Offensive Poem

Welcome to the era of the perpetually offended -

A dire time indeed,

When facts and reason are unimportant,

Invalidated by feels.

By all means, have a seat.

Make yourself comfy.

Be ready to listen and learn.

This way you will never

Realize what's going on.

We'll erase your reality, my child,

And replace it with our own.

After all,

You're looking for a justification

For all the failures in your life

And you think that it'd be alright

To chalk it up to oppression.

You can't do anything wrong, I know you can't.

It's the patriarchy keeping you down,

Or maybe it's gynocentrism.

We'll be here either way

To provide your victim card.

Enter the Oppression Olympics.

We promise it's lots of fun!

A/N: Soo, I was at school, listening to my teacher as she went over our homework assignments, when this came tumbling (geddit? *is shot*) out of my brain and onto my notebook.

To be honest, I've had it with both feminists and their reactionary counterparts (MRAs and MGTOWs). Both act like perpetual victims, are concerned about nothing but first world problems, disrespect legit issues, are very hateful towards the other gender, and are generally all-around assholes.

gynocentrism = a dominant or exclusive focus on women in theory and/or practice. MRAs and MGTOWs like to pretend it's a totally real force keeping men down. Kids, gynocentrism doesn't exist. Neither does patriarchy, for that matter. Life is just tough. If it's easy, you're doing it wrong.