What I am about to write is absolutely true, the night I saw a U.F.O. and an alien and had an encounter that changed my life. That night I had taken my van to another city, the reason being that I wanted to see a movie; a one night special live comedy event, however my local theater wasn't playing it so I had to go to one like thirty minutes by interstate away. I had used Google maps to try and find back road and highway roads there and back; mostly because my van is a complete piece of shit. I have had so many problems with this thing that mechanics can't figure out (on my budget) what is really wrong with it. Including for a time the headlights and wipers turning off on their own, the dashboard frequently jumping around, and so on and so on not really relevant here. The point being I have lost faith in it being safe to drive after dark over any long distance even with the more street legal issues supposedly taken care of. This show was late enough, even in the summer months (July), that when it was out it would be after dark. So I intended to not use the interstate to get back and instead go by way of a back road that actually almost went straight from the theater my house, missing by only a few blocks.

So after the show I decided to take this back road, it was a bit out of the way even with its nearly "direct" route given how the roads curved and the slower road speed of course, not to mention the lack of street lights. That isn't to say I live in the middle of some imaginary nowhere land. There wasn't a spot on that road where you couldn't see the shine from a city, a house, power lines, warehouses, barns, factories, just on the other side of fields, along this road. Heck at one point it seemed to pass through a smaller town that may have been claimed as part of the larger city only separated by farmers' fields. That is what makes it so much stranger, you hear about alien encounters, but its usually on some mountain, hiking, a logger's road. When you hear about it being on a road like this, well I personally would usually just roll my eyes because while someone who always lived on the coasts or the desert or something might imagine big empty roads out here, there really aren't any, so the whole car on a totally abandoned paved road is just ridiculous.

All that is what makes this so strange, it seemed like I was driving longer than I should have been, although I accounted this at the time as being due to going so much slower on this unfamiliar road at night. Gradually though the road began to feel, surreal, the lights were fading away, like a black fog was coming up on the road; if my van was acting weirder than usual i wouldn't know, but I did notice the radio was fuzzy. But there are all sorts of places out here where the radio is between these short ranged stations. I didn't have much time to ponder this as something appeared in the road, causing me to swerve. It was a giant red circle, it looked as if it were poking out of the darkness around it rather than say hovering above the road or anything. It was this undulating red, like something alive, pulsating in waves giving off a faint yet changing between darker shades of red glow. The next thing I new it was on me, everything around me, myself included, covered in a red warm and tingling light that shifted to shades of blue. It felt warm, comforting somehow, my mind put into a mild daze where I just couldn't get worked up, angry, afraid, or anything, like it just wouldn't click, and then I had to have blacked out.

When I woke up I found myself on a white slab, well really it was more like a hospital bed. It was soft, kind of hugging to my now naked body like around the edges but didn't feel sticky. Yet I couldn't move, there were these straps around my wrists, ankles, crushing down a bit on my abdomen, and one across my chest covering over my nipples. Describing them is difficult, not sticky, not stiff, tight, only the abdominal one was uncomfortable. They were smooth but not slippery. Truth be told trying to describe the material of the bed and the straps feels like someone trying to describe plastic for the first time when all they've ever known were metal and wood. I could turn my head a little from side to side, by hair though felt like it was spread out behind my head and being held down by something I could barely see, something cloth like yet kind of humming and emitting a pinkish light. The room seemed to be fuzzy, almost pixilated and foggy like it was made of air with a white, pink, and blue sort of soft glow. I'm sure nothing was wrong with my eyes as I could see down at myself and the bed-slab thing pretty clearly. Not to mention things that seemed to come out of or possibly even form from the fog around me.

Something emerged or formed from that fog, several tall smooth almost egg like things, they seemed very "medical" like something you'd expect from a future hospital or something. At least four of the things glided; I couldn't see the floor but they made no real noise, not wheels, not dragging, or even clicks or anything; not that I suspected they'd have legs or anything. Two of the four things went to my sides and a blue beam of light emanated from a circle like the eye of cyclops from the semi-pointed top of them. The light tingled slightly, like the light from before I passed out as it went over my body. My only guess, based on science fiction and knowledge of some medical procedures would be that they were scanning me. The other two had gone off somewhere before returning. I saw one of them come out of that fog wall, or it was a new one, I don't know, from the direction of my feet, stopping a short distance from them, another one came up beside my head blocking my view of half the room, or half of my previous view on my left side.

