I stayed low face down in the dirt. Non lethal spells being cast from wand, staff, and hand left and right. Father will shed a single tear when this is over. My name is Shadow Leaf the Coin Counter. A shadow leaf tax collector apprentice. Our proud and defiant plantation cloned sisters refused to sign the tax bill. A writ which was signed by both father and the original shadow leaf. The rebel sisters ward was about to be breached. A sister on her broom stick crashed hard on the ground.

Her eyes locked with mine before she lost consciousness. A paralysis spell a very common spell in these civil war scenarios. Father made a law should civil war happen only non lethal spells could be cast. Dozens of sisters were paralyzed, frozen, covered in vines, or temporarily turned to stone. Finally a break the protective ward was broken. Those that rode broomsticks or levitated were the first to charge. I followed with the rest still avoiding spells thrown now more inaccurately.

I saw some scattered others were in the plantation building windows. A smoke spell was cast by the police to flush them out that's what I thought. A police approached me and three others. "Apprentices time to get your first taste of combat". One sister threw up before regaining her composure. We entered the plantation casting second sight spells. Course they probably have the same spell. The police officer busted down the door with a push spells. I cast a minor speed sapping spell. That gave us the edge. All three we're down magical bounds behind their hands.

The officer smiled at me "Good work darling". With a smirk she we all left the small building clear of enemies. I rushed with many others the broomstick skirmishers were taking the brunt of the "losses". Broomsticks littered the courtyard. Along with both rebel and attacker sisters. Still the rebels refused to raise the white flag. Scribes and painters were avoiding the spells using magic to write and paint this sad yet important event. I saw a rebel yell in my direction. I just barely dodge the spell. It hit another unlucky sisters turning her into stone. I countered with a push spell from my wand sending her flying.

I was proud of myself only thirteen taking on half elf sisters at least two years older than me. Finally we cheered as the rebel commanders were rounded up or carted out. True to their promise they would fight to the end. Hundreds of sisters were laying immobile or unconscious. I'm glad it's over so I can return to my job as a tax collector and boy will we be flowing I laughed.