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Chapter One: Encounter

My name is Hunter O'Neil and I'm a 16-year-old American male that lives in Matrix City with my Mom, Dad, and sister.

I was standing in the backyard behind my house facing two training dummies. I held my katana blade in both hands before swinging it forward, slicing the first dummy in half. I turned to the other one and sliced it in two. I put the sword back in my scabbard just as the back door opened to reveal my father who came outside.

He was tall, lean, and muscular with tanned skin, dark brown eyes, and light brown hair that was slightly long and spiked forward in a neat fashion. He wore a dark grey T-shirt, black sweat pants, and white running shoes. He also had long side burns and a goatee.

I had the same appearance as my dad, except I had baby blue eyes, a strong lean build, and short hair. I wore a light red T-shirt, dark grey sweat pants and light red running shoes.

"Hey, Dad." I greeted.

He gave me a small smile. "Hey, son. I'm heading out to the dojo to begin practice hours, are you going to be okay here by yourself?" He asked.

"Yeah, I'll be fine." I answered.

A thought came to my father's mind before he came over to me. "Hunter, I know we've had this talk many times in the past, but I'm really concerned about your social life."

I sighed. "Dad, I understand that I haven't been interacting with kids my age, but I don't want to get sidetracked from becoming a master samurai like you."

Dad put his hand on one of my shoulders. "Believe me, Hunter, I know that your training lessons mean well and I'm very proud of you for that, but I just want you to live a good life while you're still young." He said with honesty.

I looked up at him and thought about what he said. Part of me felt bad for turning down every opportunity to socialize, the other part wanted me to continue moving forward with my goal. Both parts wanted me to do one of the other, so I had to choose. "You're right. I haven't really been socializing much, so I'll take a trip through the city to see where it takes me." I said.

My father gave me a warm smile. "I'm very glad to hear that. Anyway, I'll come back later when my shift is over. Remember to lock the doors with your house key." He said before walking off.

"Okay. Bye, Dad!" I said while watching him go.

After getting rid of the dummies, I drove through the streets of the city on my moped, wearing a red helmet. I eventually arrived at Kaplan Mall and parked my vehicle near a rack before locking it up.

Suddenly, a small ball of energy appeared in the sky while making a buzzing noise. I looked up and saw it grow until it disappeared, revealing a strange being before it fell towards the ground. I quickly rushed forward and caught the figure in my arms, making me stumble as we both fell on the ground.

Luckily, none of us were hurt as I took a good look at the being.

It was female, she had a slender figure with pale skin, blood red eyes with no pupils, and shoulder length snow white hair with bangs. She wore a dark purple T-shirt, dark blue jeans, and light purple converse sneakers. Lastly, she had elf ears.

"Are you o-watch out!" I said before we jumped apart, avoiding a car that drove past us.

"Uh, let's talk somewhere safe." I said while the girl nodded in agreement.

After arriving at my house, the girl and I sat in the living room staring at each other in silence. Eventually, she made the first move. "So, do you know where I am?"

"You're on Earth in Matrix City." I answered.

The girl's ears perked up with surprise. "Earth? I've heard of this planet, I've always wanted to visit here, but not like this." She said as she frowned.

"How did you arrive here?" I asked.

"It's a long story, but since you saved my life back there, I suppose I owe you an explanation." The girl said. "I came from a home planet known as Kronos, where the inhabitants living there are called Kronosians as well as myself. We all have the ability to create advanced technology that is used to support ourselves. Earlier today, my family and I uncovered 4 green crystals hidden underneath our castle home. We analyzed them and discovered that the crystals held powerful energy. My family suggested using them to power our tech, but I took them away, thinking that the energy inside the crystals were too dangerous. As a result, everyone suddenly attacked me, so I fled from the castle, however my sister sent a drone after me. It almost caught me, but I managed to warp myself away at the last second, the rest you know."

I stared at the alien girl with a shocked look on my face. I honestly didn't know how to react to any of this.

I eventually shook the feeling off and tried to speak. "I'm... I'm...at loss for words."

