Author's Note: Hello, humble reader. If you're reading this and thinking, 'Haven't I heard of this story before?', then yes, you most likely have. That's because I had it posted here on FictionPress for a while before unceremoniously leaving the site and taking all my work down. For details on why, I shall refer you to my profile page where an explanation awaits. At any rate, for any new readers who might be reading this, I would like to welcome you. As mentioned before this is a story I wrote years ago, way back in 2013. It was yet another story I had been planning and developing for quite a few years before I finally started writing it, and it is one of my favorite, succeeded only by it's sequel. I only just recently finished the second book in the series earlier this year, and have begun writing the third book already. I've always been interested in Vampires and other supernatural creatures and thought adding a little sci-fi spin on them would be fun. Hopefully you have as much fun reading it as I did writing it. As usual, this story does contain SLASH, so if that sort of thing isn't your cup of tea, feel free to turn back now.

Blood Star

Written By
Robert Floyd

Prelude of Awakening

The vast white desert of the Antarctic seemed endless to her with nary a sign of life anywhere to be seen. It had been an exhausting trip, and she and her companions were more than eager to accomplish their objective. This day had been a long time coming, and for Yvette it had been her life's goal to see her race, the Nosferatu, return to its former glory and finish the mission they'd been sent to Earth to carry out. It had been almost six hundred years since they'd first arrived to this planet with the intention of conquering it and harvesting humans for their blood. For centuries they had scoured the universe fruitlessly for a viable food source while also fleeing from their enemies, the Lycani, a race of monstrous shape. A war had been fought against them and countless Nosferatu died in their efforts. The Lycani had always been a vicious, bloodthirsty race and whenever the Nosferatu would come upon a new planet to inhabit, they would always be close behind. With their numbers dwindling and the struggle against the Lycani becoming increasingly hopeless, it was decided that in order to preserve the future of their kind, the Nosferatu ventured further out into the galaxy than they ever had, and in doing so they discovered Earth.

Though it had been nigh on six hundred years since they had first arrived here, the Nosferatu had barely managed to establish a presence. Treated as mere legends by the humans, their existence went with little notice. In their natural forms, the Nosferatu were thin, tall creatures with winged arms that granted them the capability of flight. Upon first contact with the humans, they were thought to look very much like an animal they referred to as a bat, but after initially feasting on the blood of a human being, the Nosferatu assumed the forms of their victims, copying their DNA to help them blend in better with the population, to move among them undetected. While doing so afforded them some amount of cover, they soon discovered that Earth came with its own dangers, for instance, going out into the sunlight caused their flesh to burn, and if exposed for too long, they would burst into flames and die. This obstacle forced the Nosferatu to cling to the shadows, to only emerge once the sun had gone down. It made it harder to blend in with society, but they did what had to be done to survive.

Perhaps the most unexpected and alarming development to come from their arrival was the effect they had on humans. Of all the other races they had encountered on other planets, never had they encountered a living being capable of surviving their bite; humans, however, were different. While some humans died after an encounter with a Nosferatu's bite, others underwent a transformation that caused them to not only crave and feed off blood, but to develop superhuman abilities. These humans-turned-blood feeders began to grow in number, and over time the legends about supernatural creatures that dwelt in the night and fed on human blood began to spread, and eventually they came to be known as "vampires."

An explanation for the phenomenon had eluded them for centuries, but as humanity progressed and their technology became more advanced, it was discovered that a virus the Nosferatu carried was responsible for killing or turning a person into a vampire. The virus mutated their DNA, changing their biology to where they had to consume blood to sustain them. Some humans, however, didn't react well to the virus and died before completing the transformation.

The mission the Nosferatu had originally come to complete had slowly become forgotten over the centuries. Being separated by the planet's massive continents made it difficult for them to correspond with one another as they had all been scattered across the globe under the belief that it would be easier to conquer it if they split up. When it became evident that the task would be more difficult than anticipated, many Nosferatu thought it futile and opted to live their lives out blending in as best as they could amongst the rest of the human population, isolated from the rest of their brethren.

