As we trek all over cyberspace, it's hard to make the jump

Into posts which aren't berating either Hillary or Trump.

There are those who don't like Turnbull, but we're stuck with him for three

In Australian years; and that's the way that things are going to be.

We can make the best of every day, and all it has in store:

Every blessing that the Lord bestows, because there's so much more

That He's planned for us. Let's see whatever calling He's got next,

Since we'll never change the White House leading man by staying vexed.

All the bushwalks we did last month lead to views of trees and streams,

Under this administration, like the previous, it seems.

Since those streams keep right on running, why not go with all the flow?

We've had Bushes in the White House too, but onward things would go.

All the friends we could be talking to – they're guests for us as hosts,

If we make the time for that instead of making wounded posts,

Which bemoan the reigning government, that God himself permits.

He still keeps an eye on everything from heaven, where He sits.

Any picnic in the park we've planned can meet the social need,

As we meant for it to do. Let every other plan proceed,

As it would, no matter which of them had totalled up more votes.

This election hasn't taken any fun from sailing boats.

Yes, the president-elect won't halt the rolling of the sea,

Or the snowfall in the mountains for the folks who like to ski.

We can keep enjoying life. So let democracy declare,

That it doesn't have to stop, with all that still awaits out there.