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Chapter 1: Encounter

In the depths of space, a mysterious spaceship soared through the airless void while being pursued by another one.

Inside the fleeing ship was a silhouetted figure who appeared to be female.

The pursuing spaceship then fired a few energy beams at the female's ship.

She gasped before quickly moving her spaceship left and right while narrowly dodging the projectiles.

The silhouetted figure inside the pursuing ship decided to use a different tactic before it fired a few missiles out before they shot into the female figure's ship.

She yelled loudly at the sudden impact. Her ship then started slowing down as sparks of electricity flickered on it.

The other spaceship launched out a giant mechanical claw as it latched on to the back of the female figure's ship.

"No! I won't let you take me!" The girl yelled with a voice that sounded like a teenager.

She quickly pressed a button on the control panel as her ship suddenly began to malfunction with electricity surging through it.

The electricity then surged through the claw until it caused the pursuing ship to become electrified.

This caused both spaceships to suddenly disappear in a giant ball of energy.

Meanwhile on Earth...

My name is Hunter O'Neil and I'm a 16 year old American male who lives here in Matrix city.

My family and I moved here a long time ago as I grew up along with my little sister who was two years younger than me.

Today was June 20th, the first day of summer for kids, teenagers, and myself.

I was in the backyard behind my house facing a training dummy. I stood there for a few seconds until I pulled my samurai sword out of the scabbard attached to my back. I then swung my sword forward, slicing the dummy in half.

I then looked at another dummy that I had set up as I raised my blade up and swung it down, splitting the dummy in half as fell to the ground.

Afterwards, I put my sword back in my scabbard as I then started to pick up the remains of the dummies.

While I was doing that, the back door slid open to reveal my father, Nathan O'Neil as he came outside.

Nathan had peach skin, dark brown eyes, and caramel brown hair that was slightly long and was spiked forward naturally. He wore a burgundy red T-shirt, light brown cargo shorts and light brown tennis shoes. Nathan was tall, lean and had a muscular athletic build. Lastly, he had a chocolate brown goatee.

As for my appearance, I had peach skin, sapphire blue eyes and caramel brown hair that was short and was spiked forward naturally. I wore a light grey T-shirt, black loose fit jeans and raven black high top Chuck Taylor shoes. I was 5'8 and had a lean athletic build.

I stopped what I was doing as I turned to face Nathan. "Hey, Dad. What are you doing out here?" I asked.

"I wanted to let you know that I'll be going out for an hour to take care of my work schedules. Are you going to be OK here by yourself?" He asked.

"Yes. I'll be OK, don't worry." I replied with a small smile.

Nathan smiled back before he gave me a concerned look. "Hunter, I know that we've had this talk many times in the past, but I'm really concerned about your social life."

"*Sigh* Dad, I understand that I haven't really been interacting with kids in my school and kids outside of school, but I don't want to get sidetracked from my goal of becoming a master samurai." I said.

Nathan walked up to me and put his hand on one of my shoulders. "Believe me, Hunter, I know that your training lessons mean well and I am very proud of you for that, but I just want you to live a good life while you're still young." He said with honesty.

I looked up at Nathan and thought about what he said. Part of me felt bad for turning down every opportunity to socialize. The other part wanted me to continue moving forward with my goal. Both parts wanted me to do one of the other, so I had to make a decision.

After taking the time to think, I finally came up with a choice. "You know what? You're right, Dad. I should live a good life while I'm still young. And you know what else? I think I'll go out for a walk and see where it takes me." I said, feeling pleased with my decision.

Hearing this made Nathan smile warmly. "I'm very glad to hear that, Hunter. Anyway, I'll come back later when my errands are finished. Remember to lock the doors with your house key." He said before he walked past me.

"OK. Bye, dad." I said.

"Bye, son." Nathan replied as he walked around to the front of our house.

Afterwards, I turned my attention back to the shredded dummies in the yard as I started cleaning up.

I walked through town while taking the time to think about what to do. "Should I take a trip down to Kaplan Mall? Because I do remember that one of the students at my school had asked me if I wanted to hang out there. Hmm…that doesn't sound like a bad idea." I thought.

With that, I continued walking through the city on my way to my selected destination.

After a long walk, I finally arrived at a large parking lot area where Kaplan Mall was located.

As I began walking towards the building, a ball of energy suddenly appeared in the sky while making a buzzing sound.