Over time, many of the older, more prominent Nosferatu began to die, either from old age or an unfortunate encounter with a human. While the Nosferatu did age, they weren't immortal as many legends suggested they were. They aged at a much slower rate than humans did which granted them the luxury of always looking significantly younger than they really were. It wasn't uncommon for a Nosferatu to live to be a millennia or two, and many of the Old Ones had been older than that when they came to Earth.

Now, in the 21st century, with a majority of the Old Ones dead, it had fallen onto the shoulders of Yvette and her fellow compatriots to regroup and return their race to its former glory. It had been discovered that one of the more prominent Old Ones had been lost on their journey to Earth, veering off his projected course and landing on a remote location of the planet. After a long and exhausting search, however, they had managed to track down and locate the site in which the lost Old One had crashed. There in the frigid wastes of the Antarctic, a team of researchers had stumbled upon the pod of the Nosferatu elder that had been frozen beneath the ice for hundreds of years. As news of their discovery leaked, Yvette and her companions made their move.

"We're almost there," a voice came over Yvette's headset as she gazed out across the icy desert below, lost in her thoughts.

"How much further?" she inquired.

"It should be just beyond that ridge over there," the pilot replied, pointing off towards a small mountain range in the distance.

Yvette smiled and nodded in approval, turning towards her three companions who sat bundled up in layers of clothing to protect them from the sun. Their hoods were drawn up with scarves wrapped around their faces and reflective lens goggles covering their eyes, all of which made them look identical to one another. Yvette, however, was dressed less warmly to allow her the ability to speak. While being outside in direct contact with the sun would harm her, perhaps even kill her, inside the cabin of the helicopter she was safe, the tinted windows on the doors toning down a majority of the sun's harmful rays.

"There it is," the pilot stated over the headset.

Looking down below, Yvette spotted the research station where the pod of their lost elder resided. From what Yvette had learned back at the Norwegian research station, they had discovered the pod, but lacked the equipment to extract it, so they called the Americans in to help. After digging it up, the Americans claimed it as their discovery and transported it back to their base; the Norwegians weren't the least bit happy about it, but begrudgingly agreed to help study it. In the weeks since extraction, they had been unable to open the pod to see what it contained; she wasn't all that surprised to hear just how little they had learned about it.

"Take us down," she instructed.

Nodding obediently, the pilot began lowering the helicopter down to the ground without a word of protest. Drawing her cowl up over her face, Yvette lowered her goggles and prepared to disembark. Once the chopper had landed, Yvette unfastened her safety harness and glanced over at her comrades silently before opening the hatch. With a single nod, she climbed out as two of her fellow Nosferatu followed suit, the third staying behind to tend to the pilot.

As Yvette stepped out of the helicopter, a man wearing a thick, heavy red and gray parka with glasses emerged from the building and met her outside the helicopter. From what she could see of him, he was a relatively young man, at least for a human anyway, with pale skin and a long, narrow nose. He had a handsome face with a bushy brown beard covering most it, and appeared to be in his early to mid-thirties at most.

"Welcome to the South Pole, Ms. Yvette," the man greeted in a surprisingly jovial tone. "I trust you've been staying warm enough since you've arrived?"

"Yes, thank you," she replied. "I take it you're Dr. Keller?"

"Indeed I am," he replied, holding a gloved hand out toward Yvette. "And I take it you're the... expert we sent for?"

Yvette nodded and shook Dr. Keller's hand.

"I am," she replied. "I've been studying extraterrestrial phenomena for years, and I believe I may have encountered a craft such as the one you've discovered before, albeit in nowhere near as pristine condition as this one."

Dr. Keller's eyes lit up with excitement when he heard her mention "extraterrestrial."

"So... you honestly think this craft could be of alien origin?" he asked, as if barely able to contain his intrigue.

"Perhaps," Yvette replied, smiling slightly beneath her cowl. "I'll need to have a closer look at it before I can draw any definite conclusions."

"Yes, of course," Dr. Keller said. "If you'll follow me, I'll show it to you."

Following him inside, Yvette heard her two companions' feet crunching in the snow behind her. After navigating a series of corridors, Dr. Keller stopped outside of a heavy steel door where he slid his ID card through a scanner. There was a clunk and suddenly he opened the door, taking off his hat and glasses before stepping aside.