It was then that I became aware of something else in the room, something that seemed to have entered from somewhere blocked by the one by my head, something very tall walking towards me. To describe this thing is surreal, although I couldn't see its feet I could tell it had very long legs relative to its torso, the bend bringing to mind the toe-walking stride of some small animals, its legs seemed to be covered in a dense white fur or a silk like skin, its torso had this odd shape to it, that sort of frame you see in a cartoon where they want to imply a non-human animal is feminine without showing actual breasts, the strange pink stripes added to this affect. It seemed to have a tail, it was hard to tell how long it was from the angle I could see this thing at and the fact it hung down. But I would occasionally see the tip come up or it whip as it turned through out this, as I couldn't see the floor I couldn't guess how long this smooth yet somehow lizard like tail was in relation to its legs or the floor.

While I could go on about its strange long arms and those weird claw shaped fingers yet no real distinction of knuckles, they just bent, as it stood over me; its head was the most captivating thing. It was surreal, it had a gently rounded yet kind of flat shape, like a half circle with a circle sort of "cartoonish" I'd say appearance. It didn't have a wide muzzle but had these small pouty lips standing out as unfitting the shape of its head, it kind of had a tiny pair of nostrils as well above them. Its eyes however were something else, more fitting its head, these large ovoid blue eyes, no iris, no pupil, just solid blue. So large that they could be facing forward and be said to be on the sides of its head at the same time, an almost insect like quality; the overall affect with the head shape and mouth and such put me in mind of a rabbit for some reason. Those eyes had a shimmer to them, depending on the angle as it stood over me they seemed to be like crystal or glittering, at times even emitting a faint glow or else reflecting some light outside my radius. Although it would occasionally blink with two sets of eyelids, vertical with horizontal over them, I couldn't tell which way it was looking, guessing based on which way its face was aimed, although it could reach around it to the equipment without turning its body. To add to all of this was the unusual structures on its head, as it turned about throughout everything I'm going to describe below I could see that it had six "spikes" for lack of a better understanding of their function on the back sides of its head, two larger pairs kind of resembling triangular animals ears given their position with two pairs of smaller ones under it, forming a kind of crest giving its head more of a triangular shape. It also had these multi-colored, color changing in fact, streamers coming off its head, sort of like hair made of antenna I suppose, flat almost paper or grass like. Although four six of them seemed stiffer, more rounded and pointed than the others and anchored closer to between the eyes while the rest came out from between those spikes on the back of its head. Weirdly they started out like grass stems, making it possibly to see the back of its head but spread and fanned out further.

Looking back the strangest thing is how clearly I remember all this, it wasn't like a dream, or fuzzy repressed memories, didn't need hypnosis. Although I imagine the things that came next, most people, a normal person, would have repressed it and distorted everything to shield their own psyche.

As this being stood over me I watched as it seemed to look me up and down, its face never wrinkling or changing, at the time I might have thought its lips decoration, but that was short lived as they moved as it made odd clicking sounds as though perhaps talking to its self, or something recording it that I either couldn't see or could tell was a recorder. For all I knew anything in that room could be recording equipment, including the room its self. It traced over the strap across my chest with that weird claw like finger, sending a strange warm and tingling sensation, seemingly directly into my nipples, I could feel them stiffen under the restraint of the strap. It moved down and I watched as it placed its hand on my abdomen over the strap, watching as that three fingers and a fourth that was positioned like a thumb but much longer pressed down on my gut. It was uncomfortable, but what followed next was more so. The next thing I knew my legs were being separated and lifted into the air, the bed had come apart and moved my legs into a stirrups position.

I watched as it moved behind me bringing one of the robots with it, I suppose that is a fitting enough term, unless mobile medical equipment makes more sense, but robots is shorter to type. The robot that had been down by my feet moved closer and produced a silvery tube with a conical tip. I could feel it as the being held the tip of the device against my anus, a warm liquid sprayed out over my anus. I could hear some suction down just before I felt this fairly large cone shaped rod with a tube being inserted into me. It went deep, yet met with no resistance, my muscles were relaxed, my entire body in fact felt limp despite the fact I could feel everything and even move my head a little. This thing was spraying something really warm inside me, and alternating between that and sucking. I could feel it, it was like it was trying to get everything out of my intestines.

It was intense and mostly uncomfortable, however my dick seemed to disagree. It had gone from the shrunken state of being cold and afraid to clearly excited by all of this. The alien being seemed to notice and made another series of clicking sounds. The robot produced a clear tube with another silver hose coming from it, this was placed over my dick in this awkward position. I could feel and partially see that some clamp came from its sides and locked around the base of my dick, felt alot like a tight cockring. Then a small tube came down from the silver tube inside the clear tube. It had these tiny flexible fingers and spread the urethra or whatever its called open and inserted its self. This was an eye popping sensation, mostly painful yet it was so slick that after a moment it just felt awkward. The a kind of grey gel cap came down and molded around the head of dick and down the shaft as if locking the shape or something, it was strange. I do know that I felt it pumping my cock and sucking up the jizz and semen. It was an intense orgasm between it and the thing in my rectum pressing against my prostate. It was so distracting that I hadn't noticed till my legs were lowered, yet kept apart, that the thing in my anus had stopped its cycle.

