A/N: A short drabble unrelated to Playpen since I've had writer's block recently. These are two other characters of mine I've wanted to write about for a while. Maybe more will come in the future, but for now, here's a cute oneshot!

The characters are brothers and are in a non sexual/non romantic relationship. Not really incest, but it still may bother some people so here's a small warning for that.

Gary was always kind to Virgil when they were children. Though their parents always disregarded them, Gary made him feel safe. And Gary knew from the very beginning that Virgil was...well, different. There was just something about him.

He was nearly mute for one thing. If he was in a good mood, he may speak in short sentences, but most of the time, he refused. If it wasn't a yes or no question, then you wouldn't get an answer.

Virgil took special classes and he didn't go to the same school as Gary, which made the older brother a little upset. He had been so excited to go to school with his baby brother! But the mornings waking up were fond memories, because he had been more of a parent to Virgil than their own two combined.

He specifically remembered the chilly mornings, waking up before the sun and having to get them both ready for school. At 14, he would cook breakfast, pack their backpacks, and have everything ready before their mother was awake to take them to school.

Virgil always seemed a little more willing when he did it than the rare occasions their mother did. She wasn't as friendly that early in the morning.

Gary had never intended for Virgil to rely on him so much and especially not into adulthood. But, as Virgil matured, things became more apparent that he could never live on his own and...their parents didn't care as much as they should have.

He needed help with basic things, like getting dressed and bathing. He was incontinent and he had to wear diapers. After their parents divorced and Gary moved out, their mother became even more short tempered with his neediness.

The morning he nearly set the kitchen on fire really pushed her over the edge. He had been making breakfast and forgotten what he was doing so the stove was left on. Gary received a call later from his screaming mother that she was fed up with him and she asked Gary to "take him" for a few days.

It turned out to just be a ruse to get Virgil moved out. Gary had prepared his apartment to house his little brother for a few days, but he and their mother showed up on his door with all of his belongings.

He couldn't bring himself to tell her no. Looking back, who knows what she might have done to Virgil had he refused.

Virgil didn't take the change well. He was inconsolable for days and hid in the hall closet. Gary tried to invite him to bed, but he wouldn't leave his spot under the bottom shelf so all his sibling could do was bring him blankets and food. In the meantime, Gary tried to set up his home to accommodate Virgil permanently.

He hadn't had to directly take care of Virgil in so long. Sure, he had babysat for his mother some days when she was late coming home from work because he only lived around the corner, but never for a long period of time.

On the 5th day, Virgil finally ventured out from the closet and sat on the couch with Gary. They watched TV and Gary made him a sandwich. There was never another issue after that.

Old habits die hard, Gary supposed. He loved being Virgil's caretaker. And with Virgil usually being in a good mood, he spoke a lot more. Perhaps, he thought, this was just how it was meant to be.

Virgil was 22. His 23rd birthday was in 2 months. He had been here for little over a year now.

It was Saturday so he didn't have to get up at the crack of dawn, but Virgil was on that schedule so a little after 6, Gary felt hands gripping and gently shaking his bicep.

"Mm..." Gary shifted a little, an arm raising up to brush strands of blonde hair out of his face. "I'm awake, I'm awake..." It was raining outside, which wasn't always a good sign, but it didn't sound like there was any thunder. That was what caused problems.

He finally opened his eyes and looked up at the man sitting over him, his brown hair framing his face. He could see the faint glint of sunshine from the window reflecting in his eyes.

"Morning." He smiled a little, which was returned happily. Virgil was hugging him after that, not releasing him even as he was sitting up.

He got out of bed and Virgil was positioning himself at the foot of the bed, his legs hanging off the end. He kicked them contently as Gary rubbed the grit out of his eyes and moved down to his brother.

His pajama pants were removed and Gary began sleepily ripping the tape off his diaper, which had been soaked at some point during the night. This was their normal routine.

He used a wipe to clean the younger man, then once it had dried, he put a sprinkle of white powder between his legs. He fumbled around with the bag of folded diapers beside the bed until his hand finally landed on one and he pulled it out, unfolded it, and placed it under Virgil.

He cast his brother a quick glance during the process and the man was laying there with his fingers in his mouth, sucking and chewing while his gaze was focused on the ceiling. He must have lost his toy in the covers during the night. Once the diaper was secured, Gary moved over and smoothed out the blankets until he found what he was looking for.

It was a small toy, made of silicone and shaped like a heart, and it was pink in color with a long black cord attached to the top. He presented it to Virgil, who took it without question and put it around his neck, then popped the pendant in his mouth. It was such a simple thing, but it occupied him for hours and kept Virgil from biting his fingers.

Gary never really put Virgil in pants until after lunch so he motioned for him to sit up. He padded down the hall towards the main room, hearing the soft pat pat pat of Virgil's socks on the carpet.

Sometimes, it was like having a small child around the house. If things were left within reach, Virgil could get into them and it was considerably harder to keep things away from a man that was over 6 feet head-to-toe. But usually, it was calm. Virgil wasn't completely clueless; he knew when he shouldn't touch things...for the most part.

"Do you want pancakes?" Gary was heading for the coffee machine first. He glanced over his shoulder to see Virgil nodding as he plopped himself down on the couch in front of the TV, one hand on the remote, the other trying to push the button to turn it on.

He started the coffee pot, then moved over to get the pancake mix out of the cabinet as some children's show started to play on TV.

"Do you want to come mix the batter?" He was met with Virgil shaking his head. His eyes were trained on the TV now and his hand, which had dropped the remote, was reaching for a stuffed animal that was laying on the couch.

