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Sara wasn't fun anymore.

She grew up, far bigger than any one of them, and she got pretty! However, unlike goblins who got wilder and much more fun, Sara seemed to get more serious.

When her parents told her to clean the house, she did so, not even bothering to play with the dust bunnies or make dust angels. She washed the dishes and didn't play with the bubbles, and she didn't even jump on the bed anymore.

Sure she and the goblins had fun running outside, rolling down hills, and splashing the ducks in the pond, but Isaac and Laurel watched them. That was supervised fun, which wasn't fun at all when you thought about it.

"Sara! Wanna go play in the woods?" Jabun asked, bouncing around the teen princess's legs as she walked to her room.

"No, not today. I have to clean my room." She answered, lifting the goblin and putting him on her shoulder. "I need to be good."

"You are always good!" Jabun smiled, petting her hair affectionately. "You need to be bad sometimes! It how goblins show love for their parents! We prank them a lot!"

Giggling, Sara set him down on her desk and began to make her bed. "Well I'm a human, and we aren't goblins! Plus our parents give us presents when we're good."

"What present do you want?" He asked. "I can get a present for you!"

Sara pulled out a drawing and smiled, pointing at the furry thing in the picture. "I want a puppy. Mama and Papa say I can have one if I'm good, so I'm trying to be good."

Jabun looked at the picture. "That a good drawing. It look cute!"

"Then" Sara smiled, tiding her desk and then getting into bed. "We can go make mischief together! Puppies have a lot of energy like babies do."

The goblin's skin turned white as he stared at her. "As crazy as babies? Oh no… you were a crazy baby!"

"They like to roll around in the mud, splash in water, and dig holes! Nice big ones that goblins can play in!" Sara smiled. "You'll like the puppy once I get it. Promise."

"Okay!" Jabun giggled, wondering what exactly it would be like when the animal finally arrived.


As the days rolled by, the goblins curiosity got the better of them as they helped Sara act extra special good.

They helped her clean the garden and remove the pretty weeds to make room for the ugly flowers, they raked the leaves and put them into piles that they would jump in later, and they filled the birdfeeders with tasty bird food.

Little goblin hands swept the floor, tided Isaac, and Laurel's desks, and kept the house free of bugs and rodents. Being good and cleaning up messes instead of making more was hard for the goblins, but they were sure that a puppy would make Sara be naughty again.

Jabun supervised three goblins who were cleaning Issac's sword, watching them wipe the blade down.

"Be careful… It sharp! But our King need it clean."

A female goblin rubbed down the blade with a rag, staring at the metal. "The sword shiny! I can see me self!"

"We make it shiny!" Another goblin smiled "Very shiny!"

Jabun rolled his eyes "Swords not supposed to be shiny, they supposed to be sharp! So Isaac can fight bad guys!"

"Isaac can show bad guys what they look like, then they stop being bad!" The female chittered. "Then he no have to hurt them."

Sara laughed, and picked the sword up off the floor, humming a tune as she put it back on its pedestal.

"Why Sara singing?" An older goblin asked, putting the rags away. "You sing good!"

The princess sat down on the sofa and sighed "I like singing, and I'm good at it. Mama and Papa always listen when I sing."

"Sara, can you come outside for a second?"

Standing up and leading the goblins outside, Sara saw Isaac and Laurel carrying a box. A box that moved.

"What in box?" A goblin asked, "And why box breathing?"

Laurel set the box down and smiled at them, causing the goblins to blush. "Well, you've all been so good lately, cleaning the house and tending my garden. So we figured we'd get you a gift when we went into town."

Isaac nodded. "I never thought I'd see goblins cleaning a room without making more of a mess, or picking weeds without commenting on every single bug they saw. You've changed them."

Jabun giggled as the goblins watched the box wiggle. "Sara is our princess! We do what she says always!"

Blushing, Sara smiled "Yep, but what's in this box?" Her hands reached to undo the bow and open the box, and once she did so, a four-legged ball leapt up to attack her face.


The goblins stood in horror as the gold creature knocked her to the ground, slurping and licking at her face as its tail wagged wildly.

"It eating her face!"

"Why you no stop it?!" A goblin screamed, staring at Isaac and Laurel.

"We save her!" Jabun cried, running forward as the other goblins followed him. Their hands reached out to seize the creature, only to be shaken off as it ran off Sara and chased after them, barking wildly.

The goblins screamed and ran away, scrambling up trees and huddling together in fear as they watched the creature bark and run around the base of the trees, its tail wagging as it looked up at the goblins. Did they want to play?

Sara laughed as she sat up, reaching down to grab the squirming creature and hug it. "Guys, I'm okay and this is the puppy I want!"

