There was a deafly silence that had fallen across the entire city. Everyone was waiting to see what the creature did next. Queen Roseline had returned what it had wanted but if it decided to attack Jenny and the forces of Lumia were too weak to stop it. Some of the army were so scared that they were close to losing control of their bodily functions.

The next thing that everyone saw was the creature beginning to extend its wings and it began to flap them. This caused a hurricane like gust of wind that blew many of the soldiers away. It wasn't strong enough to knock Jenny over but she remained where she stood, it took some strength but she achieved the task.

Slowly they saw the creature rising up into the air. Each flap of its wings gave off another strong gust of wind but each time it rose higher and higher. Eventually it was too high up for its flaps to cause any problems below. There was a look of relief on Jenny's face as she saw it rising in the air. She watched as it turned its body and flew away from the city. With the gem back in its possession the creature could return to its slumber until the next person foolish person tried to take what belonged to it.

Jenny could hear cheering from all around and she couldn't help but break a smile. She couldn't help but feel happy with what had happened but she felt the world around her going dark and her body feeling heavy. The shock of everything that had happened had finally gotten the better off her and she was losing consciousness. There was nothing that Jenny could do to stop herself from falling to the ground and she was knocked out before she even fell.

Meanwhile back on Home Chloe was still trying to reform herself. She was very difficult as practically all of her body was nothing more than liquid like rubber. It seemed even impossible that she could even breathe but she was capable of doing this at least. She feared that she might not live after this day and she also feared for the safety of Agent Rogers. His teleportation abilities had increased to the point where he could have teleported to anywhere in the galaxy. She could only hope that he had teleported to a place that had enough air for him to breathe. She thought that he could have ended up in the empty vacuum of space.

Slowly Chloe began to crawl as best as she could. Her efforts to reform herself had not gone well and she was nothing more than a moving puddle of plastic. She had tried to contact other agents on her VSC but she had not been able to talk to it

One thing that she did feel was someone stepping on her. She couldn't see who it was however but she didn't have to worry. It was Sue who had stepped on her and the odd sensation under her foot. When she looked down she could see the puddle of rubber that was her good friend. Almost instantly she knelt down and checked to see if Chloe was still alive. She checked to see if she could find a pulse but this was a task that was close to impossible to do. She did end up multiplying herself so that she could check several points of Chloe at once with little success.

"Chloe say something," said the Prime Sue as she worried that her good was dead. She did get some response that was always a good sign. "What happened to you?" This question could only go unanswered as Chloe still couldn't speak.

Quickly one of the Sues raised her VSC to her mouth and sent out an alert that there was an agent down and urgent assistance was required. She had no idea what had happened to Chloe and one part of her feared that this change could be permanent. She had no idea about the fact that Liam had infected her with a serum that had dramatically increased her powers to the point that she had ended up like this.

Chloe would have loved nothing more than to tell Sue about how Liam had caused Jenny to shrink uncontrollably and caused both herself and Agent Rogers to be the worse for wear. She was continuing to struggle but she thought she could eventually pull herself together in a manner of speaking. She had spent years honing her abilities and to her this was seemingly just another task for her to overcome. It would be very difficult for her to achieve but she was an Agent of Park Incorporated and certain things were expected of her.

After a couple of minutes Chloe was able to reshape her mouth enough to be able to speak. At first her speech was very gargled and hard to make out. Sue could see what she was trying to do and so brought her ear closer to Chloe's mouth. It still continued to be gargled but eventually she could say one word but again this was with great difficulty, the only word that she could say was Liam.

This caught Sue by surprise as she didn't know anyone named Liam. However a quick search on her VSC did reveal some results. There were three people working for the company with the name Liam but the only one who had been in today was Doctor Liam Hammond and from her data it seemed like he hadn't left the building yet. For any agent she would have faced a problem. She would have been unable to stay with Chloe and find Liam however thanks to her multiplication abilities this was easy.

In a matter of moments she created three additional clones of herself and they began to search for Liam. She also sent a message for the available agents to look out for him as well. She thought that it wouldn't be long before he was found. Something inside of her told her that she needed to be careful. Something about the whole situation scared her and she knew that she would have to take care.

Meanwhile Jenny finally began to wake up. Her head was groggy and she began to remember what had happened. Her body still ached from the battle with the creature but it wasn't hurting as much as it had been earlier. This was a good sign in her mind and she slowly began to sit up. This was when she felt something strike her head, she felt some pain that lasted for a few moments.

When Jenny looked she saw that she had struck the ceiling of something. She began to take a better look around and she soon realised that she was in some kind of building. It looked to be mainly wooden and nowhere near tall enough for her to stand up in. Instead she could see that she had been lying down in an area that seemed just large enough for her.

