Episode 20: 700 Years Worth of Fury

"Wait asec...Kel you were born like that?" Bazz asks. It was something that shock everyone to hear even those who were just barely listening like Reisha and Nero.
"So you died and Kel really wrestled your soul from death? Tch…sounds like the sky being made of dragon spit would be an easier pill to swallow" says Kuva.

Kel didn't say anything he just stared at Liz.

"I think your little blast to the past left us with more questions than answers Ms…Liz" Rocky shifts his weight in the chair making it easier for him to slide out incase something happens.
"Sounds like you guys don't believe me" she smiles and rubs behind her head. "Childhood buddy, help me out here"


Kel grabs his guitar and swings it on her smashing the table behind her.

"Hey! NO FIGHTING IN HERE!" Bill screams out from behind the bar.

Everyone moves away from the table revealing Liz standing on the otherside of the bar. The dust settles and Kel stands up strong resting his guitar on his shoulder. "You almost had me there for asecond you bastard."

Liz grins and suddenly her voice changes. "How'd you know it was me?"

"Her eyes, they aren't green you moron" Kel points his guitar at the imposter.

The light around her glows brighter and flickers; the illusion of a beautiful dreadlocked woman is replaced with the image of a man in a bright red leather suit with big shoulder pads. Bazz immediately recognizes the man and the curling C shaped scar around his left eye. "Byrd!"

"How goes it Ex-Boss?" he grins.

"Who is this guy, Bazz?" Kuva asks not really sure if this guy is an enemy or not, she stands neutral.

Bazz's tail stands irritated. "About two years ago Kel started a guild before this one but they ended up falling out. This man Byrd was one of the guild members at the time."

"What the fuck do you want Byrd? Didn't I tell you I didn't wanna see your face again?"
"Really? Tch…Listen…I didn't come here to shoot the shit with you Kel. I'm here on official business"
"I don't care now get out"
"It pertains to you and your…new batch of saps." Byrd snickers. "Look if you people know what's good for you then you'll stay away from this jerk. He's a self-centered buffoon who'll crush and destroy any and everyone who disagrees with him."
"Huh? No he's not!" Goku argues.
Rocky's fists clench. "I think it's time you left now, sir Byrd"

Byrd chuckles. "Sir Byrd..hohoho. But no seriously, I'm here on official business. Since you've started up a new guild and already have more than five members you've gotta register with the guild league"

"The guild league? I wasn't registering then and I'm not registering now. My guild and I won't take orders from a round table of old fucks. Now..if I have to say leave one more time" Kel grips the neck of his guitar furiously.

Byrd sighs. "The chaotic leader as always huh? Look, I'll give you a day to think about it"
"I don't have to! The answers no"
"Oh yeah, well it doesn't look that way to me" Byrd points at the space behind him. Kel's eyes shift for a second to see Kuva, Bazz and Rocky all seemingly pondering, they had unsure looks on their faces and the stares they gave him—it was as if they didn't know him at all. "Haha, like I said…I'll be back tomorrow and if the answers no…then well…things'll get interesting"

And just like that the imposter leaves.

Silence takes over.

Bill the bartender didn't know what to say or if he should even come out of hiding yet. He stays below the bar hugging his most expensive bottle of red ale.

Approximately 1,000 Meters underground

Deep beneath the earth there lies a kingdom home to the almighty warrior race—the minotaur. A creature with the torso of a man and the head of a bull. These creatures for eons have are known for their unbridled physical force and capacity for absolute carnage.

The foundry burned with the fury of a century past. Hammers smashed hot steel, being pounded into an edge sharper enough to cut the air itself. The beasts were easily 8 foot tall each with bulging muscles that seemed full to pop. Their eyes were red, like balloons filled with blood. They snort and roar as they build their weapons and armor for war.

Asterion—the minotaur king marches through the foundry all those who lay eyes upon the king must bend a knee or be challenged by the King himself. The minotaur code says that any of the horde can be King as long as they show the brute force and ruthlessness needed to lead the herd.

So far, Asterion stands unmatched.

He is a foot taller than the rest, instead of a deep brown his fur was black, his chest covered in scars from battles with his own kin for his position. Six horns protruded from his head and a red king's cape sway at his back.