I looked up and saw that the ball started growing in size. It continued doing this until it disappeared to reveal the mysterious girl as she fell towards the ground.

I noticed this and quickly rushed forward before catching her in my arms bridal style.

"Are you alright?" I asked with concern.

The girl looked up at me for a few seconds before she nodded silently in response.

I then put the girl down as I took the time to get a good look at her.

She had pale white skin, long pointy elf ears, blood red eyes and blood red hair that was styled in a shoulder length bob cut with bangs in the middle. Her attire consisted of a dark purple T-shirt, sky blue jeans that were cuffed at the bottom with a black belt holding them up and dark purple high top Chuck Taylor shoes. The girl also had a gun holster strapped to her upper right leg with an advanced pistol inside. Lastly, she was 5'8 and had a slender athletic build.

The girl looked at me before she spoke. "Thanks for the save, uh…"

"Hunter." I answered.

"Right. Anyway, do you know where I am?" The girl asked as she looked around at her surroundings.

"Well, you're in Matrix City." I answered.

The girl turned her attention to me. "No, I mean where am I exactly?" She said, trying to sound more specific.

I then raised an eyebrow in confusion. "What do you mean?" I asked.

"*Sigh* I mean what planet am I on exactly?" The girl asked.

I gave her a slightly awkward look. "Uh, Earth. Why do you ask?"

"Because, I'm not from around here." The girl replied.

"Uh, what?" I asked, feeling confused again.

This time the girl sighed with slight annoyance. "Are you blind? Just look at me! I'm not one of your kind!" She said firmly.

After hearing the tone in her voice, I took a few steps back. "OK, OK, sorry." I said before a thought came to me. "But how exactly did you arrive here on Earth?" I asked.

"It's a long story, but I'll tell you." The girl said before she told me her story. "I came from a home planet known as Kronos. The inhabitants living there are called Kronosians as well as myself. We all have the ability to create technology that is far more advanced than regular technology. We also specialize in making our own unique creations. Earlier today, I witnessed my family trying to steal green power crystals from our castle home. The crystals themselves are filled with powerful energy and were used as batteries to provide power supply for our home. I tried to intervene, but I only managed to take 4 of the crystals with me, while my family kept the 5th one. My sister sent one of her Kronosian drones after me, which forced me to flee Kronos in a spaceship. The drone chased me through space until I managed to get away. The rest you know." The girl said, finishing her story.

After listening to what the girl had to say, I was completely flabbergasted by all this information.

"Do you know why your family did all that?" I asked.

The girl shook her head. "No. But for whatever reason I'm sure it's not good."

Do you still have the crystals on you?" I asked.

The girl shook her head. "Unfortunately, no. But I think they might have gotten lost somewhere in this city."

"If any bad person were to get their hands on those things, there's no telling what could happen." I said.

The girl then gave me a serious look. "And since you know this planet better than I do, I ask for your assistance."

I was a little surprised that she would trust me enough to ask for a favor. But then again, this wasn't a small favor.

"I accept your request. By the way, I never got your name." I said.

"Katie Nelson." The girl said, introducing herself.

"Nice name." I stated.

"Thanks. So where do we start?" Asked Katie.

I then took the time to think about our options. "Hmm…we could start by searching in Area 26. It's a military junkyard located on Stone Hedge Drive."

"Sounds like a good start, let's go." Katie said.

With that, Katie and I walked off.

After arriving at our destination, Katie and I examined the place.

The junkyard was filled with large rowed stacks of rusty old military vehicles such as jeeps, tanks and reinforced armor trucks. There were also large piles of old discarded military weapons, technology, armor and tires.

After seeing how big Area 26 was, Katie and I turned to each other.

"So, which way should we go?" Asked Katie.

I tapped my chin thoughtfully before an idea came to me. "How about we split up in two directions. You take the left side, and I'll take the right side." I said.

Katie nodded to me as we both separated to go in the two directions.

While exploring my way through the right side, I took the time to start searching.

I dug my way through large piles of military junk, but found nothing. Next I checked inside a few jeeps and a tank, but still found nothing. Lastly, I went to an armor truck to look inside. I practically tore the truck apart searching from top to bottom. Finally, I gave up and got out of the truck.

"I don't get it, where could those crystals possibly be? For all I know, they could be hidden all over the planet." I thought before I continued with my search.

