The Haunted Sorority House

Omega Alpha Theta Sorority House: Fall, 1982

Michelle Bridges and her best friend Jane Coinridge entered the sorority house. They were in their freshmen year and were about to pledge the OAT sorority.

"I am so excited about pledging OAT," Michelle said with enthusiasm.

"I heard that lots of members move on to have very successful jobs," Jane pointed out.

"I'm glad that OAT wants us to join."

"We'll find out what they have in store for us soon enough."

Michelle and Jane joined the others in the living room. After a bit of chatting, the sorority president, Rachel Thinkling, called for silence.

"Glad all of you could make it since I came up with your first task," Rachel announced. "Each pledge will go up to the top of the stairs, get on the railing, and slide down the banister."

Michelle and Jane went upstairs with the rest of the pledges. Rachel kept an eye on the pledges from the first floor.

"I don't know if I can do this," Michelle said nervously.

"I'll go first," Jane volunteered and then attempted to get on the railing. Unfortunately, she went too far over.

"JANE!" Michelle screamed. "GRAB MY HAND!"

"I can't reach you!" Jane panicked, her grip slipping. She fell and landed with a thud. Michelle quickly but carefully got on the railing and carefully slid down the banister.

"She's dead," Rachel said with regret when Michelle ran over to Jane and pulled her into her arms.

"Jane, please wake up," Michelle pleaded, holding her friend's body. After no response, she buried her face in Jane's shoulder and broke down completely.

Omega Alpha Theta Sorority House: Fall, Present Day

Mary Stanton got out of her car and stood in front of her mother's sorority house. Her parents, Michelle and Howard, got out of the car next to her and went over to her.

"This was your sorority, Mom?" Mary asked.

"It was and I met your father at our brother fraternity DBG," Michelle replied.

"DBG?" Mary asked in confusion.

"Delta Beta Gamma," Howard clarified.

"I'm going to try to pledge OAT," Mary declared.

"That's great but let's get you to your dorm for now," Michelle said.

"You should get unpacked and settled in first," Howard chimed in.

"I guess you're right," Mary agreed.

Freshman Dorms

Mary and her parents searched for her dorm which was room 48. When they got there, the names "Mary Stanton" and "Arizona Winterfall" were on the door.

Mary opened the door and she entered the room followed by her parents. A young lady with long black hair and hazel eyes was sitting on one of the beds.

The girl stood up, walked over, and said politely, "Hi, my name is Arizona but feel free to call me Ari."

"Mary," Mary said as she and Ari shook hands. "These people are my parents."

"Nice to meet you," Ari said sincerely as she shook hands with Mary's parents.

"Same here," Michelle said sincerely.

"We'll leave so the two of you can get settled," Howard said.

Mary and her parents wrapped their arms around each other and squeezed tightly. Then they released each other and Michelle and Howard left the room.

Mary and Ari had just finished setting up their halves of the room. They were currently lying on their beds facing each other.

"What did you want to do tomorrow?" Ari asked.

"I was thinking of going over to the OAT house and checking out the place," Mary replied.

"I heard the place was haunted."

"How'd that happen?"

"In 1982, the pledges were supposed to go to the top of the stairs, get on the railing, and slide down the banister," Ari explained. "One girl went too far over and her friend wasn't able to save her so the girl died."

"It wasn't just any girl," Mary said, remembering what Michelle told her about Jane when she was younger. "It was my mother's best friend Jane Coinridge."

To be continued…