"King Asterion-sama, your forces have been provided with ample materials and magic stones thanks to my master" Old Scratch a witch wrapped in black bandages with a pointed hat bows before the minotaur king. "I've come before you in reference to that matter."

The king rolls on his throne of mortal skulls as a female minotaur pours wine into his massive gold and ornament laced grail. The female minotaurs were nearly three times the size of a normal female human, they looked nearly identical to normal humans save for their horns, tails hooves.

"Do not proceed to list out your lords accursed charities." Asterion points and his index finger alone is nearly big enough to cover Old Scratch's forehead. "Aldrich did provide us with material but lets not pretend it is nothing less of what is OWED TO ME!" the minotaur king slams his fist down on the rest of his chair causing a shockwave which rattled his entire court.

Despite his show of force, Old Scratch confidently adjusts her hat. "Of course…Asterion-sama"

"We the minotaur race have been CAST DOWN and imprisoned beneath the earth for 700 hundred years. Generations of great warriors and their songs forever lost never to be sang by the heavens! WE PREPARE FOR WAR! Something you pathetic humans only scratched the surface of."

"That very well may be, but let's also not forget that it was my lord that broke the seal on the temple that bound your people as well as provided you with the 'Forging Fires' and the means to use it. You can throw tantrums all you like my lord but remember your power can be taken away just as easily as you received."

The king leans down so that his huge head hovers over her. "We prepare for battle as we speak…our attack commences on the surface dwellers soon"

Old Scratch raises her eyebrows, a jubilant gleeful and devious grin creeps onto her face. "Is that so? My lord Aldrich will be thrilled to hear it" she turns her back. "My master will contact you shortly for the specifics" with a flash of magic smog Scratch is gone.

"My king, how much longer must we remain under the heel of that damnable witch and her unseen lord?" a bronze skinned beauty appears from the shadow of a column carrying a steel glaive. Ornamental earrings hang from her ears, bones and teeth of beasts who once tried to face her in combat.

"Freed from the seal and yet we still remain in shackles" a hissing raspy voice also creeps from the darkness. The thunderous stomps of hooves get louder as six minotaurs approach the throne.

The King's War bound, six of the most powerful minotaur whose sworn total allegiance to Asterion.

At once the six take a knee.

The king rises from his throne. "Brothers, sisters…the time of our dormancy is at its culmination. 700 years ago the other 7 races of the realm banished us! They feared our power! They feared our birthright as rulers of this realm! Raise the Ankeizer!"

Back at Stormy Pants Pub

Back at the pub the badass guild sits around a single round table to discuss the most recent events. Kel's ex-guild member disguised as a childhood friend in an attempt to get them to agree to registering with the guild league.

"We're not gonna join the Guild League and that's final!" Kel snaps slapping his palm on the table.
"By not registering with the guild league, we'll be classified as rogues" Kuva retorts in a low voice.
"How?!" Kel asked.
"Guilds are more or less groups that work in tandem with the government they're stationed in paying a portion of their earnings to the kingdom overall it benefits all citizens. When a group forms and it doesn't pay taxes at all they are considered a bandit's group" Bazz explains. "Kel I've told you this many times"
"If we join the guild league will we get to fight other strong people from other guilds, if so then why don't we just do it?" Goku asked raising a hand.
"The Dark Lord bows to no one! The DARK ONE votes NAY!" Nero roars as his body becomes a bonfire of black flames.
"I honestly don't care. If the guild league choses to fight against us then it'll be no different from how it was before" says Rocky.
"ZzzzzZZzzzzZZzzZZZZzzzzzZZzzz" Reisha is sleeping in the middle of the table.

"Okay Okay Okaaaaaay! Let's all just simmer down for a moment and hear both sides of the argument" Bazz in her human witch form says as she cuts through the multiple differing opinions. "Okay first we'll start with why we should join, seems Kuva and Goku are in agreement with joining. While Nero and Kel are against it and Rocky and Reisha…quite frankly just don't care enough about it it seems…Kuva you have the floor"

Kuva smiles "Thank you, I propose that we register with the guild league the benefits of doing so far outweigh the costs. For example, our reputation would be spread across a broader plain our names could even reach the other three sky continents. We'd get more cliental, more money not to mention resources from the league itself…resources a right to our own land so that we can build a home base, someplace we can actually hang our hats besides a pissy alleyway"

Kel and Nero both sat with their fingers locked like two lawyers.