"After you," he said, extending a hand inside.

Glancing back towards her companions, Yvette gave a short, curt nod and headed inside, leaving them to wait outside. Dr. Keller went in behind her, closing the door after he'd gone in. The room where the pod was being kept was quite large with dozens of lights hanging all over and a various pieces of equipment and tools Yvette wasn't familiar with connected to the craft, monitoring a number of statistics. While she went down a series of steps to get a closer look at the pod, Dr. Keller watched her from above as he removed his gloves and parka.

"It's a little warmer in here, if you want to remove your coat," he stated.

Looking back at him for a moment, Yvette turned back to the pod and slowly removed her cowl and snow cap, allowing her long, flowing golden red hair to fall down her back.

"So this is it, huh?" she asked as he unzipped her heavy pink and black coat. "I knew it was in good condition, but considering how long this thing has been buried here, it looks perfect."

"Doesn't it though?" Dr. Keller asked as he started down the steps. "We've spent a lot of time trying to figure out what kind of material this thing is made out of, but there's not an element on Earth that matches it. We've tried scratching, melting, and denting it, but we haven't so much as been able to leave a mark on it. Whatever it is, it's durable as hell."

Yvette smirked as she removed her coat and set it aside on a desk along with her hat and cowl.

"Interesting. Perhaps it has something to do with the climate here. The other vessels I've encountered have been in relatively poor condition. This is the first time I've seen one in such good shape."

Dr. Keller came up beside her, holding out a cup of steaming black liquid. When Yvette turned to face him, she found he was wearing a thick gray and blue knitted sweater; he looked much smaller than he did before, but was still surprisingly fit and muscular. She hadn't realized just how handsome he was either.

"No thank you," she said. "I don't much care for coffee."

Dr. Keller raised a brow and retracted the mug, shrugging his shoulders as he set it down on the desk and began sipping his.

"So have you ever been able to see what was inside those other vessels you discovered?" he asked. "We've been trying for weeks to see what's inside this thing, but so far we haven't gotten anywhere. Whatever material it's made out of keeps us from getting a thermal scan, x-ray, or anything else for that matter, and since it's so durable, we haven't even been able to drill a hole into it to get a camera down in there so we can see what's inside."

"Unfortunately the other ones were empty," Yvette replied, stepping closer to the large, shimmering silver pod before her. She could see her reflection on the surface, and as she went to touch it, she glanced over her shoulder at Dr. Keller and smiled. "But luckily for you… I do know how to open it."

Facing forward again, Yvette gazed into the depths of the silvery sphere and leaned in close to her reflection, opening her mouth as she released a wave of sound that no human could hear. Suddenly, a bright yellow ring of light originating from the reflection of her mouth spread across the entirety of the pod. Dr. Keller dropped his cup of coffee and stumbled over backwards, falling to the ground as he scurried away. Yvette remained perfectly still, allowing herself to be bathed in the light which grew in intensity. On the surface of the pod, an intricate series of lines appeared outside and glowed with a shining golden hue. Dr. Keller sat watching in awe with his eyes and mouth agape. Looking up at Yvette, he swallowed and called out to her.

"What's going on?" he shouted.

Without looking down at him, Yvette smiled with her luscious red lips and said in the most calm, peaceful voice, "It's opening."

Slowly, various parts of the pod began to move and shift. To the right and left, two disk-shaped sections began to rotate as the mid-section began to separate, the top half lifting upwards while the bottom folded down. A thick bank of fog billowed out as the cold air of the lab hit the warm air within the craft, and after the initial hiss of pressure being released, there was silence. Yvette stood, watching and waiting, while Dr. Keller slowly rose to his feet, eyes wide as saucers as he watched as well, waiting to see what would happen next.

"W-What…" he started to say when suddenly a loud, high pitched screech emerged from the depths of the pod. Jumping backwards, Dr. Keller pinned himself up against the wall as a figure loomed in the fog. Yvette remained unmoving as a tall, dark, shadowy creature ducked out of the vessel and screeched again, almost deafening Dr. Keller. Covering his ears as he sunk to the floor, Dr. Keller closed his eyes and winced.

