"NO!" I scream. "NO!"

This cannot be happening.

Please do not let this be true.

I rip my earphones out of my ears

And cover them with my hands.

I no longer want to hear,

What they have to say.

They have said enough.

I feel a tear running down my cheek.

I pull on my hair in frustration,

Hoping that this is not true.

Hoping that it is a mistake.

Hoping that there will be a recount.

Hoping that we did not take a step back.

But the video on my phone continues to play,

And I know, this is true.

I cannot believe this.

I cannot believe that this country,

Has voted for him.

He who has sexually abused women,

He who wants to ban Muslim,

He who wants to build a wall to stop people,

From trying to do what is best for their families.

He is now President.

He wants to overturn the equal-marriage law.

Let me tell you, he is not pro-LGBT,

Appointing judges who want to reverse the act,

And holding a rainbow flag the WRONG WAY AROUND,

Does not mean he is pro-LGBT.

With his disrespect for

Women, LGBT, Muslim, Veterans and many more,

With his vocabulary of a 5th grader,

He does not deserve this.

There is hate,

Hate towards the result of the election,

Hate towards each other.

There is anger,

Anger and discomfort towards how

"Unfair" the election seems to be.

And then there is fear.

Fear of what to say to

Children when they wake up,

Fear of whether people should leave,

Leave they homes and flee.

Fear of what will happen.

With tears in my eyes,

I can no longer watch this fear.

I can no longer watch families,

Being torn apart,

And lovers being denied the right to marry.

I can no longer listen to stories,

Stories of little girls saying,

They are too scared to be Muslim.

Stories of girls saying,

Their Hijab has been pulled off.

It has only been a couple of days,

But I can no longer listen to a Man,

Whom the KKK has endorsed.

I am sorry, so sorry.

I am sorry for everyone who is,


For everyone who feels,


For anyone who feels like,

They don't belong.

I am sorry for those who have been,


I am sorry.