Isaac nodded "We found him beside the road, cleaned him up, and now he is yours. You've more than proven yourself responsible."

"Thanks, Papa." Sara kissed the puppy's head. "Guys, this is a Labrador puppy. It won't hurt you, it's just excited!"

The goblins slowly began to climb down from the trees, watching the puppy as it panted and drooled.

"Labby-dor seem bad." One goblin observed. "It attack you!"

"That's how it shows love. He jumps on people." Sara smiled, rubbing the puppy's head.

"Like how we jump on Isaac!" A goblin cried, instantly causing the other goblins to lunge on him.

Jabun leapt on Isaac's head, "We love him a lot! He our king!"

Laurel laughed "Well Isaac and I are going back into town for a few more supplies, you and the goblins can show the puppy around while we're gone." She hauled her husband up and dusted the goblins off him, before smiling at her daughter. "Have fun."

As the pair vanished down the road, an older goblin turned to some younger ones, whispering. "They're going back to town to kiss. They kiss lots when they alone."

The younger goblins erupted in chatter as the puppy bounded out of Sara's arms and began sniffing them, causing several reactions. Some ducked away from the cold wet nose, others giggled as the puppy sniffed them, and a few ran behind Sara.

The puppy began to chase them around, barking wildly as they screamed in fear. This was fun!

Sara watched them chase one another around her legs, giggling as the goblins struggled to outrun the faster puppy, who eventually gave up trying to catch them and began sniffing around.

"Uh? What Labby-dor doing?" Jabun asked.

"You know how you explore things with your hands?" Sara asked, sitting down on the ground. "Well puppies don't have hands, so they explore with their noses. Their noses smell everything and tell their brains what they are smelling!"

"Wow!" The goblins all stared up at their princess "Sara, you so smart! You know everything!"

The Labrador's bark cut off Sara's response as it began to run into the trees, barking up at the branches.

Jabun sniffed the air "What the puppy smell? I no smell nothing."

A younger goblin put his nose to the ground and sniffed. "I try to help! Let me smell." After a moment, he growled. "I no smell nothing."

The crowd of goblins lunged forward, their noses pressed to the ground as they followed the puppy, sniffing and trying to figure out what the puppy was after.

Until finally the Labrador barked, standing on its hind legs and scrabbling at the tree trunk as a squirrel leapt away, causing the puppy to let out a frustrated growl.

"It okay puppy!" Jabun smiled. "You get squirrel next time!"

Sara smiled "I think he needs a name, what do you all think?"

The goblins chattered amongst themselves for a bit, before they began to speak, one after the other.





Jabun slapped his forehead as he pointed at the four speakers "You knuckleheads! Those names your names!"

Zarva giggled "They the best names! Only best for Sara's puppy!"

Picking the puppy up, Sara petted its neck as she thought. "I like Diggle for a name, what do you all think?"

After a bit of murmuring, the goblins nodded as one. "Diggle good name!"

The puppy's nose scrunched a bit before it licked Sara's face, squirming out of her arms and digging in the ground with its paws.

"He so happy he digging big hole for us to play in!" The goblins cheered as the dirt began to fly, coating them and making a mess. This puppy was mischievous and fun and it was even a bit cute. It would be a great friend!

For the rest of the day, the goblins showed Diggle around the house and yard, letting Sara carry him as they showed him their favorite trees, their favorite sunny spots, and the garden.

Diggle followed the goblins around, barking and sniffing as he investigated the area, before nosing his way over to Sara's lap with a yawn.

The princess's fingers scratched his neck as he fell asleep, and the goblins lay around Sara as well, tired from their first encounter with the puppy.

Jabun smiled "I'm glad you good Sara, now we have new friend to play with!"

Sara lifted the group of goblins and her puppy, moving towards her bedroom as she deposited the sleepy group onto her bed.

"Goodnight guys, sleep well and we can play in the morning."

As she left her room, she heard the sound of a door opening as Isaac and Laurel came home. Sara rushed down the stairs and hugged her parents tightly. "Thank you both for getting me a puppy, and I'll prove I'm responsible enough to take care of it every day."

Isaac smiled and kissed his daughter's head "Sara, you've managed to tame a horde of mischievous goblins and make them follow your orders to the letter. You've more than proven yourself ready to handle a puppy."

"You'll even be able to handle a kingdom at some point." Laurel added, "But to do that you need to get your own rest."

As Sara nodded and walked back up the stairs to join her creatures in slumber, her parents watched on.

"We did well with her." He smiled. "I couldn't be prouder. When she does become queen she'll have an army of goblins on her side."

Laurel smiled and leaned into her husband's arms. "I know, and the world had better watch out for our daughter."


Sara climbed into bed, able to hear the last part of her mother's words.

"She's going to change the world someday."


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