I can't believe I am typing this, and actually sharing it on the internet. It is completly batshit insane what happened, and why I am posting as anonoymous and not sharing my name; but I will say I am a woman so you can picture this a little bit. I was out driving, why isn't important, it was about 8pm, just getting dark when my car started to drive smooth; like too smooth. I thought I was driving on a sheet of plastic and everything around me was getting dark real fast. I stopped the car only to have this red and blue light flashing in my eyes. My thirst thought was "cops", but yeah, that bright and somehow all inside my car, no way.

I don't really remember what happened next very well, it was like I was drugged, I vaguely remember being on a bed, not being able to move and these silvery hoses and machines around me, doing something to me, but I was completly numb. Somehow it felt medical and sexual as I looked up at these things, these tall white things with wedge shaped heads and huge crystal eyes that blinked with two sets of eyelids. I drifted in and out before finding myself suddenly awake, like really awake. Like those weird mornings where you just sit up out of bed fully alert, like something alarmed you I guess.

I woke up in a shower, and I mean being blasted from all directions by streams of hot water. If I weren't freaked out and this were some hotel I might have enjoyed it. I thought maybe I was in a hotel at first, my head was still a bit fuzzy at the time. However when I came out of the shower, sliding door and everything I was in some weird wide and circular white room and there were these two aliens standing there. They weren't what I would have expected, they were giant, or at least really tall thanks to these rabbit-lizard-bird legs they had. I guess the middle part was just a little bit bigger than me, but they had long arms with weird clawed fingers, a wedge shaped head and a tail like a cartoon dinosaur. They had this plummage on their heads, like a headdress made of colorful leaves or feathers and six spike like ears...or spikes. They had these huge jewel like blue eyes, I was certain these were the same things I saw when I was on the bed before, especially after they blinked with those four eyelids. They talked with their small human lips looking mouths, really freaky looking on those rabbit-cartoon weasel shaped heads. The sounds they made were like clicking sounds mixed with some sort of word sounds like hearing a language you've never heard before. They were talking to each other, all I could do was stand there. One of them seemed to nod to the other and pulled out of the wall, like it wasn't even there, this white dress robe and handed it to me. I took it and put it on, if only so I would stop being naked in front of these things. They didn't seem to want to hurt me, instead gently pushed my back to get me to walk in front of them. They were making odd purring sounds and smiling, like they were proud of themselves would be my best guess.

They coaxed me towards a door down a long hall, it opened from side to side like on Star Trek; or just about any larger store these days. Inside it was dimmer than the hall and I froze as this rectangular room was mostly empty although nearly half of it was taken up by a raised soft looking surface and one of the aliens was lying there, it was different though, a silvery color with stripes, its head spikes were longer than those of the two behind me and the "hair" on its head was more like a widow's peak of quills. It turned and looked us as it was facing towards a wall. Any thought I had that this thing just looked bigger because it was laid out on, I am going to assume is a bed, was short lived as it got up and walked over, it was a good head and shoulders, its head and shoulders taller than these two, and its legs and back were bent. If this thing stood upright it might give a bear a fright. It looked down at me, tilting its head a bit and then looked at the other two, which had their claw like hands on my shoulders at this point, blocking the door completly. I had no where I could run as they spoke to each other. It was all hums, clicks, rolling sounds, and the occasional sound I could write out in letters, one in particular kept being repeated, especially by the big one "Vi'eg". Before too long the big one walked away and lied down on the giant bed again looking away. The two gave me a slight push that caused me to trip on my feet a little before closing the door behind me.

So there I was alone in this dark room with this giant alien creature lying on a bed, I couldn't take my eyes off of it. I'd love to say I got up the courage to try and speak to it then, to negotiate, to ask questions, or to even turn to examine the door to see if I could open it. But this thing, it was bigger than a lion, it was like a combination of every vicious predator, face like a mantis crossed with a cat and a person, arms and legs put me in mind of eagles, tail like a snake, and lying down put me in mind of a gigantic panther.

It was lying near the edge of the bed I noticed and facing the wall. After a short time I noticed something about the wall it was looking at, the occasional light, movement, or sound. My curiosity got the better of me and I walked over to the wall, I touched it, it felt smooth and sort of vibrating. I jumped when the alien made a sound a low rumble sound. I jumped back. It looked at me, I was trembling, and it smiled before turning back to look at the wall. It occured to me while standing there that it was watching something. Something mostly outside my visual and auditory range, thanks to paying attention in school I was familiar with the concept of sights and sounds outside the human range, but to actually experience a mix of them was hypnotic, like watching a strange lava lamp. I found myself, mostly thanks to how still this alien was eventually sitting down on the floor by the corner of the bed away from the alien's head.

