McKenzie McKnight


Poem #7

I See

her cracked nail polish

Red as a reminder

The glinting stone by her knuckle.

She sits shimmering

Across from me.

My beer untouched

As I dig my fingernails

Into the wood of the bench.

She's wearing that red hoodie

From that last time we partied together

The bar is full but my table is empty.

She won't stop staring.

Those glasses, the ones I copied

Won't stop glaring

Music is crashing - someone is screaming

I want to know if she's seen the future.

But I know she won't talk.

She blinks

I wonder what she thinks

Of the last two years.

Lights flicker and she shimmers more.

I want to ask about him

But I know she won't talk she never does

She pushes her glasses up

I open my mouth

"You want a shot?" he asks

Sitting right on her.

No more glasses

No more hoodie

No more shimmer

No more diamond

I chug my beer.