"W-where am I?" asked Jenny as she didn't know exactly where she was and she was confused with what had happened.

"Please don't move," replied a male voice. She couldn't see where the voice was coming from at first but a moment later she looked down and saw a man standing near her hand. He was wearing different attire from what she had been used to seeing but she didn't know that he was a healer. "You might aggravate your injuries."

"W-who are you?"

"My name isn't important. All you need to know I'm a healer and I've been helping you to recover from your injuries. Do you remember what happened?"

"I remember fighting a giant monster but then everything went black. Is everyone safe now?"

"Yes, this monster that you speak of left soon after. There have been numerous injuries reported but miraculously no fatalities. I have to say that I'm amazed that such a thing is possible."

"T-That's good to know." She suddenly remembered about Amara and Inma. She did become worried for a moment. "What happened to Amara and Inma? Are they alright?" She dreaded to think that anything bad had happened to them.

"They're fine, you needn't worry." He had been the same healer who had helped treat Inma during her growth ongoing growth spurt. However he didn't mention about her condition since it was patient confidentiality.

"But what about everyone else? Queen Amber and Queen Roseline?" Suddenly she remembered that she was still in trouble over the statue that she had accidentally destroyed earlier. She hoped that her actions might have redeemed herself but she knew that it wasn't likely.

"They are a little shaken from the experience but overall their fine. However the royal palace as damaged during the event and it might take some time before it is back up to working order."

"Thank you for telling me. She gave a sigh of relief, she suddenly heard what sounded like footsteps heading towards her. For the moment she couldn't see what it was but after a few moments she saw Queen Amber arriving along with a few of her guards. The healer quickly down to one knee in respect to his queen. Jenny would have done the same if she had the room to. "Your majesty, it pleases me to see that you're unharmed."

"I appreciate the concern Jenny," replied Queen Amber. "And it please me to see that you are in one piece. Your efforts to protect my city are greatly appreciated. Thanks to your actions many of my citizens remain in the world of the living."

"That brings me more joy than you realise." She cleared her throat as she knew what she needed to do next. "I'm really sorry about the statue, you know that I would never do anything like that on purpose. You might not believe it but I'm not actually used to being this big."

"What you did is a crime that could very well be punishable by execution or at the least a very lengthy period incarnated. However in light of what you have done for this city I'm willing to give you what I'm calling a free pass. However as soon as your Queen's business is complete here you are to never step into Lumia again."

"I-I." She didn't think that it was much of a thank you. She had basically risked her own life to save the city but she would be banished from it as well. She thought that the circumstances could have be worse. "I understand your highness."

"Good now rest up, you'll need all of your energy to recover from your injuries. That will be all."

Jenny did bow her head as best as she could as Queen Amber turned around and walked away. When she was sure that she was gone she lay down on the ground once again. The Healer was doing the best he could to see if there were any more serious injuries that he needed to treat.

Meanwhile Amara was still trying to comfort Inma as much as she could. Her growth spurt was ongoing and for now it seemed like there was no signs of it stopping. Inma needed to eat almost constantly so that her body could gain the calories that it needed for its growth. What was amazing in Amara's mind was that Inma's feet was already sticking out of the end of the bed. This was when she knew that Inma was going to be much taller than the average amazon, Amara even thought that she might grow taller than her.

"Here you go," said Amara as she gave Inma a sweet cake. She watched as Inma stretched her now long arm and grabbed onto the cake. She quickly brought it towards her mouth and ate it quickly. "You better be careful now or else you might accidentally bite off one of your own fingers."

"Very funny Amara," replied Inma with a smile on her face. "Thank you for taking care of me, I know it might not be the easiest task in the world."

"Don't worry about it." She smiled back down at her wife. "When I married you I agreed to take care of you when you really needed it. What kind of wife would I be if I didn't care for you now?"

"Not a very good wife, a sexy wife yes but not a very good one." She giggled before she winced in pain. She could feel her body stretching itself, if Amara looked at the end of the bed she would have seen Inma's legs elongating a little. What both women didn't know was that Inma was already likely to be taller than Amara. "I-I'm alright, these growth spurts are just getting out of hand."

"I hope they end soon, you know how much I hate seeing you in agony." She was able to hold onto her hand which was around about the size of her own. "We can go back home and try and forget this horrible trip."

"That would be nice." She smiled at her and tried to make her wife feel more at ease. "Maybe we can try something new in the bedroom, I might not be as fragile I was before." She chuckled for a moment.

"I can imagine a few new things that we can try out."

Another day passed before Queen Roseline was able to speak to Jenny. She had been busy with the peace talks for the entirety of the last day. She was disappointed that she had lost her gem but the cost of keeping it was too high for her to consider. It had also seemed that the talks had been a success as the Masonia/Lumia war was official called off with neither side being declared the winner. The truth was that both cities just wanted to get the whole thing behind them and move on.