I don't know how much time passed, but out of no where there was this blue fluffy thing dangling in my face. I screamed and ran, in the wrong direction. I ran towards a corner that was blocked by the bed and the alien. I heard it growling, this horrible sound like you'd expect from an alligator or something, it was so low. I also heard wood cracking, looking at it, its claw was trembling while holding a wooden rod that had a blue feather dangling off the end. It seemed like it was trying not to snap the rod, its whole arm was trembling. It actually sighed and put the stick down behind it on the bed. I stood there in the corner watching it wide eyed in horror, my mind was in shock, writing about this after the fact makes me feel crazy that I wasn't more observant. It sat up on the bed and waved its claw over the floor, a circular panel like a bollard came out the floor, seamlessly, the top opened up, like sliding doors that vanished into the too thin sides. It looked like the thing was filled with a blue gel. The alien reached its claw into the gel and pulled out, perfectly dry, a little red ball. It tossed it, bouncing against the ground towards me. I swear to god I actually yelped and flinched out of the way of it as it bounced by me. The alien's eyelids formed into this "deadpan stare" expression. I swear it made a "harumph" kind of sound, waving its claw over the bollard thing causing it to close and retreat into the floor like was never there.

It sat there a moment, looking between me and the door. I had to be backed up as tight as I could be against the wall, breathing heavily. I was in shock, plain and simple, freaked out. It waved its claw over the floor again, and a different bollard came up. It had this green electric ring like a tiny wrestling rink. A green electric orb floated up from the center. I stared at this weird thing as it swirled green lights and produced this brown brick, like a protein bar or something. The alien picked it up and held it between a finger claw and that long thumb claw and waved it at me. It was trying to get me to come closer I could tell. I shook my head and kept saying, "no" over and over again. I was starting to get some sense back, I was trying to ask it to let me go as best I could in this state, good chance it was mostly gibberish though. It put the bar back in the thing and it dissolved in green sparks and something else formed in its place. It was like a piece of fruit, the smell was like apples and grapes together. It cracked it open, the smell was overwhelming, my stomach even growled. It was smiling as it held the fruit out. But I was in tears and shaking my head quickly. It sighed and did the same to the fruit thing that it did to the bar. With a wave this bollard vanished into the floor as well.

It sighed again, looked at me for a brief moment and then got up and left the room. It even left the door open. I stood there though, unable to move, my body was stuck, but not from them, from like adrenaline or fear or something "frozen stiff". As feeling came back to my body I looked at the ball on the floor and the rod with the feather on the bed, it was like a cat toy. Something horrible started to come to me as walked past the bed towards the door and looked at the wall, a pet standing in front of the tv...it tried to play with me, it tried to give me a treat...it was treating me like an animal. I wasn't "abducted" by aliens, they weren't performing experiments or testing me, and I dare say they don't try to breed people for slaves or take samples for improving their own genetic stock. I've raised enough animals, my sister is a vet for crying out loud. That other stuff, yeah I got that idea from reading all that UFO stuff after this, unless you counts dogs and cats as slaves to people, hell they might breed humans as pets.

Anyway, back to what was happening at the time and not my later revelations. I did eventually walk out the door and make my way down the hall. I had no idea where to go, not sure even going back the way I came would have accomplished anything. I did come to a wide room with tubes, inside the tubes were things you'd recognize as more generic aliens. But they didn't look alive, or dead for that matter. More like mannequins, like props or puppets. It was then that the red light came back, but was like it wrapped around me. When I woke up I was lying in a field, wearing my clothes, althoug my shirt was on backwards and my pants undone like they were just thrown on me. My socks were missing though. Thankfully the things in my pockets were still there, I found out on my phone that I wasn't even in the right state, like one state over. Yeah my revelation...I was captured, caught. I think they were trying to give me to that bigger one as a pet. I have no idea why, but between the toys and treats...I guess it wanted a pet, and I wasn't working out. Makes me feel bad now when I see cat or dog freaking out with a new owner. But hey, I was a wild animal...yeah I sound nuts, just going to end on that note.