This is a short story I wrote for an English assignment. I know it's quite rushed, but I had to create a conflict and resolution in only 750 words! But here it is anyways ;) I would love to know your opinions.

I could feel my heart rate increase and the sweat beads forming on my forehead. The girl continues to stare at me in such a deadly manner that I must look away. Despite my nervous breakdown inside, I dare not show it. Holding my head high, I wear a shaky smirk. At the very least I try to. I've never been in such a situation before feeling so humiliated. But again, there has never been a girl like Emma. Never. No one dares to stand up to me, until she came along.

"What do you want?" says Emma, interrupting my thoughts.

I admire her flat, firm voice. It doesn't reveal any of her inner emotions. Then again, I'm not sure if she even has any emotions. People say she's heartless. I'm not sure.

"Just go away, ok?" she says. "Don't you have anything better to do?"

I gulp, then quickly cover it up by snorting. "Yea, obviously. Come on girls," I tell my two pals, trying to cover up any hint of fear. Even they look a bit nervous and fidgety. They shuffle along behind me into the cafeteria.

"Oh my goodness Melanie, I love your hair!" says a girl who I don't think I've met.

"Yea, it's totally cool!" says another. I don't know them.

You see, I'm used to this kind of stuff. I'm the most popular girl in our grade 8 class, and I get compliments like these everyday. I flash the two girls my typical 'Melanie' smile and continue to make my way through the crowd.

That night, as I lay down on bed, my hands resting beneath my head, I stare at the ceiling, and think. This Emma is becoming a problem. If this continues, my reputation will be ruined. I try and think back to when it all started. Emma started attending Royal Oak Middle School a few months back at the beginning of the year. No one had paid much attention to her and she didn't seem to notice. She was like a ghost wandering the halls. She walked in and out of school without anyone noticing her. For a while, at least she was a nobody. But when the school's technician was out sick, Emma took his place. She solved any problems having to do with computers and tech. Everyone was amazed, calling her a genius and complimenting her in all sorts of ways. She didn't seem to pay any attention to the flattery at all, and simply nodded firmly to anyone who complimented her. Of course, not everyone was pleased. She became the target of all the school's bullies. Strangely, she never seemed to care. Most of the time, she ignored her tormentors, even when things got intense. I think I could have handled the attention she got if she had just acted with some emotion. I started giving her mean looks when she walked by, just to see if I could get a reaction. Don't get me wrong; I'm not much of a bully. People need to understand that this stereotype is not always accurate. Not all popular people are bullies.

I close my eyes and think harder. Why am I so bothered about this Emma issue? Why? Why? Why? I sit up and swing my legs over the side of my bed. I decide to try harder to see if I can squeeze some emotion out of her. I need to find something to get her to react. No one has succeeded, but I will. Of course I will, because I am Melanie Foster. I sleep very peacefully after that.

After school the next day, I walk into the library because I know she will be there. I didn't bring my two pals with me today, because I am sure they will not be pleased with what I am about to do. Emma doesn't even look up when I take a seat beside her. She is busy typing furiously on the keyboard of her computer. I clear my throat. She does not answer, nor give any indication that she has heard me. This is very hard for me, since I am not used to anyone treating me in that manner. I bite down my anger and force myself to continue.

"I-I just want to say that… I'm really sorry." I study her face expression carefully. "I… I really admire you. You're… really strong and emotionally stable. I like that." I am surprised with what I am saying, but I continue. "You don't let mean comments put you down. And I think that is the best quality anyone ever needs."

And then the most amazing thing happens, Emma smiles.