This is Christopher Richard Richardson writing in this journal that Captain Frederick Wales has ordered me to record every single detail of our journey to China. I am extremely excited to be trusted with this important task. In the future, this will be a valuable piece of information to our history. And so for our future generations, I shall write down a small paragraph of a few years of our history lest history becomes naught. Ah, I am getting off task aren't I?
Well today there is just many hours of loading and settling to the new ship. Because I am only 16 years of age, I am not yet seen a man yet even if in previous societies sixteen was the age that ended the age of teens and started the craved life of an adult, so I am given time to explore around the ship as long as I do not get in the way of the other crewmen here. Currently, I am in the Gun Deck. There are two other levels which are the Main Deck and Cargo Hold. There's not much more to say so I am starting on the history lesson.

History lesson: Not much is known about the years before 2137. It is believed that there was a war with these cyborgs. Whether they were extraterrestrials or of our own flesh or maybe we even created them with our own hands, it is unknown but what is known is that us, the humans, won. Well of course we did or I wouldn't be here writing to you about this! Anyways, after 2137, somewhere in 2173, humankind was now reduced animals. There was so much fighting and wars, cannibalism was common. Friends, family, that didn't exist anymore. Mothers abandoned babies when it was too hard to care for them, it was a horrible time to live then. Most skeletons found from those ages never really exceeded age 20. It's a miracle how we humans survived enough to repopulate to our current population which is around 4000. There is a conspiracy theory though, that one family stayed sane enough to help each other, and started secret villages somewhere in the Himalayas but that is still not enough evidence about that theory. But, that's what most people believe in. Some have even said that they were 'descendants' of the people who supposedly built this safe haven but when they were asked to pinpoint where it is, they all backed out one way or another. There is a honorable mention though, out of all those people who claimed that they are all descendants of the safe haven founders, only three, all siblings, two males in their early 20's and one female in her late teens actually stated that the village was not in the Himalayas but rather north of it. This astounding claim had conspiracy theorists running to north of the Himalayas, forgive me, I do not know where north of the Himalayas exactly is but I do believe it is the Tibetan Plateau. Anyways, an independent research team scoured the Tibetan Plateau and it was actually true! The team, called Haven X01(Don't ask me, I do not know why they chose that name), found numerous skeletons, all in either perfect condition or just missing a few bones or a the bones were a little injured, anyways, these skeletons were thought to be around 30-70! Seventy years of age, imagine that! And even now the normal age to die was around 50! These safe havens were then proven to be true but scientists are still searching for the actual villages. The place where the Haven X01 found the skeletons is thought by scientists to be a graveyard. This is one step closer to finding the real safe haven!

Alright, that was the end of the history lesson. Cap'n Frederick is calling me, I have to go. Signing of, Christopher Richard Richardson, the year 2328, January 16th, 16:50.