Chapter 7

Don pretended he was asleep as Joyce moved around the bedroom. He knew he was still in love with her and that he wanted to be with her but could he really just forget about what she did to their marriage? Would he regret it forever if he was unwilling to give her a second chance? Would she appreciate him more if he forgave her?

What Don learned the most from his attempt to date Kristy and his tryst with Cookie was that Joyce was the only person who truly knew him and that made for a very comfortable and fulfilling relationship but he resented the way she violated their marriage.

The room went dark and Don felt Joyce slid into the bed beside him and it was comforting to know she was there again. He hated the bed when she was missing and he was surprised when his penis became hard when he thought about some of their best sex over the years. He rolled over to see that Joyce was lying on her side with her back to him and when she maneuvered herself to get more comfortable on the mattress, his stiff penis inadvertently poked her in the ass.

Joyce turned her head and cocked an eyebrow in surprise. Don reached his hand out and stroked the side of her face.

"Happy Thanksgiving," he whispered.

Joyce rolled onto her opposite side to face him and she gently reached under the covers, sliding her hand across his stomach until she found his hardened shaft underneath his boxers, a bold gesture she hadn't demonstrated in a very long time.

"Joyce," Don said almost desperately.

"It's Thanksgiving," she said knowingly.

Don leaned in and suddenly he felt her lips against his, her tongue pushing between his. He gladly returned the kiss which became passionate and Don found himself drifting into an alternate universe. Here was his estranged wife back in their bed slowly stroking his manhood while they made out and Don felt like it was their first time all over again even though there was something familiar and comfortable with their late night affections although this hadn't happened for a long time.

Joyce halted the make out session and sat up on the bed, leaning over and turning on the bedside lamp on her side. She pulled back the covers of the bed and pulled her light pink nightgown off over her head, revealing her nude self underneath. Don was amazed at her impressive figure even at forty-three. Her blue eyes twinkled as she gave him a sexy smile, her middle-aged breasts still firm on her chest and her nipples hard and dark. Her stomach did feature a slight pouch but her legs were firm. Don was surprised to see that Joyce was shaved her pubic hair which was new. He wondered if she had done it for him but Don knew better than to ask. Still, he was aroused by her swollen exposed womanhood and he was willing to dismiss thoughts of the other guy.

After all they had been though, it almost felt like Don was seeing Joyce naked for the first time. He lay his hand on her thigh and gently caressed her leg in a tender gesture. She had been with another man and he had his tryst with Cookie but Don knew this is where he belonged and this is who he wanted to be with. He was thinking Joyce was feeling the same way because her exposed entrance was engorged and glistening. He leaned in and kissed her again. She smiled knowingly and tugged on his boxers to let him know she was all in on this unexpected and spontaneous reconciliation.

When his manhood was exposed, Joyce pushed him back on the bed and mounted him, wasting little time in making sure his member slipped into her entrance.

"Joyce, I….."

"Shhhhh," she whispered as the pleasure of his entry swept through her. "You don't have to say anything as long as you really want me after what I did."

Pulling her down, Don gave her a gentle kiss on her lips. "I'll always want you," he said as he pushed upwards to meet her.

He felt his pubic hair rub against her bald entrance which was a new sensation for them. Joyce pulled him closer and she returned his kiss. "Thank you," she said.

"I love you," Don told her.

"I love you too," she whimpered as she moved her hips and lifted up and down as the sensations built for both of them, their hands roaming familiar territory but with a renewed appreciation and fondness.

Joyce rode his shaft while Don continued to move in and out as the squishing sounds of their love making sounded like background music. The rhythm of their years together returned naturally. Don thrust upwards to meet her as she rocked her hips and although they had done this literally thousands of times before there was something new and refreshing about this time. Their eyes met and they locked in a deep kiss.

Suddenly, Don rolled Joyce off of him and onto her back without losing engagement and they both increased the tempo and they both began to moan as their physical pleasure and emotional satisfaction rushed toward the anticipated peek. Joyce wrapped her legs around him knowing she was close and she pulling him to feel him more. She kissed him to muffle her joyful scream as her orgasm overtook her and Don pushed hard as deep as he could as his ejaculation filled inside of her.

The only thing that mattered was each other. Forgotten was the past and all that mattered was now. Once they recovered, Don rolled off Joyce and lay next to her and she cuddled against him.

"Happy Thanksgiving," Don said, kissing the top of her head.

"Yes," she agreed.