Meanwhile, Katie herself was still searching on her side of the junkyard, but she didn't have any luck on finding the crystals so far.

While Katie continued looking, she then noticed me running towards her. "Any luck?" she asked as I stopped in front of her.

"No. I couldn't find anything." I answered.

Hearing this made Katie frown a little, but she kept a straight face as she spoke. "Do you know where else we can look?" she asked.

I thought for a moment before answering. "I'm not sure, but maybe we could check in the city's alleyways."

Katie nodded to me before we started walking off.

While we were doing that, Katie put her hand on my shoulder to stop me from walking.

"Katie what's-" I couldn't finish my sentence as she pointed her finger up at the sky, I looked up to see a figure coming towards our location.

"Who is that?" I asked.

As the figure got closer, Katie suddenly went wide eyed. "Oh, no." She said with horror.

I then turned my head to face her. "What's wrong?" I asked.

"My sister's drone, it found me." She said while not taking her eyes off the said figure.

"What?!" I said with shock.

We both watched as the drone finally landed on the ground a few feet away from us.

The sentient drone was dark grey and had glowing green eyes. It was slightly taller than us and had a humanoid appearance. It also had a black custom made "K" logo on its forehead.

The drone then looked around until it noticed us staring at it.

The drone looked at Katie and scanned her. "Primary objective, capture Katie Nelson." It said with a male's voice.

The drone then scanned me. "Threat detected."

Before we could react, the drone pointed its hand at us; causing a net to shoot out which hit Katie, trapping her inside of it.

Before I could help her, the logo on the drone's forehead glowed red as a laser beam shot out towards me.

I quickly ducked down as the beam flew over me.

Once I stood back up, I saw that the drone was getting ready to fire again. I quickly turned around and ran as it shot more laser beams at me.

I managed to dodge them as I came up to an armor truck and ran around it to take cover. This didn't stop the drone from firing as it tried to shoot through the truck.

Meanwhile, Katie was struggling to get out of her net trap. She then closed her eyes as if she was trying to focus on something, her hair pin glowed which made two oversized gold gauntlets appear with black "K" logos on them.

Katie then made two retractable blades appear on her gauntlets as she tore her way out of her net trap.

Afterwards, Katie then looked over at the drone to see it approach the armor truck that I was hiding behind. It wasted no time in lifting the said vehicle up before tossing it aside, leaving me uncovered.

Before the drone could attack me, Katie suddenly jumped on its back and used her hands to cover its eyes. This caused the drone to stumble backwards until it grabbed her and threw her over its head; but she quickly landed on her feet beside me. I stood up as Katie and I got ready to fight.

The drone looked at us before it shot a powerful laser beam towards us. We both jumped apart as the beam shot into a nearby military jeep, blowing it up.

The drone then turned to me as it suddenly charged at me before throwing a punch; I quickly jumped back from the punch as I grabbed a metal rod nearby and whacked it in the face; making it stumble back a little.

Before the drone could recover, I whacked it with my weapon; making it move backwards as I kept going.

Before I could land another hit, the drone caught the rod in one hand before flipping me over on my back.

Before the drone could do anything else, Katie charged at it and threw a hard punch in its body, knocking it back a bit.

I then recovered as I got up while standing in a fighting pose with the rod in my hands.

The drone then took out a flash bomb before throwing it on the ground, making a huge flash go off. This forced Katie and I to cover our eyes due to the brightness.

Once the flash cleared up, the drone suddenly shot into me with its thrusters while flying both of us through the air.

Katie saw us going as she tried to go after us; only to be knocked to the ground by another net. While struggling, Katie saw the drone fly up in the sky while holding me in its grip.

Meanwhile, I was struggling to free myself from the drone's grasp, but it was too strong. To make matters worse, the drone then started to dive its way back down while holding me out in front of it.

I looked back as my eyes widened in horror to see us coming towards the junkyard fast.

I thought of a plan fast as I threw the bottom half of my body up and rested my right foot on the drone's shoulder while I started kicking it in the face with the left one.

I kept slamming my foot in the drone's face hard, the fourth time was especially powerful because it made the drone lose its grip on me.

I then climbed on the drone's back as I saw that we were getting closer to the ground. "This is going to hurt." I said before shutting my eyes tightly while bracing for impact.