At this time it started to seem more erotic, one of those "breeding program" type alien abduction you read about; however this notion was short lived. As while the thing remained on my cock, the other thing remained in my anus, both things started to vibrate slightly as the robot by my head produced what looked like a series of roots over my face. I felt a gently vibrating massage from the things in my lower regions; my guess being they were meant to distract me. The being leaning over me was making cooing sounds as it gently held my head. First these roots shot intense light in my eyes making me tear up, I felt thin roots come down and suck up the gunk coming out of my tear ducts, then very thin ones gently insert themselves into the ducts. The being started to make odd facial gestures opening its mouth wider than I had seen, wide enough to see that it had a weird tapered tongue like a worm and like a plated with four sharp fang points instead of teeth, like a beak inside its mouth. It became clear what it wanted when a silver tube came out of the root bundle and hung over my mouth. I had no choice but to comply as this tube went down my throat. It was spraying something in my mouth that tingled on my gums, given I didn't gag I assume this was meant to suppress my bag reflex. I felt it branching somehow inside my throat as some of it went down my esophagus and I felt another pressing and sending air into my bronchial tubes. My stomach felt very upset for a moment as I felt suction in it before the sound of a liquid going through the tube and into my stomach as it was also sucking up its contents seemed to sooth it. While this was going on I felt two others go on the sides of my head and spray something in my ears before also sucking on them. It made my ears pop, at which time it stopped. Everything else however stayed where it was. It was alot happening at the same time as I felt the various tubes along my body. I then felt a sudden release on my nipples. It felt like the strap separated around them without detaching. The robot that had been on my ride side then produced two large clear cups attached to silver hoses. I watched as the being placed these on my chest over my nipples. Despite the thin tubes in my tear ducts I could still move my eyes, although I dared not chance moving my head, but in this position I really didn't need to. I watched as thin silver needle came out of the hoses inside the cups, piercing painlessly (somehow) around the areola and directly into the nipples. I wanted to say "I'm a man" thinking it was trying to take a milk sample or something, given the constant suction on and in other parts of my body. I did feel an odd rhythmic suction from the cups as they filled up with a white mist.

At this time I saw another bed come out of the wall, held up by three columns that seemed to float under it. It had what I would describe as a white pod on it. Something else, big and circular was coming down from the ceiling above me. I didn't get a good look at it as the being placed a strap over my eyes. It was warm and oddly soothing, but it did make the fact the tubes were not alternating between suction and pumping some very warm liquid into my tear ducts very obvious. The same was happening to my ears, my anus, my dick, even my chest (along with constant vibrations that made my pectorals and surrounding fat constantly jiggle), the tube in my lungs was also shooting in some very warm air. This was not the same soothing warmth as before, this was too warm, my body felt very uncomfortable, I think I would have panicked had this thing not done something to me keeping my body limp. I felt a slight prick, like a needle in my sides just under the ribs and several in my back, I was getting hotter and hotter and starting to feel numb. This numbing heat was spread through my body, even into my head.

The heat was getting unbearably intense, however just as it started to feel like it was going to boil my brain it suddenly stopped. Not just that but all the tubes and everything felt gone. Just there and then gone, the heat too. It wasn't like it receded, just there and then, gone. I felt weird though, hard to describe at first, like I felt thinner and the straps on my chest felt tighter yet were hanging weird to my sides. The inside of my mouth though was distracting, my tongue felt different, only way to describe it, my teeth too, cavities were gone for one thing, my missing tooth was back, but my teeth also felt...smaller. My breathing too, it was quicker, my chest rising though was giving away something, but my brain was outright rejecting it as part of the numb feeling. That is until I felt a hand, that clawed, three long fingers and finger like thumb tracing over my body, my smooth body, my sensitive breasts. Yes I was thinner but that wasn't all, I knew this wasn't my body, this was a woman's body, yet I was feeling it from the inside. The way the bed adhered to me, the outline, I was a woman, not a petite build, not a supermodel either, but definitely attractive given the shape.