Their mother had always tried to discourage Virgil's childish behavior, but Gary let him embrace it. There was no point in telling him he couldn't have his toys or things to chew on. It didn't stop him wanting it and it caused more problems in the long run. He had resigned himself to the fact any guests he had over would just have to deal with Virgil's tendencies or they could leave.

But it wasn't like he was annoying, per say. Just childish. He liked to scream, wave his hands, and make noise when he was happy, but he knew what 'quiet' meant. It wasn't something he had to do often, but when he was in public, he would get the gentle, but firm warning from Gary.

Virgil was smart, Gary knew it, it was just in a different way than people realized. He was exceptional at math, but not so good at reading. He forgot easily, unless it was numbers. He could tell you it was exactly 54 days until his birthday, but he couldn't remember what he was told 10 minutes ago.

Gary found himself pondering things like this often. Virgil just fascinated him and they had become so much closer than brothers.

Pancakes were sizzling quietly in the skillet in front of him and Gary cast another glance over the bar into the living room where Virgil was still sitting in front of the TV. The noise of the show drowned out any potential thunder from the summer storm outside, which he was thankful for.

Once he had 3 pancakes each, he put them on separate plates, but took the time to cut Virgil's into bite size pieces before putting a pat of butter on each plate. He took two cups from the cabinet, filling one with milk and the other with coffee before he put everything on a tray and brought it into the living room.

The food was the only thing that seemed to break Virgil's trance from the TV; he was snatching his plate off the tray before it was even sat down on the coffee table.

"Thank you!" Gary smiled as he sat down beside him, leaning back with his own plate. While he didn't particularly enjoy watching Disney Jr at 6:30 AM, he had accepted that would happen. It was only ever on the weekends anyway.

Gary only cut his food into pieces because Virgil practically inhaled it. The plate was empty within a few minutes and he sat it back on the tray, then picked up the glass of milk with both hands. Gary found himself looking at Virgil with a soft gaze, then put his arm around him and pulled him close, causing the milk to slosh in the glass.

The younger of the two let out a squeal, then a laugh. Gary grinned and took the cup, then sat it down before it ended up on them both.

"Come here," he growled. Virgil let out another giggly laugh as he fell over on the couch and Gary got on top of him, his fingers running up and down his sides to tickle him. When they were both out of breath and Virgil had stopped laughing and squirming, he looked up at his sibling with wide eyes, smiling.

"I love you." He said that every night before they went to bed, unless he was in a particularly bad mood, but it never failed to make Gary smile. He grinned in response, then leaned over and planted a kiss on the center of Virgil's forehead.

"I love you too." They laid there for a few more minutes, enjoying the closeness before Gary reluctantly sat up and Virgil came with him. The younger brother scooted over and leaned into Gary's arm, turning his attention back to the TV as he put his necklace back into his mouth.

"Bath time."

Virgil hated those words and Gary knew it. Sure, he behaved once he actually got in the bath, but getting him in there was always trouble. And the man was currently sitting on the couch, giving Gary the look akin to a kicked puppy.

Gary folded his arms, putting on the best stern big brother look he could manage. "I know. But come on. You have to have a bath, then we can go to bed."

Virgil still looked upset.

"I'll read you a book. Okay? In the bath. But only if I don't have to carry you." That was possibly the worst. Virgil was simply too big to have to be carried to the bathroom. The man finally heaved a sigh and stood up, though reluctantly, and followed Gary to the bathroom.

Virgil slowly undressed while Gary ran the bath water, dumping in a little soap to create bubbles and the rubber toys he kept in a basket beside the tub. He held his brother's arm as he stepped over the side of the tub and sat down in the warm water.

Any discomfort Virgil had about the bath was gone as soon as one of the toys, a rubber fish, was put in his hand to keep him occupied. Gary couldn't help the smile that formed on his face when the man started to make noises and play with the bubbles.

He put some shampoo in his hair and worked it into a lather, humming softly to himself while he watched Virgil play. A few minutes later though, he stopped and peered over his shoulder at him.

"Read me a story?"

Gary raised an eyebrow, honestly surprised he had remembered. Well, he couldn't exactly go get a book to read him now.

"Um... Okay. How about we make one up? Or I make one up." He bit his lip in thought before sighing. "Alright, so...one day, there was a little kitten. And, um...he was...walking in the woods with his brother."

Virgil seemed to take the excuse for a story, going back to splashing the water and bubbles around contently while Gary filled a container with water and rinsed the soap out of his hair.

"He got lost and it was dark so he started crying. He couldn't find his brother anywhere and he couldn't remember his way home," he paused to let the words sink in. "Just when he had given up, his brother found him and gave him-"

He grinned and wrapped his arms around the other suddenly, not caring if his shirt got a bit damp,"-a big hug!"

Virgil let out a happy shriek, followed by a giggle as he leaned back into him. They sat like that for a moment before Gary released him. "Then what?"

"Well...they went home and the kitten had a bath, then they cuddled up in bed together and told each other how much they loved each other."

It didn't take long to finish washing him after that, then he helped him out of the bath with a towel wrapped around him. Gary sat on the edge of the tub as it drained to dry him off. He could see it in the man's eyes that he was getting tired.

"Ready to go to bed?" he asked softly, receiving a nod in return. "Alright, come on."

He hung the towel up and led Virgil back to their bedroom where he laid him on the bed and diapered him before dressing him in a clean pair of pants and a loose t-shirt. Virgil scooted back on the bed and pulled the covers up over his knees, staring at Gary as he changed into his pajamas.

Gary turned off the light and finally climbed in beside him. He let out a soft chuckle when he felt the warm arms warp around his chest and clutch his back, the faint smell of soap hitting his nose as he rested his chin on the top of his brother's wet hair.

"I love you, kid."

"You too." He took one last look at the man cuddled to his chest before closing his eyes and dozing off.