After the first ones began to appear, an international organization was created to keep track and possibly detain those who were worse off than others. They called themselves the International Bureau of Phobia Categorization and Reformation. These are some of their more public cases.

CASE # 000047

LOCATION: New York City, New York

NAME: Ramirez, Simon T.

PHOBIA: Pyrophobia- fear of fire

SUMMARY: Having developed the phobia after nearly dying in a burning building as child, Ramirez suffered for most of his life. His powers kicked in when some supposed friends 'teased' him with a lighter. The instant the flame was close enough, it and all flames in a 300 yard radius flared up to dangerous levels. When he pushed one of his tormentors away, he accidentally set fire to his clothes. The tormentor- Trevor Farris, age 23- suffered third degree burns before an ambulance reached him. IBPC agents- including Agent Jones- tracked Ramirez down to his home and detained him for reformation and therapy. Ramirez now leads his own task team in the IBPC in the therapy sector, specializing in elemental phobias.

CASE # 001227

LOCATION: Lagos, Nigeria

NAME: Oduwole, Adeniji

PHOBIA: Necrophobia and Taphophobia

SUMMARY: A worst case scenario. The poor boy had lost his family all at once to gang violence, and was shoved in a dumpster with them for several days. When he encountered the men who started all of his troubles, his powers awakened. The dead arose from the grave and answered his call. The Nigerian branch called for our best operative Agent Jones to assist, though it hardly helped to get to Adeniji in time. The child was a total mess, and was almost mistaken for one of the dead himself with the way he was stumbling around in a shocked daze. Not all can embrace their powers. Adeniji now resides in our critical care unit in Switzerland. He may never recover from the ordeal.


CASE # 000001

LOCATION: London, England


PHOBIA: Nyctophobia

SUMMARY: The first of the phenomenon. The entirety of London had been blanketed in darkness. No light could survive. People were all advised to stay where they were until the problem had been solved. It took several days for the authorities to locate the center of the sudden darkness. The center was at XXXXXXXXXX in the south side of the city. A house belonging to XXXXX Jones, who was medicated and detained quickly to end the darkness. Jones then helped set up the IBPC.


Jones sighed softly as they sent out the introduction files. The new recruits would see the dozens of public- and one not-so public- files, and understand what their role is. This wasn't for glory. This was about helping people who were unfortunate enough to be cursed with unnatural powers and fears linked to them.

They got out and covered their face with a shadowy mask to hide their identity. They were the face of the IBPC. No one could know what lay behind that dark mask.

They walked out of their quarters and into the hall. Time to get to work.