Author's Note: Okay, as I don't really have enough experience with music to continue with the test chapter, I decided to try something else instead, a tale of friendship and magic. This is something I've thought about for months now, and inspired by works such as RWBY, Pokémon, and Harry Potter. I hope you enjoy it! Please leave a review!

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Mortals who draw upon the power of magic to accomplish great feats. Protectors of the land, and a beacon of hope for the world.

However, Sorcerers, practitioners of dark magic, rose to terrorize the land. Despite their valiant efforts, the Casters were forced back. Despair began to overtake them, and the darkness drew ever closer.

Then the goddess of life, Gaia, decided to send aid to the Casters.


Companions who would aid their masters in battle, and be their greatest friends.

Together, the Casters and Spectres defeated the Sorcerers, and the land was peaceful once again. However, the darkness still existed.

And so, a school was built to educate young Casters on the workings of magic and Spectres. This institution is called Magica Academy, and has existed for centuries.

But can the education of Casters be enough to combat the eventual rise of Sorcerers? Only time will tell….


Leon was walking through the streets that night.

He was fifteen, rather average in height, and had brown hair with somewhat curled bangs. He wore a brown jacket over a pale green shirt, and had brown eyes.

He approached a shop called 'The Quick Rest', and stepped inside. His eyes scanned the rows of goods as he stalked the place. The shopkeeper was sweeping the floor.

Then the bell above the doors ringed as three people stepped inside. The one in the middle was dressed in a rather fancy gold coat and had blonde hair that was neatly combed, but still had little curls sticking out, and the two men on either side of him wore black cloths around the lower halves of their faces. The shopkeeper looked at them with a raised eyebrow, but didn't say anything.

Then the leader approached the counter and leaned over it.

"Excuse me?" He called.

The shopkeeper set his broom down and went to the man.

"Can I help you?" He asked.

"Yes." The man then grabbed the shopkeeper's shirt and picked him up threateningly. "Give me all of your money, now!"

"W-what!? Let me go!"

Leon saw the commotion and edged away from it.

"Not until you give me the money!" The thug pressed.

"No! It's not yours!" The shopkeeper refused.

The thug glared. "Fine, have it your way." He looked at the other two men. "You know the drill boys!"

They laughed and aimed their palms forward. On them were star tattoos, which started glowing white. Two figures started forming in front of them.

Leon's eyes widened in surprise as a red leopard with black and yellow spots rose up and roared, flames dancing around it. Beside it was a white wolf with a chilly aura emanating from it.

"Spectres…" Leon whispered in amazement.

"Leopyre!" The leopard's owner commanded. "Burn this place down!"

The leopard immediately spit out fireballs that scattered around the shop, setting it on fire. The shopkeeper screamed and ran away.

"Wait, if he's burning the place down…" The wolf's master thought out loud. "What do I…hey!"

Leon froze an inch away from the door, scared.

"Get him White Fang!" The thug ordered.

"Oh why me…" Leon moaned.

He went out of the shop screaming as the wolf bounded after him. He tore through street after street, desperate to escape his pursuer. It all ended when he ran into a dead end at an alley.

"Oh no…"

Leon turned around, only to find the wolf at the exit, with his master behind him.

"Looks like you're out of luck." The thug said smugly.

"Please…let me go…" Leon begged.

"Not a chance. You might have good money on you, and I'm taking it by force!"


"Attack White Fang!"

The wolf barked and sprinted towards Leon, who shut his eyes in fear.

"Get away from me!"

It closed in on him and leaped, mouth wide open for the bite.

"I said stop!"

Leon thrust his hands out and gust of wind blew the wolf away. It yelped and tumbled to its master, who looked at Leon in surprise.

"What!?" He exclaimed. "You're a Caster!?"

"A…Caster?" Leon said in amazement. "I…have magic?" He shook his surprise off and looked at his attackers with determination. "Then take this!"

He summoned another gust of wind to blow them away, and they flew into the building behind them.

"Gah!" The thug groaned. He stood up and glared at him. "You think you're tough!? Well take this! White Fang!"

The wolf growled at Leon.

"Use your Ice Beam!"


The wolf opened its maw and icy blue energy began to charge.

The thug laughed. "You can't escape from being frozen!"

"Oh no…" Leon backed away, fear overtaking him again.

Then the wolf let out a blast of ice cold energy at him, and he crossed his arms.

"Ahhhh!" He screamed.

But then there was a loud 'CLANG!'

He looked up in surprise. A middle aged woman with blue hair tied in a bun stood in front of him, hand outstretched to form a glassy barrier that kept the attack at bay. Her attire consisted of a black dress with a somewhat short skirt.

"Are you alright?" She asked, glancing back at him with sapphire eyes.


