Kitsune no Megumi-gumi
by C.M. Lacey

Author's Note:

Kitsune no Megumi-gumi (or Megumi of the Nine-Tailed Fox Gang) is a companion story to my first "real" story posted on FictionPress Kanojo no Sukeban (or Delinquent Girlfriend). In the first half of Kitsune no Megumi-gumi, events taking place are the same ones that happened in the previous story - only told from another characters perspective. As such, key moments from Kanojo no Sukeban will have to be repeated here. I took extra consideration not to just 'copy-and-paste' the necessary segments and added a new life to them, even if the dialogue needs to be more or less the same. However if your familiar with the older story, you will run into these moments that play out exactly as it did in the first. That being said, I don't believe one has to read Kanojo no Sukeban to understand what's going on, as this is it's own story. Readers of the older work will get more out of it, but it's not mandatory to read the other work


1. Miki

P.E. was always the worst. She could ignore not looking at that body while in class, but it was a different story in Gym, and certainly not in the locker room. It was like her own personal hell of temptation. How long could she avoid not looking at her? Ten minutes? Twenty? Unfortunately, for Nodoka Odo, no matter how long she denied herself, she would always lose.

She couldn't understand what was going on with her lately. It first started in Middle School, but at the time she just thought it was just fascination or admiration. Yet the older she got, the more she had to come to terms that it wasn't just that. It was attraction she was feeling. She didn't want it to be true, but it seemed that she could no longer lie to herself. She just couldn't keep her eyes off of Miki Showa.

Nodoka knew she shouldn't be thinking these things about another girl. Maybe girls could get away with it in Tokyo, but this was Ugo. People in this small town wouldn't be able to understand. Hell, she doubted even best friend, Yuuki Togawa, would. It scared her more than a little that she had been so drawn to a girl, so much so it caused her body to tremble. Yet the undeniable fact was that Nodoka Odo couldn't stop herself from looking at her.

"Hey, Nodoka-chan, let's play basketball over here."

Nodoka pulled her eyes away from the empress of her desires and turned to the voice of Yuuki. He had just come out of the boys locker room, looking more than a little disheveled. Forcing her mind to focus on anything but the sound of Miki's angelic laughter, Nodoka put all her attention on Yuuki.

"You look awful. Piss-Pants isn't messing with you again, is he?"

'Piss-Pants' was Yuuki's former bully Keiji Takeda. As she asked that, she looked around to see if the troll was lurking in some dark shadow. She saw him by the bleachers by himself, which tended to be his lot in life these days. After getting publicly dumped and humiliated by his ex-girlfriend, he hadn't been the same. All his friends dumped him as well. Still, Nodoka wouldn't put it past Keiji on picking up some of his old habits once his confidence returned.

"Naw, I'm just feeling a bit sour is all."

"Manatsu-san a bit too much for you to handle?" Nodoka teased, referring to Yuuki's new problem.

"You can say that." Yuuki said.

He didn't like going into details about his life, and this was especially true for Manatsu Goto. In fact, Nodoka wasn't all to sure if he liked her all that much. He was a boy, and yes he was attracted to her, but Nodoka always felt like he was on guard with her. It made sense as Manatsu, the ex of his former enemy and the leader of a girl's gang in school, had suddenly taken an interest in him. While she also was a bully, she wasn't keen on him for those reasons. It really did seem like she had a crush or something. While all this weirdness was going on, Yuuki himself seemed uneasy with the girl's recent affection. Yet at the same time he also didn't seem afraid of her, which was actually pretty puzzling since she could beat the snot out of him without even blinking.

"You can tell me if she's roughing you up." Nodoka said for the twentieth time.

"She isn't."

"Well... if she really likes you then-"

"I don't want to think about it." Yuuki just groaned, once again not giving her much to go on.

Sighing sharply, Nodoka glanced away. Instinctively her eyes landed on Miki. The girl was pulling her short leg lower as it was crawling up. Why did she have to look at her at that exact moment? Because of that, Nodoka's eyes went immediately to her butt. Why did she have to be so perfect?

Her gaze was pulled away when a girl pulled on her arm. "Nodoka-chan!"

It was Manatsu. Even if she and Yuuki were in this no-man's land territory, Nodoka still didn't feel safe around the girl. The touch of her arm made her jump and squeak. While Manatsu laughed, Nodoka tried to play it off like she was startled, not that she wanted to run away and throw her shoe at the delinquent. Even if she was being nice lately, Nodoka had personally witnessed the tan blonde beat a girl so bad she bleed once.