"I know this all sounds absurd, but believe me when I say that I'm not making any of this up." The girl said with honesty in her voice.

"So...what are you going to do?" I asked.

"I don't know. The crystals are probably lost somewhere around here and I don't even know where-" She paused for a moment before speaking again. "Wait a minute, you know this planet better than I do, maybe you could help me."

My eyes widened in shock. "Wait, what?"

"I'm sorry if I'm forcing this on you, but I really need to find those crystals before the inhabitants on this planet do, they have no idea what those things are capable of." The alien girl said.

I hesitated and tried to think of what to do. Part of me wanted to not get involved with this Kronosian girl's business, but the other part wanted me to help her because she sounded very serious about her situation.

I let out a sigh before speaking. "I'll... I'll...help you."

The girl gave me a surprised look. "Really?"

I nodded silently in response.

"Thank you so much!" She said with a smile before it faded. "But again, I'm really sorry for forcing this favor on you."

"Don't worry about it." I said.

The kronosian girl gave me a small smile before she realized something. "We never introduced ourselves."

"Right. My name is Hunter, what's your name?" I asked.

"Katie." The alien girl answered.

"Nice to meet you. Now let's find out where those crystals are." I said.

"Lead the way." Katie said before we walked out of the living room.

We took my moped and eventually arrived at a military junkyard.

It was filled with large piles of old vehicle parts that were crushed. There were also a lot of military vehicles that remained intact such as jeeps, tanks, and reinforced trucks with bullet-proof windows.

"So where should we start?" Katie asked.

I thought for a moment until an idea came up. "I'll search on the right side of the area while you search on the left side." I said.

Katie nodded before we both walked off in opposite directions.

While exploring on the junkyard's right side, I took the time to start searching. First I dug my way through large piles of military junk only to find nothing. Next I checked inside a few jeeps and a tank, but still found nothing. I went over to a reinforced truck and looked inside, I practically tore the vehicle apart from top to bottom. I eventually gave up and got out of the truck.

"Where could those crystals possibly be? For all I know, they could be hidden all over the planet." I thought.

Katie continued searching on the left side, but she didn't have much luck. I eventually ran over to her and stopped. "Did you find anything?" I asked.

Katie shook her head. "No. Did you?"

"Sorry, no luck." I answered.

Katie frowned a little, but she kept a straight face. "Do you know where else we can look?"

"I'm not sure, but maybe we could check in the city's alleyways." I suggested.

"Not your best option, but okay." Katie said.

Suddenly, a small ball of energy appeared a few feet away from us. The ball grew in size before disappearing to reveal a strange robot.

It had the appearance of a male Kronosian with red glowing eyes, sliver metal, and a black and white tech symbol of a Kronosian on its left arm.

The robot noticed us before pulling out a blaster gun and shooting Katie with a net, trapping her inside of it. I was about to help her, but the robot pointed the gun at me and shot a laser beam towards me, I quickly ducked down while it flew over me.

I stood back up and saw the drone getting ready to fire again, I turned around and ran as more beams shot at me from behind. I managed to dodge them before taking cover behind a truck, but this didn't stop the drone from shooting at me.

Katie struggled with the net until she found a war knife on the ground and grabbed it before cutting herself free. She looked over at the robot to see it lifting the truck up before tossing it aside, leaving me uncovered. Before the robot could attack, Katie ran over and jumped on its back while stabbing the knife into it.

The drone stumbled backwards and struck Katie in the face with its fist, knocking her to the ground. It pulled the knife out of its back and looked at me.

I quickly jumped back as the drone swung the knife at me, I grabbed a metal rod nearby and blocked another attack, getting us in a sword lock. The drone pushed me back and bashed its weapon against mine while forcing me to move backwards.

We eventually clashed our weapons together and tried to push each other back. I grunted while struggling to match the robot's strength, but it easily forced me back until I got down on one knee.

Suddenly, a laser beam struck the drone's back, catching it off guard. I quickly knocked the knife out of the drone's hand before whacking it in the face, making it stumble away as I kept repeating the act. I attempted to strike again only for the robot to catch my weapon in one hand before flipping me over on my back.