Like before Jenny showed her respect to Queen Roseline as she entered. She was almost fully recovered from her injuries and the healers attending her believed that she could leave their care within the next day. They too showed their respects to Queen Roseline who in turn thanked them for caring for Jenny. Unlike Queen Amber before her Queen Roseline felt no amount of fear towards the giantess.

"Greetings your highness," said Jenny as she carefully sat up. "I am glad to see that you're fine."

"As I am for you," replied Queen Roseline. "I thought that you'd like to know that the war between Masonia and Lumia has officially ended. Trade between the two cities can continue once again."

"That is wonderful news." She wanted to get herself more comfortable but with her limited space this was impossible. "I take it that we can return to Masonia soon?"

"Indeed, as soon as you've recovered we will be on our way. I cannot thank you enough for your efforts. You put your life on the line for the benefit of both Masonia and Lumia. If you hadn't proved yourself before you have more than done so now. This is why I think you deserve a reward, upon your return you will be given land to do as you see fit. Maybe build yourself a home large enough to house yourself. Or maybe even build several smaller houses for other people. Whatever funds you receive from these will belong to you as you are now Lady Jenny Grande."

"Lady Jenny?" She thought that the name sounded like it suited her. She remembered that when she was younger she wanted to be a princess but a lady was almost like becoming a princess. "Thank you for your kindness your highness."

"You're welcome and if there is nothing else that we need to discuss then I will be on my way."

"Actually there is one thing I would like to know. Have you heard from Amara and Inma, I've heard that they're fine but I still can't help but worry about them."

"The couple have mainly kept to themselves recently. I was reported that Inma was having her final growth spurt and is currently bedridden. You do not need to be concerned, she will be perfectly fine once the growth spurt ends."

"Hmm really?" She didn't know anything about Inma's growth spurt but she just meant that the tiny amazon would finally be taller. She remembered Inma being picked on in the past due to her short stature. At least now she would be at least the height of an average amazon in her mind. "Thank you for telling me."

"You're welcome and now I bid you fairwell."

Queen Roseline walked away as Jenny lay back down again. She couldn't help but feel bored and she even played around with her VSC so that she could keep herself occupied. There was a rumour that there were some hidden functions of the device that she wouldn't finding out. However these were just rumours but since she had nothing better to do she decided to check it out. She did wonder if it would try and disguse her as something but she thought that it was a little silly.

Eventually being cramped up like this was too much for the giantess as she crawled her way out of the building. Although the healers thought that it was best that she rested there wasn't much that they could do to stop her. She did crawl as best as she could and when she was finally outside she stood up to her full height and she could feel the sun on her face once again. She could see that there were some damaged buildings not far away and she knew that it was thanks to her titanic battle.

It also felt good to Jenny to be able to breathe in some fresh air. She stretched herself and although there were some days that she just wanted to lie in her bed all day but now she was glad to be standing up. There was something else that she noticed. Her sudden appearance had caused some of the citizens to gather around her, she looked down at them and she was cautious. She didn't know if they were going to cheer for her or treat her like she was some kind of monster.

There was some awe and silence between Jenny and the citizens. There was a small amount of fear in the air as most of them didn't know how to properly react to someone of Jenny's stature. She did squat down so that she didn't seem to be so tall, she smiled down at them and she waved.

"Hi," said Jenny. She just did what she remembered her giant friend Jessica. She remembered some people being afraid of her when they first met her but she simply smiled and waved at them. Most of the time it would calm them down since it would show that she wasn't a threat. Jenny hoped that it would work for her.

There was still silence between everyone in the crowd. It wasn't until one young woman stepped forward. She was short for an amazon and she couldn't have looked older than eighteen. She was the shortest amazon there who wasn't a child.

"Y-You saved us from that monster," said the woman. There was some reluctance in her voice as she thought that she shouldn't be speaking.

"Well I don't want to brag but I totally kicked its ass," replied Jenny with the smile still on her face. She knew that she hadn't been that dominant and that she had almost been killed. However she felt that she could exaggerate a little in order to put the crowd at ease. "It'll think twice before coming to your city again."

There was a small applause from the crowd and a little bit of whistling. This made Jenny truly happy inside as she knew that their fear of her had faded away. Instead they respected her after what she had done for them. If the opportunity came again she would do it all over again. It wasn't for any kind of appreciation but because it was the right thing to do.

For the next several minutes Jenny would allow people to step on her hand and she would lift them up into the air. This allowed them to see their beloved city from a vantage point that they had never seen it before. In their eyes they were seeing something that only the birds would be able to see. The only regret that they had was that the experience couldn't last any longer since Jenny would lower them down so that others could take a turn.