We finally met the ground and crashed, causing me to get thrown off the drone as I fell across the ground and skidded to a stop.

I slowly got up as I felt my legs shake from the impact, but I managed to pull myself together.

At that moment, Katie, who had managed to free herself, came over to me. "Hunter, you OK?" She asked with concern.

I nodded. "Yeah, I'm fine. A little shaken up, but fine." I said.

"Is the drone destroyed?" Katie asked.

"I'm not sure, but we can check to make sure." I replied.

We then walked over to where the drone had crashed to see a slightly large crater. We both looked down at the bottom to see the drone lying face down in it.

"I may not know much about mechanics, but even I know that the drone wouldn't be able to get up after that crash." I stated.

"What matters now is that we keep searching for the rest of the crystals, for your planet's safety." Katie said.

I then turned to her and nodded. "Right. Let's go." I said as we started walking away from the crater.

Once Katie and I got further away, the drone's hand slowly rose out of the crater before grabbing on the edge of it.

Later at night...

Katie and I had spent all day searching in the city's alleyways for crystals. So far we haven't found any, but we weren't giving up.

Right now, both of us were searching in an alleyway with graffiti smeared all over the walls.

"Did you find anything, Hunter?" Asked Katie.

I came over to a trash bin and lifted the lid up to look inside. "Nope. Nothing yet." I answered before putting the lid back on the bin.

Katie then looked around the alley until she noticed a cardboard box that was open. She went over and picked it up to look inside. "Ugh, it's just junk." She said before turning the box upside down causing cans of spray paint fall out on the ground.

I then stopped what I was doing as I turned to face Katie. "It doesn't seem like there's any crystals here. Let's try and look somewhere else." I suggested.

Katie nodded before she and I prepared to leave. However, we were suddenly stopped by a vehicle coming through the alleyway with its headlights on.

We both watched as the vehicle stopped a few feet away from us. One of the car doors opened to reveal a woman as she got out.

She had fair white skin, royal blue eyes and dark brown hair that was a short bob cut with side bangs. She wore a black short sleeve collar shirt with a police badge on it. She also wore black cargo pants and black cargo pants and black tactical boots. Lastly, she was 5'10 and had a slender athletic build.

The woman then looked at us. "You kids shouldn't be spray painting public property, it's against city laws." She said in a serious tone.

I raised an eyebrow in confusion. "Uh, miss, we weren't spray painting, we were just looking for something." I said.

The woman gave me a skeptical look. "Really? How do you explain these cans of spray paint lying around?" She asked.

Katie and I looked down on the ground to see that there were indeed cans of spray paint everywhere; which must have come from the cardboard box.

I then tried to explain. "These spray cans don't belong to us, we just found them here."

However, the woman was having none of it. "Likely story. You kids just happened to be in an alleyway with graffiti on the walls. That seems like too much of a coincidence to me."

Now it was Katie's turn to protest. "Miss, we weren't doing anything wrong, we were only looking for something important." She said.

"Other teenagers I've seen have used the same excuse on me once, and I'm not going to fall for it again." The woman said.

I then tried once again to explain. "We didn't spray paint this alleyway, someone else did." I said

"I find that hard to believe." The woman said with an unconvinced tone.

Katie then grew a frustrated look. "For God's sake, we didn't do anything wrong! You've got the wrong people!" She said with a growl in her voice.

The woman gave her a small glare. "Watch your tone, young lady! Either you and your friend come quietly or I'll make you." She said.

Katie tried to keep her frustration calm as she turned her head to face me. "This argument is getting us nowhere. Let's just go." She whispered.

I gave her an unsure look. "I don't think that's a good idea." I whispered.

At that moment, the woman started walking towards us.

"On second thought you might be on to something." I said before Katie and I turned around to leave. However.


We both stopped in our tracks before slowly turning our heads to see that the woman was now pointing a handgun at us.

"Don't take another step or I will shoot!" She said aggressively.

Katie and I stared at her with wide eyed looks.

"Crap! If we make one wrong move we're screwed." I thought.

"There has to be a way for us to escape, but how? Katie thought before she glanced at the woman's handgun.

"The gun! I need to get it away from her so that we can leave." She thought.

The woman then started approaching us. Once she got close, Katie spun her body around and lowered the woman's gun with one hand and used her left arm to elbow her in the face; her to stumble back while dropping her weapon.