"Then step back and leave this all to me."

She lowered the barrier and approached the thug casually. He backed away from her.

"No…" He said fearfully. "Not another one…"

"You Rogues should learn to stop your crimes. Now prepare for your punishment."

She pointed a finger at the wolf, causing it to be lifted off the ground. It made a noise of surprise, then she threw it at the thug. He and his animal were knocked back and they hit the building once again.

"Ugh…" He weakly sat up and cast a fireball at the woman.

She deflected it with a lazy flick. "Pathetic."

Then she charged a ball electricity and fired it at them. It exploded in a shower of sparks, and when it cleared up, the thug and his wolf were knocked out.

"That takes care of everything." The woman said.

She turned to Leon, who stared at her in shock.

"Who…are you?" He asked warily.

"That will come eventually." She answered. "But first, what happened?"

"Well, that guy and two others razed a shop…" His eyes widened. "Oh god…the shop! We need to save it!"

"Then let's hurry!"

They broke into a run.


By the time they got there, the whole building was smothered in flames. Standing in front of the carnage were the other two men.

"You know," The leader said, placing a hand in his goon's shoulder. "We did a great job today! How about we get some ice cre-"

He was interrupted when a fireball exploded at their feet. While his partner went flying, he only slid a few feet.

"Ah…" He winced and looked at the burns on his coat with distaste. "Oh come on! I just bought this!"

"Oh don't worry." The woman assured.

She and Leon stopped in front of him.

"You'll look good with chains wrapped around you."

The man laughed. "Oh please! I'm not going to prison anytime soon!"

She smirked. "We'll see about that." She glanced at Leon. "Stay back."

He nodded and ran to a safe distance.

The woman took a deep breath, then focused on her opponent. The man just chuckled.

"You know," He said with a hint of amusement. "It's funny how fate takes us down different roads…Elise."

She glared at him. "Henry…" She said angrily. "It's not fate that chooses our lives. We choose our destinies for ourselves."

"So you say. But one day, you will realize that the freedom of choice is just an illusion."

He conjured shards of ice and sent them at her. She blocked them with a barrier and countered with a blast of water, which he rolled under. He then a beam of electricity towards her, and she sidestepped it. With a huff, she thrust her hands forward. A white circle with a star symbol appeared and began to spin, glowing with light.

"Oh, so you want to play rough." Henry teased. "Okay, have it your way!"

He conjured his own yellow circle, which began to glow as well. Once the lights were at their brightest, their conjurers fired.

Electricity and light met in a fierce clash, and struggled to overpower each other. The Casters stared each other down, neither of them faltering in their stances. After a couple of moments, Elise's attack began pushing forward.

"What!?" Henry cried in shock. "I can't lose! Not now!"

He tried to give his spell a push, but to no avail. The blast of light pushed aside the electricity and reached him, exploding on contact. He went flying down the street and tumbled to a stop. He groaned as he sat up, and scowled. Elise approached him with her palm aimed at his face.

"I never was able to best you." He said angrily. "Now I here I am, at your mercy. So, what will you do?"

"I'm taking you to the prison, where you will stay there for life." She replied coldly.

He smirked. "Oh, am I?"

Then there was a strong rush of wind as a yellow feathered bird the size of a bull swooped down and grabbed him, taking him to the air. He waved at Elise as he flew away.

"Sucker!" He taunted. "Better luck next time! Ha ha ha ha ha!"

After a few minutes, he faded from view, but Elise still glared at where his silhouette once was.

"Hey!" Leon called.

Elise turned to find him waving at her and pointing towards the burning building.

"Don't we need to take care of this?"

She nodded and rushed over to him. Then she pointed at a spot over the shop, and a rain cloud appeared. Rain drops fell over the flames, slowly extinguishing them.

Once the fire was taken care of, Leon turned to Elise.

"Thank you." He said gratefully.

"Your welcome." She returned. "I saw what you did. You're a Caster who has just discovered his powers."

"Yeah…" He shuffled uncomfortably. "So…what do I do now?"

She smiled. "You've heard of Magica Academy, correct?"

Leon nodded. "Yes." His eyes widened. "Wait…are you telling me…that I have to go there?"

"It's the safest place for you to harness your magic."

"But...what about my family? I don't want to leave them."

"On certain days, you will get to visit them. But until your education is complete, you will be living in the school."

He nodded solemnly. "Well…okay…how do I get there?"

"We'll send a teacher to pick you up on September 1st, which is in two days. Be sure to tell your friends and family goodbye. You won't get to see them often."

"A-alright…" He raised an eyebrow suspiciously. "Wait…who are you, exactly?"

"Glad you finally asked again." She said in amusement. "I am Professor Elise Cosmos, and I am one of the teachers at Magica Academy."