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Epilogue: Is There Somewhere?

'Cause I clutched your arms like stairway railings, and you clutched my brain and eased my ailing. You're writing lines about me; romantic poetry.

"I can't believe no one's spray painted over it," Isaac mused. I backhanded his arm.

"I can't believe you just fucking jinxed it," I reprimanded, only half kidding.

It was the Sunday before exams started, and Isaac had to drag me away from my desk to bring me to the graffiti bridge. (Actually, once I got him to admit where he was taking me I practically drove us there myself.) We parked in the same spot we always did (as this started to become our favorite haunt) and even though I could actually get across the rocky area myself he insisted on helping me. The trash bag full of most likely empty beer cans and used up cigarettes was still there. (And I still greeted it like there was a dead body inside of it.)

"Oh yeah, shit," Isaac mumbled, still staring at his art piece. I laughed and took one of the cans of spray paint out of his hands. I had some ideas, and I wanted to get them out before I lost them forever. Climbing up the steep concrete was no longer a threatening action, no longer difficult. I could get to the top within twenty seconds without stumbling at all. Isaac could do it in fifteen, but his legs were a lot longer than mine.

It was nice to not worry about anything other than a couple of exams. I got accepted into my first choice college, and Isaac got accepted to it as well, and I hadn't known he had even applied until he showed me the acceptance letter. (I cried when he showed me and he freaked out, so it was a funny story.) The worry of having to break up when things were still going well was no longer necessary, and a boulder was lifted from my shoulders.

People stopped staring at us and whispering. If people looked at us it was most likely in exasperation because they were pretty tired of the PDA. It's not my fault my boyfriend had such a pretty face! I could tell that people had quit feeding Isaac doubts about our relationship because he was happier, more relaxed, and not afraid to be completely with me in public.

People still came to me when they needed help with math, teachers still smiled when I walked into their rooms, my peers still regarded me as a goody-two-shoes. Isaac still skipped school to smoke pot with his tattoo shop friends sometimes, and I knew this because every once in a while I joined him. He still glowered at people if he found out somehow (guilty) that they had been picking on someone else, maybe threatened them a little. He still wore the leather jacket (more for my pleasure than his, but still).

But now people asked Isaac for help in math too. People feared me if I wasn't smiling that day. Isaac was at school more, I skipped with him every so often. I got a tattoo (not of his name, please, I'm not an idiot). My friends liked him, especially after that day in the cafeteria where Johnny thanked Isaac for keeping certain people away because good grief they were annoying. The girls even warmed up to him, after he shared a piece of chocolate with them because who can resist chocolate?

There were pieces of us on both sides of the bridge. He once challenged me to think of a lyric to spray paint, and when I told him he demanded that I told him what song it was from, because it was so perfect.

I told him that the lyric was mine, that it was perfect because that's what he had. Perfection, in the form of graffiti.

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