Before the woman could recover, Katie grabbed the gun and smacked her across the face, making her fall to the ground.

Knowing that the weapon was still loaded, Katie aimed it up at the sky and fired the bullets several times until there were none left. She then discarded the gun and turned to me.

"Are you crazy?!" I yelled with a look of extreme shock on my face.

"There's no time to argue, let's go!" Katie said before she ran past me.

I looked back at the woman on the ground for a few seconds before I ran off in the same direction to catch up with Katie.

Once I got further away, the woman slowly got up with a small bruise on the left side of her face. She then took out a walkie talkie and pressed a button on it before speaking. "This is Officer Sarah Barnes requesting backup. There are two teenagers running loose through the city streets. One is a boy with brown spiky hair and blue eyes, and the other one is a girl with short red hair and red eyes. Request back up immediately!" The woman said before she put her communicator away.

Meanwhile, I finally managed to catch up with Katie in another alleyway. After taking the time to catch my breath, I then shot her a firm look. "Have you lost your mind?! I yelled in a loud tone.

Katie stepped back a bit from my sudden outburst before she spoke. "That woman threatened to shoot us just because of a stupid misunderstanding! What choice did I have?!"

"*Sigh* Sorry, I…I just don't like how you did that all of a sudden." I said in a calm but firm tone.

Hearing this made Katie feel bad for pulling such a risky act. "Sorry, Hunter." She said while also feeling bad for making me angry.

"I'm sorry too. I shouldn't have snapped at you like that, you did what you had to do." I said.

It's alright. Let's just focus on finding the crystals." Katie said.

I nodded as we both walked out of the alleyway to continue our mission.

After exploring through the streets, Katie and I arrived at an intersection with no cars in sight.

"Which way do you think we should go?" Asked Katie.

I looked over at the other 3 directions. I honestly didn't like choosing options like this, but what other choice did I have?

"I think we should…go this way." I replied while pointing my finger in the left direction.

"Are you sure?" Asked Katie.

I shook my head. "Not really. But this time, we're staying together." I said.

We then started walking towards the left direction, only to be stopped by a police car that slowly approached us with its headlights on.

Katie and I backed away from the vehicle as we tried to run in the straight direction, only to be stopped by another police car.

We tried going in the right direction, but the same thing happened again.

We didn't bother trying to go back the way we came, as yet another police car showed up.

Realizing that we had nowhere to go, Katie and I stayed in the middle of the intersection.

Afterwards, 3 male cops got out of their cars and pointed their guns at us.

Another vehicle appeared in the intersection as Sarah herself got out of it.

We both looked at her as she approached us with a fully loaded gun. This made us freeze in place with our hands up.

"You two have some nerve running from the law. But now this chase has come to an end." Sarah said with a glare.

I looked at her with my hands still up. "This is all a misunderstanding." I said with honesty.

Sarah gave me a stern look. "Lying won't help you, kid. It will only lead you to trouble." She said.

Afterwards, Sarah then turned to the 3 male cops. "You two, arrest these two teenagers and bring them to my car." She ordered.

Two of the cops walked over to us before they put handcuffs on our arms, locking them in place. Neither of us said a word as the two male cops escorted us to Sarah's car before we got in the backseat.

Once that was done, the two male cops walked away as they got in their cars to leave as well as the last cop.

Sarah then got in her car as she drove off with Katie and I sitting quietly behind her.

After a quiet ride, Sarah parked her car near an abandoned building.

She then got out and walked to the side of her car before she opened the door to the backseat.

"You, get out." She said, pointing to me.

I was confused by this, but I decided not to say anything as I got out.

"What about me?" Katie asked.

"You stay here, girl. I need to have a little talk with your friend." Sarah said before closing the car door.

She then turned to me. "Move." She ordered while point her finger at the entrance to the abandoned building.

I walked up to the entrance and went inside with Sarah following me.

Once we got further in the building, Sarah put her hand on my shoulder to stop me. "That's far enough." She said before taking her hand away.

I then turned around to face her. "Why did you bring me here?" I asked.

"To give you a hard lesson on why you shouldn't disrespect the law." She answered.

I then gave her a confused look. "What?"


"AH, FUCK!" I yelled as I fell to the ground with a bullet wound in my right arm.