"You're so jumpy." Manatsu grinned at her, then glanced at Yuuki. "Hey, take a hike. We need some girl-time."

"What?" Yuuki protested. "Why? What are you going to talk about?"

"Wouldn't you like to know?" Manatsu winked at him. "Go on. Shoo."

Reluctantly Yuuki turned around and wandered off. Nodoka didn't want him to go. Once he was gone, her safety-net left with him. If she still was trying to hook up with him, Manatsu would be nice in front of Yuuki. Trying to keep her wits about her, she gave Manatsu a polite smile, hoping the girl couldn't smell fear. Then again, as leader of the Nine-Tailed Fox Gang, smelling fear was in her blood.

"What did you want to talk to me about, Manatsu-san?"

Manatsu plopped her big muscly arm over Nodoka's shoulder. She gave a heavy sigh and shook her head in a fake worried expression. "He's still so guarded with me. I just want Yuu-kun to like me. Can't you say anything to get him to loosen up?"

She was over acting, as usual. It was so awful. The Sukeban (gang-leader) really didn't know how to be sincere. She was so used to getting what she wanted by force that it was hard for her to be a genuine girl, it seemed. Nodoka knew that she couldn't go around beating Nodoka to get what she wanted, as Yuuki was her childhood friend, but she was such a brute she didn't know what else to do. Still, if Yuuki wasn't going to cooperate, Nodoka felt that this could end badly for her.

"I don't know what else I can say to him. I already told him that I think he should give you a chance. I can't make him do anything. He's going to do what he's going to do." Nodoka quickly said.

Manatsu pulled Nodoka closer to her body, in a seemly friendly hug. Her massive boobs pressed against it, but that wasn't the problem. Her grip was so tight, it actually hurt. "Look, I get you don't like me, but try a little harder. He respects you."

Nodoka nodded her head, agreeing to anything that would get her away from Manatsu's grip. The last thing she needed was to make this girl an enemy. Her gaze went over to Keiji, remembering what she had just recently did to him. There was a reason why he got the nickname 'Piss-Pants'.

"I'll try harder, I promise. I'll... I'll think of something."

"You better." Manatsu let her go, then pointed a finger at her. "That boy is mine, and the sooner he realizes it, the easier it'll be for you."

Nodoka swallowed stepping away. She tried to give a polite smile, but Manatsu just ignored her and walked off. She was craning her head over a group of boys, looking for Yuuki. Allowing herself a moment, Nodoka went to the side of the gym and tried to calm down. Her heart was racing.

"Don't let her get to you." A sweet voice interrupted Nodoka's panic.

On looking up, her heart nearly stopped. It was her. Empress Miki. There were other girls in the class that boys might have found attractive, but Miki was Nodoka's type. She had a shapely body, but wasn't overly busty. It was her legs and hips that were he best feature. She had long black hair which she usually kept in a low ponytail during gym, but let down during class. What really stood out about her was those perfect chocolate colored eyes, and the small cute freckles just above her nose.

"Miki-chan!" Nodoka stammered out, her panic gone. It was rare when the girl actually talked to her. Then again, Nodoka was doing everything she could to avoid her, ever since she discovered her crush. "No, no. Manatsu-san was just... she wanted advice about Yuuki-chan... that's all."

"She picks on everyone." Miki didn't buy the excuse. "It's okay to admit it."

Nodoka inhaled, not sure what to say. Her mind was almost blank when that girl looked into her eyes like that. "She... I...well... I'm not really lying. She really does want Yuuki-chan to like her. She thinks that I'll know some super secret that will help her."

"Do you?" Miki asked.

"Not really." Nodoka shook her head. "He's actually a bit asexual if you ask me."

Laughing at that, Miki disagreed. He pointed at Manatsu, who's gym shorts looked to be panted on. "He's a 16 year old boy. There's no way he doesn't notice that body... especially when she's throwing it at him."

"Yuuki-chan's not like that. He doesn't objectify girls."

Miki gave Nodoka an unbelieving look. "Sure."

"I've been his friend ever since grade school, trust me, he doesn't. I mean I've seen him look at girls every now and then, but that's normal." Nodoka stressed. "Besides, he's only ever had his sister at home, and me for his friend. So I think he might understand girls more than the average guy."

Miki listened to that, then returned to watching Yuuki with Manatsu. "Hmm... well I guess if he hasn't hit on you by now, then you must be right."

"Excuse me?" Nodoka blinked.

"I mean... you're really cute. Even someone asexual could see that."