Yvette's heart was racing as the elder emerged from his pod. As he slowly made his way down the ramp on unsteady feet, he screeched again. To a human his screeching sounded like nothing more than noise, but to her she understood him perfectly well.

"Where am I?" he asked. "Who's there?"

Stepping forth, Yvette held her head high as the elder suddenly took notice of her. Staring down at her with beady red eyes, he screeched again and started towards her, leaning in close until he was mere inches away from her face. Just then, she screeched back at him. He fell silent for a moment, twitching his head from side to side as he summed her up, looking her over from head to toe. He had a long, angular face with two scrunched up holes for breathing, and a pair of large, pointed ears atop his head. His body was long and covered in short, thin white hair, a pair of broad, scaly wings extending from his shoulders blades; he had a pair of arms, each with long, razor sharp claws that could cut through solid steel, and his legs were much like those of a human, except turned backwards. As he stood scrutinizing Yvette, there was suddenly a clatter that attracted his attention. Behind them, Dr. Keller had stood up and started to make a break for it, only to knock the cup of coffee he'd brought for Yvette off the table in the process. Staring down at the broken mug and then staring back up at Yvette and the monster before her, Dr. Keller's face was etched with fear.

"You must feed," Yvette screeched at the elder. "You're weak."

As the elder turned back towards Dr. Keller, he was already running up the stairs and dashing for the doors. Letting out a deafening screech, the elder spread his long, scaly wings and sprung into the air, landing right in front of Dr. Keller and cutting off his route of escape. Towering over him, the elder looked down into Dr. Keller's light brown eyes and screeched at him once more before digging the hooked claws on the tips of his wings into his shoulders and jerking him forward, digging his razor sharp fangs into his neck. Dr. Keller kicked and screamed for Yvette to help him, but just stood down below watching with a sly, amused smirk on her face.

The screaming didn't last long. Within a few moments, Dr. Keller had fallen silent, and the elder held him up against the wall to enjoy his meal, the first he'd had in almost six hundred years. After several minutes had passed, he was finished eating. While Yvette stood leaning against the table her things were set on, she filed her fingernails, waiting for the elder to return. When she heard the sounds of footsteps coming down the stairs, she stood up straight and looked up to find Dr. Keller, albeit covered in blood and naked. He was as pale as he was before, but had a dusting of brown hair covering his broad, toned chest. His beard was caked with blood, and his whole body heaved with every breath as he stood several feet away from Yvette.

"Where are we?" he asked, his voice sounding rough and dangerous.

Yvette swallowed, feeling herself becoming excited in the presence of the awakened elder.

"Earth," she replied. "We're on the southern most continent of the planet. Your pod crashed here, and you've been frozen beneath the ice for almost six centuries."

Keller stared at Yvette with a hard gaze and looked around the lab.

"Where are the others?" he asked. "And why have they waited so long to find me?"

Yvette took a step forward and shook her head.

"The other elders are either dead or dying, and because of the remote location in which you crashed, it's taken some time for us to find you. If it weren't for these humans, we probably would have never found you," she said.

Keller's eyes fell on her again as he tightened his jaw, his nostrils flaring up with barely contained rage.

"And what is the status of our mission?" he demanded.

Yvette took a breath and sighed, pursing her lips as she took another step towards Keller.

"We've failed," she stated. "Our race is in a state of decay. When we arrived here we were all separated by such vast distances that coordinating a complete takeover of the planet was impossible. But as we started to regroup and find one another, the elders started dying. With no one left to lead us, many gave up hope and started living lives of decadence. But there are still those of us, including your son, who remember why we came here and continue striving to carry out our mission. That is why I am here today, to awaken you after all these years and return our race to its former glory."

Keller's nostrils flared as he stared intensely at Yvette, eying her up and down as he breathed in her sweet scent. He was still becoming accustomed to the capabilities and senses of his human form, which would likely take some time for him to become acquainted with. Since he was an elder, Yvette had no doubts that he would adapt in no time at all.

"My son, where is he?" he asked.

Yvette smiled benevolently as she answered.

"Tracking down our brethren and rallying them to our cause," she stated. "I'm here at his behest. I tried convincing him to come instead, but he thought his talents were best suited elsewhere."