This lasted for several minutes before some of the soldiers arrived. They reminded the crowd that they still had work to do. With some reluctance they walked away so that they could get back to their jobs. Jenny thought that she would be scolded for what she had been doing but instead most of the guards wanted the same experience. She wasn't one to turn them down s she lifted them up into the air.

It was all in good fun but eventually the soldiers needed to go back to their patrol and each of them were thankful. A couple of them had fought alongside Jenny when they had battled the creature and they respected her. She had shown that she had been willing to put her life on the line for them and they were willing to do the same for her. They also admired her size and strength as she was the strongest person in the world.

By the next day almost of Queen Roseline's personnel were near the gates of Lumia. It was time for them to return to Masonia after a very eventful visit. The only people that were missing were Amara and Inma but they were on their way. All the carts were filled up and every soldier was accounted for.

Jenny was also with the convoy and she knew that she would most likely never see this city again. Although she had become popular with the citizens of Lumia she knew that she would never be able to step foot inside again thanks to Queen Amber. She could understand her reasoning but it didn't mean that she had to like it. She did want to get back to Masonia since she now felt that it was her home now that she couldn't return to her own world.

Before the convoy could leave there were numerous checks that needed to be done. One of the most important things was to make sure that Queen Roseline had everything that she needed. It seemed like everything was in order and they only needed to wait for her command to move off.

"Ok people let's go home," said Queen Roseline. She was standing right next to her carriage and was waiting to climb back inside.

"What about Amara and Inma?" replied Jenny. She knew that it might be a bad idea to question a queen but she was more unwilling to leave the pair behind.

"They should have been here by now." She thought for a few moments. "I can send someone to investigate their whereabouts."

"There is no need for that," replied a voice. Everyone looked over to where they heard the voice. They could see that Amara and Inma had arrived but what they saw shocked them. When they had last seen Inma she had barely been five feet tall. Now she was well over a foot taller than her nine foot wife. Her body had a very elongated look as it seemed like someone had put the small woman on a rack and simply stretched her. Almost every part of her body looked longer than it should be but she had a skinny look to her as well. There seemed to be no real muscle on her body as her growth had been completely about lengthening rather than thickening. Amara was helping to support her by putting her arm around her and helping her to walk. "I apologise if my appearance has startled you but I am going through a growth spurt right now."

"Well it was bound to happen eventually. But now that you're here we can return to Masonia. Let's get moving while we still have daylight."

The gate opened so that the convoy could travel through it. Before they could move however Amara asked Jenny to carry Inma for her. Jenny agreed to this as she lifted Inma onto her shoulder and wrapped some head around her so that she didn't fall. Jenny felt odd having Inma in her hand again. Before Inma had been very small and although she was still small to her she felt much different. It was like she was handling a completely different person. She didn't pick up Inma until she had been able to squeeze through the gate since she didn't want any harm to come to her.

With the road clear ahead of them the convoy made their way down it at a steady pace. Amara had to fall into her position and she was sad that she couldn't be with Inma during her time of need. She knew that she was in very capable hands but it still didn't mean that she could stop worrying.

Inma was enjoying the view from where she was sitting but she was still in some pain as she could feel her body continuing to stretch. It wa slow pace but she could feel each bone in her body continuing to elongate. Although she was already over eleven feet tall she knew that she wasn't done growing yet.

She was a little disappointed that she couldn't get the knowledge from the library of Lumia before they had to leave. She thought that she would be able to come back another day, but there was also another concern in her mind. She was going to need an entirely new set of clothing and she was worried that she would be too tall for her own house. She knew that she was the tallest amazon in Masonia now and she was still gaining inches like it was going out of fashion.

"Are you alright Inma?" asked Jenny as she walked. She was disappointed to be walking at a slow pace but at least she was making some progress. "I heard that you were not in the best of conditions."

"Thank you for your concern and yes I'm fine," replied Inma although she didn't want to say just how much pain she was in. "I'm just going to have to get used to being taller than everyone now. Well everyone except for you of course, no matter how much I grow I'll never be taller than you."

"That's true." She giggled for a moment and Inma couldn't help but join her. "I must admit that it is odd seeing you so tall now and you say that you're still growing?"

"Yes, I seem to be growing faster than any other amazon on record. I don't know whether I should be happy about that or worried. For years all I've ever wanted was to be taller but now that it's happening I don't know how to react."

"You should be happy, it's not important how tall you grow. What's important is that you stay healthy and be there for Amara. I must admit that I'm kinda jealous of the relationship that you have with her."

"Why don't you have that special someone in your world?"

"No, I never seem to be able to keep one guy for too long before I move onto the next one." She gave a sigh, it's a bit of a problem that I have."

