The wild winter wind whips around me Swirling and Twirling with glee!

the snow dances to a merry medley of fun melodies!

Excitedly, I entered into this new world of dancing snow, Ignoring the bitter cold!

Laughing and giggling like small children, grown ups run out of their homes, the snow crunching beneath their bear feet.

They toss snowballs at one another

Some crouch down to make forts in the snow

Others make snowmen!

I let out a deep breath and the snow intensifies!

They all yell and scream in joy, none caring about their improper dress.

So focused on their fun, they ignored the freezing air

Even though All were clad only in threadbare clothes and even some in simply their undergarments!

So, One by one they all fall to the ground

Like dominos or a puppet without his strings

Quickly, fresh and pretty snow covers them like a blanket

I giggle and disappear back into the snow

My playmates have come

Now we can play forever and ever!