Hello friends guess who is still around? Me and while i have not updated Mystic Nights be patient i'll get to it for now here are a few poems/rants i thought of i truly hope you like this one and the one coming soon

Hiding behind fake smile

Some forms of depression are more noticeable

Cutting,acting out,locking themselves away in their rooms to cry

Then their are the worriers

They type of depressed person who worry's how the people around them will be affected

So they hide it

They try to interact

They try to laugh

They try and act as though things are business as usual

when inside of them

They are hurting more than most would ever think

They hide behind fake smiles hoping if they do it enough

The pain will stop

Hoping that the smiles become real

I know this was a little short but i can tell you from personal experience that it's true some depressed people hide behind fake smiles and if you seem them hurting if you see the hurt seep through talk to them, let them know how nice it is to have someone who listen

This goes out to Mystergal5 over on . You're one of the few people who help make the smiles real,