"Maybe you're just waiting for the right person. You'll know who the right person and there is someone for everyone. It might take a little bit of time but you a pretty woman, it won't take you that long."

"Thanks, that means a lot to me."

"You're welcome and are you alright? I heard that you had to go toe to toe with that giant monster again. It does make me happy to see that you're still here in one piece, I assume that you kicked its ass again."

"Not this time unfortunately. If anything my ass was the one that was thoroughly kicked. I swear I'm going to have bruises on it for months." They both giggled as she was trying to make a joke about an event that could have killed her. It was her way of coping with the whole thing. "At least this time I didn't have to worry about you being stuck in between my breasts."

"At least I was somewhere of comfort." She then suddenly groaned as she could feel the pain of her body stretching. It was too much to keep inside of her and quickly Jenny turned to her. "I-I fine, really. My body is just reminding me that it is turning me into a bean pole with arms."

"Hopefully it won't last that much longer." She did have some sympathy towards her. She remembered that she had been quite short when she was younger until a large growth spurt in her teens had topped her at six feet. However that seemed like a lifetime ago back when she was a different person.

The rest of the trek was uneventful as the convoy slowly moved along the path. There were times when they would stop and rest for a while. This was when Amara would be with Inma as she tried to help comfort her through this difficult time. Inma was amazed that not many people were noticing just how tall she was now, she figured that because of Jenny nothing seemed that big anymore. In a way it was good since she didn't have to worry about any unwanted attention.

Whenever Amara held onto her wife's hand she noticed just how large it had become. It was easily larger than her own and it wasn't the only part of Inma that was larger than her. Her legs seemed to be ridiculously long. They were now as long as the height of an average man and only getting longer. They did enjoy the time that they were having together and nothing could seemingly ruin it.

Jenny was feeling odd herself. More or less as soon as they had left Lumia she had felt a bubbling feeling inside of her stomach. She felt it every once and again but for now it seemed to be nothing serious. She wondered what it could be as it was something that she had never felt before. She thought that she might have eaten something that hadn't agreed with her stomach.

However the more that Jenny walked the more that she felt the bubbling feeling inside of her. It was making her feel sick but she didn't vomit, she felt weak in the knees but she was able to keep herself stable. There were a couple of occasions that she almost fell to the ground but each time she was just able to keep her balance.

When the convoy did return to Masonia they were greeted with a hero's welcome. Quite a lot of the families of the soldiers had especially come out to see their loved ones returned. Messages had come from Lumia about the battle that had taken place there. There were some exaggerations like Queen Roseline's guards being able to fend off the creature all by themselves. There was even a rumour that Queen Roseline herself turned into a goddess in order to put the creature down. None of it was true however but it was just something fun to consider.

The crowd were especially happy to see Jenny back. To them she was like a living weapon and a warning to anyone who dared invade Masonia. To see her back brought them great joy and comfort. They didn't know the full truth of what happened in Lumia but to them it didn't really matter.

Over the trip back to Masonia Inma had grown by another few inches but her growth spurt had yet to subside. She was beginning to become concerned as she thought that she might never stop growing. She had heard of a myth about an amazon who grew throughout her life and was truly a giantess by the time she had died. It had always been believed that it had simply been a myth but she was beginning to believe that there might be something more to it than that.

More or less as soon as they were allowed to leave Amara helped Inma back to the home that they shared. Inma now was far too tall to get through the door normally and when she stood up inside her head struck the ceiling. It was clear to both of them that she was now too tall to live in the house comfortably.

Inma did lay down on the bed but as they expected it seemed to be too small for her but at this moment in time it didn't matter. The only thing that was important was that she could properly rest. Her hunger had begun to spike once again so Amara did what she could, feed the growing woman.

Meanwhile Jenny was outside of the building that was her makeshift home for now. She was tired after the long walk but she could still feel the bubbling sensation in her stomach. It was almost more than she could bear and she almost keeled over with pain. She slammed her palm onto the ground and unintentionally caused a minor earthquake.

The sensation in her stomach was replaced by pain which shot through her body in an instant. It was pain that she had never felt before and she was worried that she was going to die. She looked at her hand that was on the ground and she noticed something that was a little odd.

Her hand looked like it was getting bigger. She thought that it was in her head but after a few moments she realised that she was actually growing. She was amazed at first and she didn't know exactly how she felt about it. A part of her was happy to see that she was growing and was likely to grow to the point that she could re-enter her own universe. However she felt that she had been building a life of her own in this universe and she was going to have to say goodbye to it all.

As soon as Jenny began to grow quite a few people saw this and they began to become worried. She looked down at the shrinking world around her. She couldn't help but feel sad about the fact that she was growing. She waved at Masonia and she could only bid them farewell as she was returning to Home. One last act of decency as her body continued to grow was to move away from the city so that she didn't accidentally damage it.

