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Thanksgiving Day had arrived and the Tower of Righteous Might was filled to capacity as countless superheroes, their families, and their allies arrived for the potluck.

Tables of countless more food items were lined everywhere as the heroes helped themselves, sitting in groups as dozens of stories filled the air. Older heroes filled the minds of the young with tales of the "glory days" retelling old tales with new fervor. The young heroes dazzled one another with stories of bravery and displays of their power as they fought to outdo one another in terms of bravado, and some of the first heroes ever to put on a cape and cowl were honored by all.

Men, women, old, or young, whether they were powered or not, all sat equal at the tables. They were united by a dedication to justice and a willingness to help and save others, and that was all that mattered in order to be a hero.

However, as the stories behind the various food items the heroes brought came into the conversation, it became clear that several villains had attacked other heroes. Some of the most powerful heroes were ignored while other minor heroes were targeted, with no pattern between the targets and the criminals carrying out the attack.

Crosscut looked out the window, eyes intent for any sign of danger as more stories of battles with criminals came to light. One or two scuffles with supervillains was commonplace, but dozens of battles occurring over a four day period… that was odd.

What if they all attacked at once? Not only was the very idea of a concentrated attack ridiculous as the Tower was the most fortified place in the world, as well as stuffed with almost every superhero ever… but didn't supervillains celebrate Thanksgiving or at least take a day off?

He turned away from the view of the city after silently making a vow, a vow to keep the people he protected safe… from any threat.

He knew that any hero he served with would stand with him on that vow, as he looked at the host before him.

Auto-Correct, freshly repaired and repainted from the battle with Virus, walked over to Crosscut. "Crosscut, I see that you are having fun, and I must admit that your human foods are pleasing to look at."

"Glad you like it." Crosscut mused, "Say, have you detected any police scans on any criminals?"

"I have not" the robot reported after rechecking the scans. "Are you looking for an excuse to leave the party?'

The teleporter smiled "No, I just get worried sometimes. Superheroes often have targets on their backs, and they never go away… they just fade for a bit." He took a deep breath and walked back into the crowd "But let's keep mingling, pretty soon the game will be on, and then the fun will really start!"

Auto-Correct smiled as well "Indeed, this 'betting' tradition I have heard about seems most interesting."


Meanwhile, in a remote military base in Florida, someone was still working overtime.

His name was Agent Lightning.

He had no other name, no other job, no other passion but his job: Leading the organization known as H.A.V.A.D

Hero and Villain Destroyers. They were military officials, politicians, scientists, and engineers… all with one goal, to destroy the super-powered community.

Agent Lightning walked down the hallway to a large metal door, entering the combination to open it to reveal massive cryogen tanks, racks of them.

Inside every single tank was a supervillain.

It had been easy to pull the right strings and have all the captured supervillains delivered here, where his scientists had been hard at work experimenting on them, and now they had the secret to superpowers.

His men had isolated the metagene, an extra chromosome inside the human body that would activate under extreme stress, gifting the host with superpowers.

And with this secret, the superheroes would tremble, as mankind took away what made them Gods… and then when they were humbled, they would have to fall.


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