I should have read the contract
I should have paid it heed
I sold the things I cherish most
And now my heart it bleeds

I lost my love, my family too
Death took them hand in hand
No more I'll ever see them smile
They walk on bitter sands

I tried so hard to hold them close
But my grasp, it failed
Their eyes will never shine again
Their skin forever paled

I should have read the contract
For try as though I might
The very ones I sought to save
Were taken this dark night

I never thought the cost so high
When starting this new life
Now I know I should have seen
It'd always end in strife

This story is a sad one
As you can surely see
Our lives were not worth living
And I couldn't let it be

I sought out he I heard could help
And change our twisted fate
A road paved with good intentions
That lead to the devil's gate

He asked me for my story
Unwisely I told all
Of how I wished to change our world
And never let us fall

He laughed and promised solace
For just one tiny price
Though he smiled bright and wide
His eyes were sharp as ice

I can give your life a boost he said
You'll want for nothing more
Nothing gets you nothing though
I'm sure you know the score

I'll pay the cost whatever
I agreed with too much haste
I accept the deal with any terms
I have no time to waste

No sooner had I spoken
His eyes turned black and cold
Are you sure now, young one?
Not all is bought with gold

The cost was not important
Only what I could gain
I made that choice and even now
It fills my heart with pain

Upon this night the deal was made
I shook the devil's hand
I should have known he'd tricked me
This was not as I had planned

I should have read the contract
I guess I should have known
No demon deal is ever just
You reap what you have sown

The price was high, far to great
My loved ones gone as cost
I never should have gone so fast
With them now forever lost

Here I sit, alone again
With my piles of silver and gold
I want for nothing, he was right
And now I have grown old

It wasn't my intention
Upon that fateful night
What's done is done, I can't go back
I can never make it right

I miss them still, I always will
Wouldn't you feel the same?
If your family died so you could live
And no-one else to blame

I write this tale so you know
Don't do what I have done
The cost is more than you might pay
Accept this and move on

If you have no choice in this
Can find no other way
Please heed the advice I must impart
And listen to what I say:

When making deals with those who dwell
Down where the world is dark
Be sure to read the contract
Or you might loose your heart