Queen Roseline was alerted to what was happening and from her palace she could see the growing Jenny walking over the horizon. She was sad to see her go but she knew that if she stayed in Masonia right now her growing body would likely destroy the city. She felt that things had improved a little since Jenny's coming. She thought that history would remember her kindly.

From the window in their home Amara could see that Jenny was growing. She told Inma about it who with great difficulty got out of bed and walked over to the window. She had to bend down so that she could see out of it properly. She too was disappointed to see Jenny going and from what she had been told they would likely never see her again. This did bring a tear to her eye as she felt that she had developed a strong friendship with her. But nonetheless she was happy for Jenny, Masonia had never truly been her home and now she was returning to where she belonged.

Jenny carefully stepped into the jungle as her height had increased to the point where she was thousands of feet tall. As she looked up she could see her head approaching the clouds above her. She reached up to grab one but it wasn't long before she was breathing it in through her nose. She looked at the ground below her and she could see both the cities of Masonia and Lumia. They didn't look all that far apart from each other when they were in fact several miles. She just hoped that the peace between the two would last long after she returned to Home.

Eventually Jenny became so tall that her head left the atmosphere of the planet. Normally by now she thought that she would have suffocated but she still found herself able to breathe with some ease. She didn't know how this was possible and she thought that she would ask one of the scientists upon her return. This did make her think about Liam and what he had done to her, she felt that he needed to be stopped and brought to justice. However she didn't think that there were any laws against shrinking people to the point that they fell out of the universe. She thought that it could be counted as intentional poisoning or attempted murder. Either way she knew that she was going to have some words with him when she returned to Home.

After a few more seconds of growth Jenny jumped up and she found herself floating in space. She could see the planet that she had just been on. She thought that it looked similar to Home but the shape of the continents were different. If she could compare she would have seen that it was smaller than Home as well. It was bigger than the Planet Earth but not as big as Home.

She was amazed to see that the planet was seemingly shrinking in front of her. At first it dwarfed her but as she continued to grow it seemingly shrank smaller and smaller in front of her eyes. She placed her hand underneath the planet and it seemingly shrank into her hand. It was the size of a basketball at first before shrinking down to the size of a baseball. A few more moments passed and it seemingly became the size of a marble before she realised that it was best to move away. She still couldn't believe that everything that she had been through for the last couple of weeks had taken place on a planet that was no so small.

Jenny felt herself floating through space as everything around her continued to shrink. She almost burned herself on a star at one point before it became too small to cause her any problems. She was now too big to see any of the planets and she could feel herself growing out of the galaxy as well. It had a very surreal and familiar feeling, she couldn't help but think about when she was shrinking. However this time the entire process was happening in reverse.

After another minute or so of growth she found herself able to handle the entire universe in her hands. It was almost insane to think that countless trillions of lives were currently in her hand. If she wished she could easily crush them but she couldn't do such a thing and she just watched as the universe slowly disappeared from view.

Jenny found herself surrounded by giant spheres which made her look incredibly tiny next to. She knew that these were atoms but after what she had been through she had been used to watching them growing around her rather than shrinking. She touched a couple of them and she waited until she was big enough to push them away from her. Everything felt surreal as she grew and she prepared to grow into the next universe.

Meanwhile on Home Sue was searching the entire headquarters of Park Incorporated in order to find Liam. She had created many clones of herself that were making the job much easier for herself. She could create an infinite amount of clones of herself so no task was too much for her.

At first she didn't know that Liam was inside one of the labs. He was grabbing some equipment including some apparatus that he had been working on rigorously for many years. The last thing he wanted was for it to be in the hands of Park Incorporated after he was gone. At first he had planned to carry on with his normal life after causing Jenny to shrink but now that he used his spray on two more agents he knew that he would have to flee. With the technology available to him he thought that he could go anywhere in the universe.

Earth seemed to be good place to hide out since his appearance was very similar to that of a human so he would be able to blend in with some ease. From what he had heard about the planet there was too much infighting between its inhabitants for them to even bother looking for him. He had heard that Jessica's lover was from Earth but he didn't think that would matter in the slightest.

Before he could even make his move Sue quickly entered the room. She placed her hand on her hips and stared at him for a moment. He knew that he was in trouble but he thought that he could still get himself out of this situation.

"What are you doing?" asked Sue as she stood at the door. She was considering creating more copies of herself as she thought that the situation could turn at any moment. She played it cool however and waited to see what he did next.

"Oh Agent Grimm," replied Liam with some surprise in his voice. "You caught me by surprise."

"You still haven't answered my question. What are you doing?" She crossed her arms to show that she wasn't joking around.