Keller grunted a laugh and gazed into Yvette's dark green eyes, smiling as he cupped her chin in his hand, breathing her in.

"You are truly a loyal Nosferatu," he stated. "When we have conquered this planet and claimed it as our own, I shall take you as my wife."

Yvette's eyes grew wide in surprise and she gasped. Swallowing, she did her best to rein in her emotions and smiled widely.

"It would be an honor, but I'm afraid there's something else you must know," she replied.

Keller raised a brow and cocked his head.

"What is it?"

Yvette sighed and looked down at the ground, balling her hands into fists as she collected her thoughts.

"When we first came to Earth and started feeding on humans, something happened…" she said, looking back up at Keller. "Humans we had fed upon contracted a virus we carry that mutates their DNA and turns them into one of us. They aren't as strong as we are and lack the ability to become Nosferatu, but they live longer and feed upon the flesh of other humans. Over the centuries their numbers have grown, and now it is believed that these… vampires far outnumber us. Legends of their existence have spread all over the world, and their influence has tarnished the reputation of our race."

As Keller processed the information, his face slowly began to contort into a twist of rage and disgust. Clenching his jaw as tight as it would go, his nostrils flared as he bore his teeth and spat on the ground.

"These vampires you speak of are a disgrace to our name and race. Even if they are a product of our creation, they are a disease that must be eradicated," he stated. "If we are to conquer this planet and claim it in the name of the Nosferatu, then we must first wipe out and kill every last one of these vampires. We didn't escape the Lycani only to be run out by these pretenders," he said.

Yvette grinned widely in approval.

"I'm glad you see things our way," she replied. "Now that we're on the same page, we really must be going."

Keller nodded in agreement as Yvette turned towards his pod and licked her teeth.

"We'll need to destroy that, too. We can't risk someone finding it and figuring out how to use now, can we?" she asked, smiling mischievously as she went inside Keller's pod and input a code on the control panel within. As she walked away it began to close up and seal itself shut, only for it to begin flashing an intermittent blue light.

"Let's get you some clothes to put on. It's not safe for us to go out in the sunlight without protection," she stated as she and Keller jogged up the stairs and began stripping Dr. Keller's corpse of his clothing. While Keller dressed himself, Yvette retrieved her coat, cowl, and hat before heading back up to leave.

"What's this?" Keller asked after zipping up his parka, showing Yvette the ID card Dr. Keller had used to get into the lab.

"The good doctor's identification," she said, snatching it from Keller. "We might be needing this."

As the flashing of the pod grew slower with each passing moment, Yvette and Keller didn't waste any more time. Sliding Keller's ID through the scanner, the door unlocked and the two of them left the lab together. Yvette's two companions were still waiting outside when they emerged.

"Let's go," Yvette ordered. "We don't have a lot of time."

Yvette went on ahead as her companions and Keller stood staring at one another silently before hurrying along. Upon exiting the research facility, the four of them made their way to the helicopter where the third member of Yvette's party stood waiting on them, the body of the pilot lying on the ground beside him with a snapped neck.

"Get this thing in the air now!" Yvette shouted as they all climbed into the helicopter one right after the other. As they fastened themselves in, the rotors of the chopper were just starting to turn. Looking outside, Yvette saw people rushing out of the research facility with weapons in hand making their way towards the helicopter. Before they could reach them, they were already starting to lift off.

Sitting back in her seat and breathing a sigh of relief, Yvette glanced over at Keller who seemed fascinated with the world outside.

"Is this him?" one of Yvette's companions asked from the cockpit as he piloted the helicopter.

Looking up at her companion and then turning to face the other two, Yvette nodded and turned to stare at Keller again, who was still fixated on the snowy desert beyond.

"Yes," she replied distantly. "This is him. This is our elder, the one who will lead us to victory, the one who will lead us to salvation."

Just then, the helicopter shook violently as a bright blue flash lit up below them, the entire research facility suddenly disappearing in a tremendous explosion. As the helicopter evened out, Yvette continued gazing at Keller, who was now smiling faintly at the destruction taking place down below. Yvette had been waiting for this day for so long, and now that it had finally come, it all just felt like a dream, a dream that would never end.