Chapter 6

Jay stopped complaining about the Dairy and he never brought up Atlanta anymore. He cut back on his drinking and he began paying more attention to what in the hell was going on around him. He waited for The Pervert Coach outside of school one day and 'strongly suggested' he considered resigning as soccer coach and 'cease and desist' spending time with Liz. Jay knew Liz would hate him forever if she found out he was the one who ended the affair but he also knew that his parents would never approve of their daughter's behavior.

Jay encouraged Terrie to stop by with The Big Dick more often and he made it a point to get to know Judy's latest girlfriend. Her revolving door of one night stands had ended and Jduy seemed content with spending time with a nice girl named Sophia these days.

George was doing well at school and with his sports and Jay got the entire Griffin Family, including The Big Dick, Sophia, and Ditto to attend the traditional Hillsboro-Greenville Thanksgiving morning football rivalry football game together.

They then joined Ditto at the house for a wonderful meal and for the first time since the tragedy it finally felt like the family was slowly moving on and returning to some sense of normalcy. There was less fighting and arguing and more consensus, compromise and family spirit.

Jay and Ditto pretended that nothing had gone on between them in the shower and that nothing had changed even though everything had changed between them.

The house had quieted down on Thanksgiving night and when everything had been cleaned up and put away, Jay made it a point to thank Ditto one more time for all her efforts to make Thanksgiving thankful.

"A simple thank you is always nice," Ditto said with a smile.

"Would you like to do this again sometime?" Jay grinned.

"Every day," Ditto said.

"Ditto that," Jay smirked.

"Okay," she smiled.

"Huh?" Jay asked with confusion.

"Ditto me," she said, taking him by the hand and leading him toward the stairs.

When they reached the second floor, Jay hesitated for a moment, not sure which bedroom to head for.

"I've always liked your room," Ditto said. "I used to sneak in there and look around when you weren't there."

"You were stalking me?" He asked with surprise.

"I always had a crush on you," she revealed.

Jay kissed her on her lips as he walked her into his room. Once inside with the door closed, Jay eyed Ditto with appreciation. "Are you still shy?" He wondered.

"Not with you," she answered as she began to undress with ease.

Jay did the same and soon they were both naked standing by the end of the bed.

"Are you going to Ditto me?" She wanted to know.

Jay kissed her again and they both fell onto the bed, Jay landing on his back. Ditto nestled against him, kissing him while they explored each other's bodies.

"Oh, Ditto," was all Jay could manage to say between his panted breathing.

She kissed him on the mouth. "Ditto me," she whispered.

She fell onto her back and Jay rolled onto her, kissing her neck and collarbone while she began to murmur. He kissed her on the mouth and then he took both her legs and lifted them up to his shoulders.

"Ditto me," she pleaded.

And so he did and when it was over they lay side by side under the covers nestling and cuddling and Jay knew he'd never be going back to Atlanta and that was okay with him. It took a while, but he finally figured out that home was where he belonged.

"I love you," Ditto whispered into his ear. "Happy Thanksgiving."

"Ditto," he happily replied.