A tingle ran through my body as I felt the strap release from my chest, a deep breath and then I had to gasp as I felt a small pair of lips sucking on my; this body's tit. My nipples were erect in a second, and then it did the same to my other breast. I felt it squeeze them, but not erotically, more like it was examining them. Both hands now down my sides, over my flat abdomen and then my thighs. It stopped and massaged my inner thighs with those thumb claws and this insane wave of pleasure ran through my body. I thought it had sent like an alien pleasure wave through my body (I would later look it up and find out just how complex and spread out a woman's sensually sensitive zones are down there). I next felt a cone like device, like the one that had gone into my ass before, it was vibrating along the edges of the opening between my legs; I felt like I got an erection, a kind of phantom erection but something down there above the pussy got stiff (again while looking it up later I found out what that was too), but here I was learning first hand the secrets of a woman's body thanks to something I assume was extraterrestrial; kind of makes you feel like you've under-performed as a man. The device vibrated and sent this insanely incredible shockwave of pleasure through my entire body; if this is what a woman feels when she orgasms I am incredibly jealous; also going to assume being new to it made me super sensitive as well.

My new pussy felt moist, here it got even weirder as I felt my legs separate, just as they had before. I was expecting some more body cavity intrusions from vibrating machines, but instead I felt a soft silky wedge between my legs with semi-sharp points and silky cloths that rubbed against my inner legs ever so pleasantly. When I felt the lips touch my pussy and suck on that erect clit; well if I wasn't strapped and stuck down on that bed I would have been hopping from this orgasm, I still can't believe I somehow couldn't scream, in fact just as before I couldn't speak. Then a long worming flexible intruder found its way through those pussy lips and inside me. I immediately pictured that tongue I saw before, it was unbelievably long and squirming about. It stopped suddenly and I could hear a few clicking sounds and a purring sound. I then felt those sweet sticky lips, likely covered in my own, this body's pussy juice, touching my own. It wasn't a kiss, more like just rubbing lips together and purring. It occurs to me that if this was some medical procedure or examination then this "doctor" just molested its patient, or was testing how sensitive the body was in a way that amused it or whatever; going to assume orange/blue morality or whatever as other than that and how uncomfortable that heat thing was, this wasn't nearly as horrific as other people had told in their abduction stories. Then again I could imagine most people would feel violated and used like a test subject, maybe even assume it was doing so maliciously. But I was getting more this, (just curious) vibe.

While I was lying there blindfolded, I remember wishing it would continue, I mean, I hadn't had sex in years at this point to be honest, not since college. This was like some crazy ass anime hentai come to life, and those orgasms were nuts. Of course there is also the possibility they screwed with my brain to make me more compliant, but that is foresight, not what was going through my head at the moment. Unfortunately it seemed the sexual exploration portion was over as I felt the blindfold being removed and its hand gently turning my head. I looked up and saw it licking its lips. With those large eyes I don't know if it saw me, but it might have as well as what it was wanting me to look at. Myself, I was looking across the room at another bed and I was lying there, the real me, blindfolded. The being vanished going back behind me. I watched my real body, my male body lying there. I watched as the straps moving on their own moved my head to face towards me and then...

While I write this I have to pause, as this was more surreal than anything that came before, including having female orgasms given by an alien tongue, this was sensory insanity. It was like looking at two mirrors at the same time. I was looking at myself from both bodies. Both felt equally real, not a split image, not a fuzzy image, not picture in picture, or even overlapped. Like having two full functional brains processing the same information from different perspectives. Both me, both equal. But it was more than I think either brain could handle, pretty sure the human brain wasn't meant to process some collective view point and both my heads began to hurt. I then saw the being appear, but only from the male perspective. The female body side couldn't see it, but the male side could see it standing on my left side looking back and forth. Then, it taps the air, like a perfectly clear window had been there, a blue circular wave spread out and then it was just me, the male me, the real world me lying there on a bed looking at the fuzzy walls that had been there before. Was it all a veil? like a screen? What happened to the female body me? I wanted to ask all these questions, but I still couldn't speak. The being leaned down to me, its jewel like eyes encompassing my entire view as it spoke into my ear, not words, not telepathy, it was those clicking sounds. Then the red light was back and I blacked out.

I found myself in the back of my van, sleeping, on the side of the road. Not the road I started on, hell I wasn't even in the right county when I figured out where I was and it was the next night. I had lost over 20 hours. Yet thankfully I had three days off in a row, and non of my relatives realized I had been missing, only noticing I hadn't been on Facebook as much...sort of, I guess I post so many memes that some show up on other people's pages days later; it is a weird site. One of the things though as I lied there in my van that crossed my mind was, did they make a female copy of me and put my mind that body like an avatar? Or did they make a full female clone of me and I was experiencing shared perspective and only felt which body was allowed to feel by them at a time, first the new one, then linked back up to my original? My next thought was much scarier, what if it was like that, but they had turned me into a woman and then cloned my male body, shared memories and all...and I was now the clone. If not for my cavities and missing tooth I'd think that was true, although, I kept feeling like I'm missing the wrong tooth; like maybe the one next to the one that should be missing was missing. In any case was there another me? A female me living somewhere now, maybe with them? These thoughts would haunt me, until the next abduction.