I can't vote to protect myself.

The Constitution has deemed me too juvenile to make an impactful decision.

Even though 46% are allowed to vote for the bigot.

But. -

I am the perfect example of a "nasty women" and I was not born on US soil and I am the daughter of an unwelcome immigrant and I am a member of what has been ludicrously deemed the "terrorist" religion.

I do not fit.

in the republican candidate's America.

My veins.

don't circulate Trump's red white and blue.

And never, for a second, would I want them to...

...except for maybe on Election Day.

when I can't protect myself.

when I suddenly might find a mandated ID badge on my doorstep

when I will be in the middle of history my history your history our history world history.

I can't protect myself.

I can't protect myself.

I. can't. protect. myself!

So if your over 18 and you know me, even barely,

If you've passed me in the hallway,

Or if you know someone like me,

I ask, please! please! please!...

Please protect me.

Please vote Hillary.