently, just gently, tickling my nose.

I force the stubborn window closed with a grunt and rub my hands together, bringing them up to my mouth and blowing warm air onto them. "It's bloody cold in here…" I mutter on the verge of chattering teeth. I rub my nose with the back of my wrist and sit back down in my chair and tuck my feet back under my legs.

I should probably grab a blanket but mine are all in perfect order for a cozy bed and I don't want to mess it up. So I scrunch my nose and shiver again.

Suddenly, without even a flicker all lights in my room cut out, even the dimly lit computer screen, and it gets very dark. I straighten my back, looking around the room with a raised brow. "Power outage?"

I uncurl my legs from under me and my feet pad against the wood flooring as I walk quietly over to the light switch. I flip it a few times, staring up at the light bulbs, and absolutely nothing happens. I press my mouth closed and exhale through my nose, trying to ignore all the scary thoughts that come to my mind. I close my eyes and put both hands on my hips staring out at my room.

I hear a small sound, just barely loud enough to be heard above the silence; I strain my ears trying to make it out. My heart also speeds up noticeably.

I hear it again, it's coming from my window, a gentle sound like a little tap tap tap. Fumbling up some bits of courage into my mind, I fairly cautiously approach the window. I stare out beyond the window, but no shadows of anything that could cause such a noise are seen.

I clench my fist once, release it, and clench it again before finally hooking my hands under the window, and swinging it up. I suddenly feel the cool air and it chills my lungs, I press my hands to the windowsill and just carefully lean out into the night, looking one way, then the other. Nothing.

But suddenly his eyes are in front of mine, glistening like little moons themselves. "Hello."

I yelp, flinging my head back into the room. But I trip over my own feet and fall to the ground with a thud.

"Ouch, looks like that hurt." He says, folding his arms on the windowsill, staring down at me. I look up darkly and lean forward pressing with my hands back up to my feet. "You look grumpy today." He teases, boosting himself up into the frame of the window. "I'm only grumpy because you spooked me." I said, suddenly placing a hand on his shoulder and shoving him with all my strength off the window. "Hey!" He falls, and I wait to hear the sound of him crashing onto the roof below. The sound is not heard.

Instead, his eyes appear, just above my windowsill with a slightly less than amused look to them. "That wasn't very funny." He says, floating up further.

"You can fly, what's the deal." I turn my back to him staring to walk away.

But suddenly he's there again, right in front of my face just hovering, his blue eyes like small stars. I stop where I stand not moving.

A smirk creeps onto his face and he floats up above my head, "The deal, is trust. You're supposed to catch me when I fall. That's how trust falls work."

"Catch yourself." I say, not bothering to look up to him. I feel his hands around my waist, very gently though. The sound of his feet landing on the ground is so quiet I can hardly hear it.

He trickles the back of two fingers up the center of my back and over my shoulder to right around the center of my collarbone. I scrunch my bare toes.

For a second we just stand there, until the contact becomes too much and I step away from his hands pulling my own arms close.
"You're heart's very fast you know that?" He asks.

"A little straight forward are we?" I say back.

"We both know I'm not like that."

I sit back down in my chair, pulling my feet close. I stare at one spot on the floor but I am completely aware as he slowly, floats towards me from in the air. "Bad day?" He asks.

"That's random."

"Am I right though?"

I didn't say anything.

He gently shifts down to his feet, standing there with his hands in his pockets, and his ice blue eyes staring down at me.

I am aware as he suddenly picks up one of my hands with caution, holding it up so he can look closely at it. I feel my fingers get spread apart and pressed together, and I shiver at his cold hands.

I pull my hand away from him, holding it in my other. "Your hands are cold." I say.

"Yours are too."

He leans down, draping his arms around my head and leaning his face into my shoulder. I stare out over his jacket and shiver again. I feel his hair against my cheek, ever so gently and his smell floods my mind.

"Close your eyes." I hear him whisper into my ear.


He didn't respond. I shut my eyes anyway.

I felt him very slowly pull his arms back until I no longer feel any bit of him around me. There was a single moment when I thought for sure he left the room as another cruel joke. But I was wrong when I suddenly felt something very soft against my lips.

I felt my breath leave my lungs and held very very still, "keep them closed." He murmured against my lips and I obliged, obediently.

He pressed slightly harder, not at all in any aggressive way- in a passionate way. I felt his hand on the side of my waist, and his other on my arm, gently.

But too soon, I no longer felt him, and to that I very slowly opened my eyes.

His icy, deep, blue ones stared back at me with as much intimacy as an entire ocean. He lowered a hand over my eyes; I closed them under his will, fading into the darkness behind my eyelids.

I lost track of time in that moment, lost where I was, lost who I was, lost what I was. But somehow, I still remembered him, fresh above all else in my mind.

When I finally did open my eyes, I found myself in an empty room with the lights turned on and the window wide open.

But placed ever so gently on the windowsill, a single white lily, it's petals quivering in the gentle breeze of the night.