They look at eachother.

They look at Kuva.

They look at eachother again.

"Can we really get all that shit?" Kel asked raising an eyebrow.
"Yes" Bazz and Kuva nod.
"Sounds cool but…still it's no! I'm not gonna let anybody order me around! Fuck it!" Kel waves his hand off the subject.
"But the Guild League isn't a hierarchy system like that. Nobody will be ordering you around Kel, we'll still have our independence" Bazz says raising a paw. "The only thing that'll be different is that we'll just be official"


Nero leans "The dark one is trying to find a downside to this but he cannot find one!" he whisper-yells in Kel's ear.

"Jeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez….Errr…Alright Alright we can—"


An earthquake shocks the pub sending chairs and tables flying in every direction. Kel falls and hits a wall, Reisha whose woken up suddenly squirms as she lands on Kel with her crotch in his face. Goku and Kuva both fell over crashing into piles of chairs. Rocky and Nero smash into the bar and Bill cries for dear life.

"Errr…" Kel pushes Reisha off and rubs his head. "The fuck was that? Everybody alright?"
"Yeah" Goku says rubbing her head.
"Fine" Kuva stands up and dusts herself off.
"Errrr…I errr…..I-I'm fine" Rocky fights to keep himself from raging.
"You think a simple quake would rattle the dark one?" Nero collects himself from bits of shadow.

"What happened?" Goku asked.

Suddenly there's a scream.

The guild rushes outside quickly only to see dead set in the middle of the west district of Fortuna, there's a massive stone spire erected. The tower glows with a dark purple aura, the aura forms a ring around the tower then it suddenly crashes into the ground creating a spreading quake that flushes out nearly everything around it. Buildings are leveled, the streets are torn—BOOOOOM!

The quake blows Stormy Pants Pub into toothpicks, Kel, Kuva, Goku, Rocky, Nero, Reisha and Bazz all fly backwards from the blast. Thinking fast Nero creates a dome of darkness to surround everyone including the bartender Bill protecting them from the shock splash and flying debris.

"Wha-wha-wha!?" A confused Bazz on Kel's shoulder studders.
"I don't know where the hell that thing came from but I know where it's goin! BADASSES ASSEMBLE!"
"What?" Everyone says at once.
"Badasses Assemble! It's my new catch phrase…when I say it…it basically means everyone join me in kicking major ass"

Author's Note: Yeah! XD that was an Avengers reference but I kinda like it I think it's gonna stick. BADASSES ASSEMBLE! But no seriously we're meeting our second big villain here, King Asterion he's not all muscle folks.

Kel's Backstory Explained: Seriously that last chapter doesn't sit too well with me, it's done well enough so that it can just carry the story but it just doesn't convey what I want it to. So I'll explain the gist of it here without giving you any major spoilers.

It's like this,

Kel was born with "locked in" syndrome. He was also blind and deaf. He was alive and aware of what happens around him but he just couldn't interact. The reason being is because he has a massive amount of other worldly magic called 'The Old Power' that was literally crushing him and cutting off his senses. Multiple people were taking care of him throughout his life but he didn't know who these people were(and he still doesn't. These people who were taking care of him before Mum Elise and Liz are very integral characters who I can't reveal just yet) anyway when the shinigami appeared to take away Liz's soul, his death essence touched Kel. The cosmic energy from the shinigami's death essence worked as a catalyst to jumpstart and forcibly release "The Old Power". Now what the Old Power is exactly that is another thing that I can't reveal just yet. Just know that Kel has it and he's using it all the time...when he's eating, when's playing around, when he's fighting all the fucking time he has to...because he's "locked in" remember? Yup, you read that correctly Kel is paralyzed right now that's the big twist with the most badass mage ever. He's only up and walking around do to manipulating this power through his body constantly. If you figured all of this out already, kudos.

No seriously kudos, I love those candy bars go try one.

Wonder if I revealed too much with this shit...hmmm...it'll be fine nobody reads the author's notes at the end.