"I'm just picking up some equipment for my next experiment." He was having to think fast on his feet and he thought that this was a decent excuse. "It could revolutionise the capabilities of our vortex generators."

"Maybe but I think there is something that we need to discuss first." She took a few steps closer to him and as she did she split herself into three separate clones. "I know that you're responsible to what happened to Agent Lane."

"Agent Lane… w-what are you talking about?" He was a little nervous and he was already thinking about a way out.

"I think you need to come with us." The clones grabbed onto Liam's arms but they didn't get a tight enough grip on them.

Quickly Liam broke out of the grip of the clones. He picked up the apparatus and activated it which fired a laser that disintegrated anything on contact. It was not it's intended purpose as there were still things that needed to be ironed out with it. But for now it suited his purposes well.

Before any of the Sues could properly react to what had happened each one was blasted by the laser and their bodies disintegrated instantly. There was a cry of pain from each of them as this happened but they disappeared in a cloud of ash. With all three of the Sues now gone Liam quickly made his move before anyone else could stop him.

Thankfully the three Sues that had died were not the original so they the real Sue was still alive and well. Unfortunately she had felt the deaths of her three clones and she was trying to overcome the pain. She was located in a break room where she was having a drink, however when her clones died she almost spat out the drink that she had been drinking. Sweat ran down her forehead and she had to take deep breaths.

One thing that Sue could feel was the memories of her clones just before they had been killed. She could see that Liam had used a laser to kill all three of them and that he was likely making a run for it. Although an alert had been placed earlier she felt the need to place her VSC not far from her mouth.

"This is Agent Grimm," said Sue with some difficulty. She was still getting over the agony of feeling her clones die. "Doctor Liam Hammond has just killed three of my clones and is responsible for the disappearance of Agent Grande. Doctor Hammond is armed and extremely dangerous but he cannot leave the facility. Take care when apprehending him, we don't want any more deaths."

The other agents in the building now knew exactly who they were after and they thought that it wouldn't be long before they found Liam and apprehended him. But the laser that he had in his possession might very well be the death of them. If they came too close him he might kill them with it. However they couldn't let him escape and they had to ensure that he didn't hurt anyone else.

Meanwhile in the other room, on the table where Jenny had been working a small speck appeared and it seemed to be growing. Anyone there would have seen that this speck was actually Jenny who had finally grown back into her own universe. She had grown from one universe to another continually for more times than she had cared to remember. She looked around and she could see that everything around her looked familiar.

When she was around an inch tall Jenny could clearly see that she was back in her own universe and she couldn't help but smile. She was in a place that she never thought that she would see again. She couldn't help but break a smile as she continued to grow larger and larger.

After a few second she grew back to her normal three inches in height. She knew that she wasn't going to be a giantess in this world but at least she would be home. However she soon realised that she was growing beyond three inches. At first she thought that it was in her head but when she grew passed six inches she realised that she was bigger than she was before. In an instant she became concerned that she was going to grow out of this universe as well and then enter another one so that the process would repeat itself infinitely. It probably scared her more than she would admit.

Before long Jenny was too big to stand on the table so she jumped off and landed on the ground. She had to squat as she landed and when she stood back up she found herself as tall as the table. She continued to grow taller and taller and she closed her eyes as she thought that she was going to hit the ceiling within a few seconds.

After around a minute Jenny didn't feel her head hitting the ceiling at all. Instead she risked opening her eyes and she could see that the room looked more normal than it ever had been before. Nothing looked too big to her or too small and she looked at her hands as well, she couldn't believe it but she had stopped growing at her former height of six feet. It had been some years since she was last at this height and she didn't know whether to be happy or to worry that her shrinking abilities might be gone. She didn't have much time to really comprehend what was happening before she heard someone approaching the room. Almost instinctively she thought that it was some kind of threat and readied herself for Liam to enter the room.

However when the door finally opened rather than Liam she could see Sue instead. Before the second agent could react she felt Jenny embrace her in a hug. Everything had happened so fast that Sue that she didn't know exactly how to react. She was completely taken by surprise by the situation.

"Sue," said Jenny with much joy in her voice. "You don't know how happy I am to see you right now."

"J-Jenny," replied Sue with confusion in her voice. She had to wait for Jenny to break off the hug. "Y-You're so… tall." She discovered that she was having to look up to her normally tiny friend. Jenny had at least six inches on her and it made everything bizarre in her mind. "What happened to you?"

"It was Liam Hammond, he sprayed me with something that made me shrink into another universe. He tried to kill me."

"I know and don't worry we'll catch him before long. Every agent and my clones are currently looking for him. He won't free for long." She didn't tell her that Liam had murdered three of her clones. However she felt the taller woman push by her as she went to go through the door. "Wait where are you going?"