She could literally feel the heat from her heart raise from her chest and go to her cheeks. Flushing, Nodoka turned away. Miki called her cute! Her heart was racing again, but this time it wasn't out of fear. Miki, thankfully didn't notice. She was still watching the 'loving couple' on the other side of the gym.

When the bell rang, everyone retreated to the locker rooms. Nodoka almost felt like she was on a high from that compliment. Miki's voice echoed in her head over and over, saying the words Nodoka thought she'd never hear from a girl.

I mean... you're really cute.

She couldn't think about anything else for the rest of the day. Thankfully she only had one class before school ended, so she wasn't blanked out for the whole day. It was harder not to look at her empress now. Miki sat on the other end of the classroom, in the middle of the row nearest the door. It was only in these times did Miki put on glasses so she could read the blackboard. She was so pretty and yet she called Nodoka cute!

When classes ended, Nodoka was forced to return to reality again. She had cleaning duty with a number of other people from homeroom, and didn't have time to dwell on the perfection of her secret crush. It was only when their homeroom teacher entered the room while she was sweeping did Nodoka really snap into attention.

"Odo and Takashima." He called to her and one of Manatsu's stooges, Megumi Takasahima. "Take these books to the library before you go."

"Yes Sensei." Nodoka bowed.

Megumi continued sitting on the desk she was on, not contributing at all in the work at hand. In fact, she hadn't even looked up at the teacher. It was clear that Nodoka wouldn't be getting any help from the short-haired gang-girl.

After dumping her dust pan contents into the trash, she went over to the desk and picked up the books that the teacher had left behind. It was heavy, so she gave Megumi a look on the off chance the girl wanted to get off her ass an help. Like she had known from the start, Megumi just continued sitting pretty on her desk, ignoring everyone. Sighing, Nodoka lumbered out her homeroom on her own.

The walk down the stairs and to the library was harder than Nodoka thought it would be. By the time she arrived in the library with the huge stack of books, her body was moist with sweat. She heaved them on top of the returned counter, and collected her breath while the librarian insisted she stick around to make sure all the books had returned. When they had, Nodoka was allowed to go.

Before she left, Nodoka stopped inside the library's restroom so she could clean off. She walked over to the mirror over the sink and took a good long look at her pink face. Some of her short brown hair had escaped from the hair-clips she had them in, so she fixed that, then she washed off her face lightly with cool water and dried it off with her handkerchief.

She looked at her face again, making sure she looked the best she could under the circumstance, when the voice of Miki returned inside of her mind.

I mean... you're really cute.

Nodoka watched her own mouth open slightly on thinking that. In her minds eye she pictured Miki walking in behind her, wrapping her arms around Nodoka's front, and leaning her chin on her shoulder.

You're really cute Nodoka-chan. The phantom Miki told her.

Shallowing, Nodoka reached up and felt her heart beating inside her chest. Somehow, in her mind, it was Miki touching her. Slowly, she moved her hand a tad bit lower and touched her left breast. Her own haltering breath made her jump and pull her hand away swiftly. She looked into the mirror, watching her lower lip go inside her mouth while her front teeth bit lightly on it. She raised hand up again, and hovered it over her breast.

No, she shouldn't be doing this! She shouldn't be thinking about Miki in that way! Not in a school bathroom. She wasn't some kind of pervert! Stepping back from the mirror, she pulled her eyes away, lowering the offending hand and gripping it with the other, as if she was handcuffing herself.

"What are you doing?" Nodoka whispered to herself.

Nodoka-chan, don't you want me to touch you? Her imaginary Miki seemed to whisper in her ear.

She found that she was nodding her head to her fantasy. Her body felt so hot now. Giving a small groan, she let go of her hand, slapped her cheeks, and decided to get out of there before her imagination got the best of her. Exiting the bathroom quickly, she ran as if she were escaping a horrible monster.

Her body was still hot, and the image of Miki still remained in her mind. She kept trying to silence her hormones, trying to let it go. She wasn't a pervert... she didn't like Miki like that! She was a normal girl! But that was a lie. Even while she told herself that, she found that she still was holding on to her wandering hand.

"Get it together." Nodoka whispered to herself, looking around wildly.

There was no one around. It was only then did a new thought come to her. She realized that the bathroom was at the back of the library. If she traveled just to the other side, she'd be alone even if someone did walk by. No one ever went there. She could hide there and... and...

No! She couldn't! She shouldn't!

Despite all that, she found herself walking into the general direction of the corner. Her body had made up it's mind. Even if Nodoka was fighting it, she was going to go through with it. She was going to do the craziest thing she'd ever do in her life.