Another beam struck the drone's face as it stumbled back. I lifted my head up to see Katie holding the same gun that the drone had dropped.

She walked towards it while firing more beams until it bumped into a nearby crane truck. Katie saw that it was holding a large stack of lead pipes, she shot them loose as they fell on top of the drone.

"Thanks, Katie." I said.

"No problem. Let's keep moving." She said before we walked away.

Unknown to us, the fallen pipes shook as the robot's hand slowly emerged from under them.

Later at night, Katie and I searched around an alleyway smeared in graffiti.

"Any luck yet, Hunter?" Katie asked.

I lifted a lid off a trash can only to find it empty. "Still nothing." I answered.

Katie sighed and noticed an open cardboard box. She looked inside, but found nothing.

At that moment, a police vehicle came into the alleyway with its headlights on. We both watched as the car stopped a few feet away before a police woman got out.

"You kids shouldn't be spray painting public property, it's against city laws." She said with a serious tone.

I raised an eyebrow in confusion. "Uh, miss, we weren't spray painting."

The police woman gave me a skeptical look. "Really? How do you explain these cans of spray paint lying around?"

Katie and I looked around and saw that there were cans of spray paint everywhere.

"These spray cans don't belong to us." I said.

"Likely story. You two just happened to be in an alleyway with graffiti on the walls. That seems like too much of a coincidence to me." The woman said.

"Miss, we didn't do anything wrong, we're just looking for something important." Katie said.

"Other teenagers I've seen have used the same excuse on me once, I'm not going to fall for it again." The woman said.

"We didn't put graffiti on the walls, someone else did." I protested.

"I find that hard to believe." The police woman said with an unconvinced tone.

Katie grew a frustrated look. "You've got the wrong people!"

The lady gave her a small glare. "Watch your tone, young lady. Either you and your friend come quietly or I'll make you."

Katie turned her head to face me. "This argument is getting us nowhere, let's just go." She whispered.

I gave her an unsure look. "I don't think that's a good idea." I whispered back.

"Hey stop talking! Come quietly now or else!" The woman growled.

Katie and I tried to back away from her, but she instantly took her gun while pointing it at us. "Don't take another step or I will shoot!"

"Are you serious?" Katie said.

"I said stop talking! Now stay where you are!" The police woman ordered.

We both stayed silent as she walked towards us. Once the woman got close, Katie quickly grabbed her gun and kicked her to the ground while taking the weapon away. Before she could get up, Katie smacked the gun across her face, knocking her back down.

She pointed the gun upwards and fired it several times until there were no bullets left. Katie tossed the weapon aside before turning to me.

"Are you crazy?!" I yelled with a look of extreme shock.

"There's no time to argue, let's get your bike and get out of here!" She said before running past me.

I looked at the police woman for a few seconds and ran off to join Katie.

The lady slowly got up and rubbed her cheek while watching us drive away on the moped.

A few minutes later, Katie and I stopped in another alley before I gave her an angry look. "Have you lost your mind?!"

"That crazy woman threatened us with a gun just because of a stupid misunderstanding! What choice did I have?!" Katie said strongly.

"(Sigh) Sorry, I...I just don't like how you suddenly did that. You could've gotten us killed." I said in a calm but firm tone.

Hearing that made Katie feel bad for pulling such a risky act. "Sorry, Hunter." She said in an upset tone.

"Let's just focus on finding the crystals." I said before we left.

We eventually took a turn around a street corner and kept going. However, the police woman appeared around the same corner in her vehicle and followed us.

She rolled down her window and took a loaded gun out before shooting one of my moped's tires out. Katie and I yelled in fright as we drove out of control until we crashed into a nearby lamp post and fell off.

We both groaned in pain as we saw police car approach us before the woman got out. "You two have some nerve running from the law. But now this chase has come to an end." She said with a glare.

"This is all a misunderstanding." I said.

The lady gave me a stern look. "Lying won't help you, kid, it will only lead you to trouble."