"I'm finding him myself, he's dangerous and I'm the one responsible for this. It's up to me to make sure that he doesn't hurt anyone else."

Sue wanted to stop her friend but something inside of her told her to not. She knew that Liam was armed and dangerous but something told her that she would be alright. She did create another clone of herself to follow Jenny. She was having to walk at a quickened pace just to keep up with the taller woman. It still seemed bizarre but she kept calm and collective. One thing was for sure and that was that after today Jenny's life would never be the same again.

Liam was a short distance away as he was trying to make his escape. He knew by now that everyone was looking for him so he had to take care. He was ready to fire his prototype at anyone who came across him. He still wasn't sure exactly what he was going do once he escaped Park Incorporated. He was beginning to reconsider his plan to go to Earth but right now it seemed to be his only option.

As he walked he did see a scientist walking in the corridor. Before Liam knew it he had fired the laser at the scientist, he missed by mere inches and the scientist quickly scurried away. He had been close to being killed and he knew better than to stick around, even for an instance.

Liam once again moved quickly as he knew that he couldn't stay out in the open like this for too long before someone picked him up. In his mind it was a miracle that he had lasted this long, he was sure that an agent would have caught him by now. He hoped that his luck would last a little longer, he was close to getting away and he didn't want anything to ruin it.

Just as Liam thought that he was home free he saw someone not too far away from him. At first he didn't want to believe it but he could see that it was Jenny. Like Sue he was taken aback by the fact that she was taller now. He was sure that she would have suffocated when she shrank infinitely. After he overcame his surprise he could feel nothing but rage as he fired the laser at her.

Jenny had seen it coming however and instinctively she had shrank herself to roughly half of her full height. This allowed her to dodge laser and she ran towards him, she quickly began to increase her size as she ran. By the time she reached him she was at her full size once again and she punched him as hard as she could in the face. She felt pain in her hand but that was nothing in comparison to the pain that Liam felt. The blow was strong enough for him to fall back and drop everything that he was carrying. His prototype smashed into several pieces on the ground and he was unconscious.

Jenny stood over him and she was very tempted to finish the job. This man had almost killed her and had been seemingly willing to kill others just to get away. If she killed him right there and then no one would blame her. However she was an Agent of Park Incorporated and she couldn't go around being judge, jury and executioner. She knew that she would feel guilty afterwards and she watched as he was quickly swarmed by other agents who restrained him and took him away. In her mind the nightmare was finally over.

Sometime later Jenny found herself sitting on a chair looking out of the window. She could see that the sun was setting and it was a beautiful view, however she did have a pane of strong glass separating her from the outside. Despite this it was still a beautiful view, she gave a sigh as she remembered the amazons of Masonia. She realised that although she had spent weeks in their world only a couple of hours had passed on Home. She wondered if the peace between Masonia and Lumia had lasted and how tall Inma was now since she was still growing when she left.

"Room for one more?" asked a voice. Jenny turned from where she was sitting and she could see that Chloe standing by the door. She had a smile on her face and she seemed to have achieved her original shape.

"Sure," replied Jenny. She waited until Chloe grabbed a nearby chair and placed it down next to hers. She then sat down and both women began to look at the sunset together. "I was told that you tried to help find me. Thanks, you put yourself at risk so that you could help me."

"It's nothing really." She looked at Jenny and smiled at her. "You would have done the same for me. Besides it is a little strange seeing you like this, I'm used to carrying you in the palm of your hand but now you're taller than me."

"Yeah, seems that whatever that bastard sprayed me with has affected my powers. I can still shrink to any size I want but rather than my full height being three inches now I'm six feet tall again. It is weird looking down at most people again but I'll get used to it. And I can see that you've been able to pull yourself together."

"It took some effort but yeah I have. Plus that spray has made it out of my system so I won't become a puddle again. I know that you're concerned about Peter as well, don't worry. He appeared on a planet some distance away from here and we were able to pick him up. Without him I wouldn't have known that it was Liam who had poisoned you. I hope they throw the book at him."

"Well he can't hurt anyone anymore. I still feel that I'm responsible for what happened, it was because I dumped him that all this happened." She gave a sigh as she thought about her own love life and then thought about the marriage that she saw between Amara and Inma, despite their differences they were madly in love with one another. "I think it's time for me to settle down from my wild ways and find the right guy and start a family. You know that kind of thing. This whole experience really opened my eyes, if I had died there would be no one to continue on my genes, my family name."

"Don't worry Jenny, you'll find the right person for you. There's someone for everyone, you just haven't found that person yet."

"Thanks Chloe, that means a lot."

Both women looked at each other for a moment and smiled. Despite everything that had happened they could see positives from it as well. Life for Jenny was going to be different now and she didn't know whether things would turn out the way that she wanted. Only time could tell.