Keiran sighed heavily, checking to make sure he hadn't forgotten his translator. He had no idea why he had been picked to go and talk to these inferior beings but orders were orders. His com-link buzzed in his ear.

"Okay, refresher course. What's your destination?" Haze, his long-time friend and communications tech asked.

"The United States of America," he answered.

"Correct. Now, how should you respond to their obvious questions?"

"Directly, to the point, and revealing only as much information as is absolutely needed."

"Correct again. Damn, man, on a roll!" Haze joked.

"Shut the hell up. I don't see you having to deal with these backwater bipeds."

"Yeah, well that's what happens when you have no sense of tact or public speaking abilities."

"Yeah, yeah. Wait, reaching the destination." He rolled his shoulders to try and release some of the tension. "Well, here goes nothing," he said before stepping out of his small ship, that had been placed in stealth mode, so the humans would have no idea what was about to happen to them. His feet touched a soft, prickly surface and he glanced down only long enough to register it was an organic life form extremely common here known as 'grass'. His long legs swiftly carried him over the green carpet as he made his way towards a large white structure. He vaguely remembered it had a simplistic name...The Whitehouse. Grunting in derision, he momentarily mourned what years of abuse, wrongly gone genetics, insanity, and war had ultimately done to his kind and what had driven them to search for so long and finally settle on such simple, technology-stifled beings.

He had gotten half-way across the grassy area, before sharp, loud sounds from quite a distance away reached his ears. He could hear the conversation of a pair of security guards informing their higher-ups that they had spotted an intruder before releasing medium-sized beasts that were black and brown and ran on four legs on him, following as closely behind as they could run.

Sighing tiredly, he cursed his orders that forbade him from revealing the extent of his powers until in front of the head of this country. Instead he merely sped up his relaxed walk, not running, but not quite as carefree. His long legs got him to the front of the Whitehouse a good thirty seconds before the dogs reached him. Slipping past another pair of security guards before they could fully blink, he stepped into the inside of the place, the muted sounds of the beasts expressing their anger that he had gotten away filling his ears. He once again picked up the talk of the humans through the solid walls and doors.

"Sir? This is Rogers. The intruder has entered the House." Muffled shouting. "I don't know, sir...He was so far away from the entrance and he didn't run but he somehow covered a good ten minute walk in a minute. I've never seen anyone move that fast without sprinting hard, sir." More muffled voices and shouting.

Having heard all that he needed, he continued on his way, Haze softly relaying directions in his ear. After another good five minutes and some more run-ins with security he finally reached his destination. By now he had heard that the President, this country's leader had already been awoken. Apparently the man was in some place called the Oval Office. Really, did these beings have no imagination? Haze directed him there and he silently moved into the room. He was surprised to find that the only occupant was a female, though an older one with gray-streaked hair. She looked like she had just been pulled out of bed, which she had.

"So are you the son of bitch causing all the commotion out there? You're such a young thing. What are you, nineteen?" she asked in disgust.

If only the female knew. "My appearance may suggest as much, but I assure you, I am several hundred times older than you. But, I am not here for the reason of killing you or trying to destroy a landmark of great importance to this young country. I am here for an altogether different reason. But unfortunately I am under orders that make it so I cannot discuss my reason for being here until the top five people of this country have been assembled."

The President stared hard at him for a few seconds before leaning over the desk. "Call Vice-President, Speaker of the House, President Pro-Tempore, and the Chief Justice. Tell them they're presences are required in the Oval Office ASAP. If they give you any grief, tell them it is a matter of the utmost importance." The screen of their communications device blinked out and the two of them waited.

After half an hour of waiting in tense silence, the sound of voices a good fifty feet away alerted Keiran of company. Moving out of the way of the door and into the shadows of a dark corner, he silenced his breathing so that he wouldn't be noticed by anyone other than the President.

Four humans came running in, looking only a little less disheveled than the President. "Elizabeth!" the only other female who looked only a few years younger than the President exclaimed in disbelief. "What is all of this about?"

Once all five of them were a good distance inside the room, he moved back to the center, making sure they had no way to escape. "Hurry up already and get it over with. Japan, China, India, the United Nations, South Korea, and Russia are already done. Germany, France, Canada, Spain, Ireland, Egypt, Israel, Thailand, Australia, and New Zealand are almost done. The others are still in the process, like you," Haze informed him. Well at the very least it sounded like everything was going well. Now he just had to get through his part. He felt exhausted just thinking about it.

"Please, everyone just calm down. I wouldn't have called you here on such short notice without a good reason. That reason being him," she pointed to where he stood. The others turned, taking in his appearance and young age, before turning back to her.

"A kid that looks like my grandson?" the white-haired, older man asked in confusion. "What's so damn important about this kid that I had to be dragged out of bed at two in the morning at my age?"

"Because I'm not a nineteen-year-old kid. In fact, I'm not even a human. I came from outer space, from a universe you humans have yet to find or name, with technology that would make you piss your pants. I may look human, but that is only an appearance, a skin, that I and all my brethren who are at this moment talking to the heads of every single semi-technologically advanced country on this planet are wearing, just as I am doing now. Let me show you what I really look like."

Shrugging out of the black trench coat he had on, he let it pool to the floor. Moving his shoulder muscles, he leaned his head back and let the skin he had been keeping on melt away. He heard gasps of shock and fright. Hell yes, this was more of his style anyway...