A few minutes later, Katie and I were quietly riding with the woman while she drove. She eventually arrived near an abandoned building and parked next to it.

"You, get out." The woman said while looking at me.

I was confused by this, but I did what she asked.

"What about me?" Katie said.

"You stay here, girl. I need to have a little talk with your friend." The lady said before getting out. "Move." She ordered while pointing at the building's entrance.

I silently obeyed and went inside.

"Why did you bring me here?" I asked.

"To give you a hard lesson on why you shouldn't disrespect the law." The police woman answered.

I gave her a confused look. "What?"


I screamed in pain and fell to the floor with a bullet wound in my right arm.

I looked up at the woman to see her pointing her gun at my face. Before she could pull the trigger, Katie suddenly while grabbing the gun, trying to take it away. She struggled with the woman for a bit until she punched her in the face, knocking her to the floor.

Suddenly, the police woman's body flickered, showing a small glimpse of a strange being. Katie noticed this and shot her nonstop until all the bullets were gone.

The lady twitched all over until she went limp and died while reverting into the strange being that was revealed to be the Kronosian drone.

Katie dropped the gun and saw me bleeding, she came to my side with a worried look and pressed her hands against my wound, applying pressure.

At that moment, something caught my eye, it was a green glow shining from under a piece of debris on the other side of the room. "Katie, look." I said while pointing at green glow.

She looked to where I was pointing and walked over to push aside the clump of debris, revealing a green crystal. She picked it up and walked over to me while I took my cellphone out and dialed a number for an ambulance.

One hour later, Katie sat in the waiting room of Autumn Hospital with a look of worry.

At that moment, the door in the room burst open to reveal my father who came in with a concerned look. "Where is my son?" He asked.

Katie was a little hesitant to answer, but my father had to know. "He's...in the emergency room."

"What happened?" My father asked.

"He got shot in the arm." Katie answered with a look of guilt.

The door to the hallway opened to reveal a male doctor.

"How's Hunter?" My Dad asked.

"Your son is fine, Nathan. We removed the bullet and stopped the bleeding. However, he lost some blood in his arm, so I recommend that you let him heal for a while." The doctor said.

"Is it okay for us to see him?" Katie asked.

"Of course." He replied before she and my father followed him into the hallway.

They all arrived in the room that I was in and saw me sitting on a hospital bed. My wound was patched up with bandages.

Dad walked up to me. "How are you feeling?" He asked.

"Okay I guess. Although it still hurts." I replied while rubbing my sore arm gently.

Dad smiled as he gave me a gentle hug which I returned.

After we separated, the doctor looked at me. "Hunter, make sure that you let your arm heal for a couple days." He said.

"Will do." I said before the doctor left the room.

Katie approached me. "Hunter, I'm...I'm really sorry for almost getting you killed." She said with sorrow in her voice.

"Despite all that's happened, I forgive you, Katie." I said.

She gave me a weak smile as I got off the bed and left the room along with her and my Dad.

At midnight, I was lying on my bed, staring at the ceiling while thinking about everything that happened to me.

I heard someone knocking on my bedroom door. "Come in." I said before the door opened to reveal Katie who was wearing pj's.

"Hey, Hunter." She greeted.

"Hey, Katie. What are you doing in here?" I asked.

"I wanted to say thanks for agreeing to help with my favor. And again, I'm sorry that you got hurt." She said.

"Like I said before, don't worry about it. Besides, we managed to find one crystal." I said.

"True. But I can't help but feel responsible." Katie said.

I gave her an honest look. "Even though you are, I don't blame you, Katie. You didn't know this was going to happen and neither did I. So let's not dwell on the past, okay?"

"Okay." She said.

"We'll search for the rest of the crystals once my arm fully heals." I said.

"Alright. Goodnight, Hunter." Katie said.

"Goodnight, Katie." I said before she left the room while closing the door behind her.

I stared back at the ceiling and thought about Katie's situation. Sure I agreed to help her and all, but I still felt very unsure on the inside.

The only question was...how will I get through it?

End of Chapter One.

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