I looked up to see Sarah point her gun at my face. Before she could pull the trigger, Katie suddenly appeared as she grabbed Sarah's gun and tried to pull it away from her. She struggled with Sarah for a bit, until she threw a punch at her face, making her let go of the gun while falling against the floor.

as Sarah tried to recover, her whole body suddenly flickered which showed a small glimpse of a strange being. Katie noticed this as she pointed the gun at Sarah before firing bullets in her body until there were none left.

Due to being shot several times, Sarah's whole body began to twitch all over with sparks of electricity flickering on her.

This went on for a minute until Sarah finally stopped moving and died before she slowly reverted into the being that was revealed to be the Kronosian drone.

Katie then dropped the gun before she turned to me and saw that I was bleeding. She quickly came to my side with a look of worry as she got on her knee and used her hands to apply pressure to my wound.

While she was doing that, something caught my eye, it was a small green glow coming from under a piece of debris on the other side of the building. "Katie, look." I said as I pointed my finger at the green glow. She looked over and noticed it as she got up and walked over. Once she did, Katie removed the debris and saw that object underneath was revealed to be a green power crystal.

She picked it up and took out a capsule device as she pressed a button which made a red beam come out; shrinking it down to size as the capsule stored it away.

Afterwards, Katie went over to me as she took out her cellphone and started dialing a number for an ambulance.

After an hour passed, Katie sat in the waiting room of Autumn Hospital. waited for the doctor to come out of the emergency room.

At that moment, the door of the waiting room burst open to reveal Nathan as he ran in with a look of worry on his face. "Where is my son?" He asked.

Katie nearly choked up, but she managed to speak. "He's…In the emergency room."

"What happened?" Asked Nathan.

"He got shot in the arm." Katie answered.

At that moment, the double doors of the emergency room opened to reveal a male doctor as he entered the room.

He had white skin, dark brown eyes and short neat black hair. His attire consisted of a white lab coat, a brown collar shirt, black dress pants, brown shoes, and a brown tie. He also looked to be in his mid forty's.

"How's Hunter?" Asked Nathan.

"Your son is fine, Nathan. We've managed to remove the bullet and stopped the bleeding. However, he lost some blood in his arm, so I recommend that you let him rest for at least five days." the doctor said.

"Is it OK for us to see him?" Asked Katie"Yes." the doctor answered as she and Nathan followed him into the emergency room.

They all saw me lying on my back in a hospital bed. My right arm was patched up in white bandages.

Nathan then walked up to me. "How are you feeling?" He asked.

"Okay I guess. Although it still hurts." I said while rubbing my sore arm gently.

Nathan then gave me a gentle hug as I did the same thing, despite my pain.

After we separated, the doctor walked towards the two double doors before he turned around to face us. "You can all leave whenever you want. And Hunter, make sure to let your arm heal for five days." He said.

"Will do." I said before the doctor left the room.

Katie then stepped forward to approach me. "Hunter, I'm…I'm really sorry for what happened to you." She said with sorrow in her voice.

I put my hand on her shoulder. "Don't be. It's not your fault, it never was." I said in a reassuring tone.

Katie grew a weak smile before she caught me off guard with a gentle hug. I smiled before doing the same thing.

After Katie and I broke the hug, we all then walked out of the emergency room.

After leaving the hospital, we returned to the O'Neil residence and allowed Katie to stay with us after she told Nathan everything.

Right now it was midnight, and I was in my room lying on my bed while staring up at the ceiling fan.

I then heard my door open as I looked in its direction to see Katie standing in the doorway. "Hey, Hunter." She said.

"Hey, Katie. What are you doing in here?" I asked.

"I wanted to check to make sure that your arm was OK." She answered.

I gave her a small smile. "It's alright, Katie. My arm is fine. Even though it's still a little sore, but other than that, my arm is just fine." I said.

Katie returned the smile. "Glad to hear it. Anyway, I wanted to thank you for agreeing to help me on this quest."

"Don't thank me yet, Katie. We still need to find the rest of the crystals before we can go to your home planet to set things right." I said with a serious look.

"You're right. We must find the last 3 crystals before someone else does." Katie said.

"We'll start searching again once my arm heals up." I said.

"Alright. Anyway, goodnight, Hunter." Katie said.

"Goodnight, Katie." I said as she left my room.

I then got underneath the covers on my bed as I turned off my lamp to go to sleep.

End of Chapter 1

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