A/N: Ey-o! Decided to type out the 5min prompts I do daily and start posting them. Since I already have three… three will go up at once. Then one daily. They're really short, and disjointed. I'll post the relevant prompt as well, as the piece's title/blurb/whatever the prompt was. Also, I will try to make some dialog-only ones. My brain is writing mush thanks to postmodern writing which has these ungodly long and winding reflective pieces and no dialog.


The captain decided to trust the alien.

The captain decided to trust the alien. She drew in a few shaky breaths, steadying herself. Webbed hands ran over her gray skin. The pink alien said he could fix the problem.

"Do it. You have our full co-operation," she spoke clearly, her translation device enabling her to speak his language. He moved his head in a swift motion, and set to work.

Did that mean yes? She assumed so.

She only hoped the pink alien with the strange brown fuzz and un-webbed fingers wouldn't kill her and her people. This was a transport ship, moving civilians. She hummed nervously, swaying from side to side. Her crew thought she was mad. She didn't blame them.