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It was the most succulent spread he'd ever seen. Perhaps, even more enticing than the painted woman he had explored the evening before.

She had smooth, roasted limbs that shared a hint of the luminescence from the moon. Oh God, she glowed. She had the type of complexion you just want to grab and roughly run your palms all over; the kind you just cannot help but try to muddle and bruise, but her skin just won't.

Her Long tendrils of chestnut hair had flown wildly from side to side as he took her in his embrace. He tried to hold her in place with his one hand, but she was an unruly spirit. His tongue glided across her neck, and she was forced to freeze and shudder, making it so much easier… nicer to sink his teeth into her soft parts. Then he reaches deep within and draws out her depraved soul. It was very nice, indeed.

Now, he sits at a wooden table, stretched to an infinite length and overflowing with colors and texture. Luscious reds, dark violets, vibrant yellows and greens as far as one desires to look. It was an experience. These exotic fruits near glistened as if polished and the meats… the red, raw meats of every imaginable kind.

To taste the savory juices that will surely run if just… sliced the right way. Oh, but there's so much more to see, to feel and eventually… if one is willing, to devour.

The high chairs lined on each side of the table only stood to impose great black shadows on the cavernous walls surrounding the feast. Scoundrels and devils of every sort peeked through the crevices; some merely curious, some hungry for violence and yet they do not enter. He will not allow them the promised pleasures of this meal. Not yet…

She was there too. The woman from the night before, naked and draped upon the table like a living tapestry; a tapestry of flesh. Her terror could be seen, however not heard.

She trembled as she watched him, her head angled in an uncomfortable position so she could only see from the corner of her eye. He leaned forward. His arm slowly stretched outward to pluck a beautiful vermillion cherry from a stone bowl just near her shoulder.

She flinched. His voice was deep and rumbling:

"Tonight, dear, we dine in hell together."

His thin, cruel lips curled upwards as he pushed the cherry onto his forked tongue.